Odessa is waiting for 600 foreign IT-specialists for permanent residence

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Odessa needs working tourists

The government supported the initiative of the Ministry of Digital Transformation and approved a quota for immigration. In particular, for 2020, a limit of 5 thousand specialists who have foreign citizenship was established.

Odessa approved a quota of 600 people. It is worth noting that this restriction on immigrant IT specialists is designed for one calendar year.

Odessa is waiting for foreigners for permanent residence

At the moment, there is a shortage of IT-specialists. Despite the fact that in the country universities produce up to 17 thousand profile specialists a year, the market is still unsaturated. This is due to the fact that some specialists go to distant countries to seek their happiness and prosperity. Another part of the graduates are engaged in freelance work and are in no hurry to get an official job. In addition, we note that the IT labor market of Ukraine annually requires at least 40 thousand specialized specialists.

All visitors will receive a residence permit. This will allow IT specialists to freely move around the country and look for the exact locality where they will like it most. It is worth noting that these immigrants will not need to reissue a work visa annually. In this case, it is required to be celebrated once every 10 years.

It is important to understand that the Aftishniki can move to the territory of the Odessa region with their family. Many employers are willing to provide workers with free housing.

Odessa labor market is open to foreign specialists

Sociological studies show that the income of IT-specialists ranges from 650 to 5 thousand dollars a month. That is, as you see, salaries are quite substantial. This fact and the possibility of obtaining a residence permit can play a positive role. Odessa region is waiting for foreign IT-specialists. Come to us.


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