Make every dollar count.


Finance is a constant game.

Money is a funny game. The more that you have the more that you can earn. Those who need it most rarely get any help and those with plenty of money try the hardest to keep it that way.

It's a backwards system really where money is used as a stick to keep people down and a weapon to gain advantage. It can be very hard to break down that barrier in the legacy system as the supply is controlled by people that would like to keep it that way.

This will only change when more people can break away form this system and have more control over their financial choices. When they can earn more income that isn't under the control of these corporations and governments.

Crypto gives us that chance.

Crypto is a whole new world and comes with a totally different set of rules.

The usual barriers to entry are not there and the only real requirements are that you learn how to use the system and put in the work to make it count.

You can come into the hive eco-system. Start earning from day one and with enough effort and quality of work can have a decent amount of tokens flowing into your account.

From there you can learn about the different systems, opportunities and returns.

You can grow from time and effort without any initial funds. You can make your own choices without restriction. You have full control over your choices for better or worse.

Getting started is the hardest part.

Making that first dollar is the hardest part of growth. If you can earn one, you can earn two.

Once you get them coming in, then you can put them to work. One dollar at a time.

Make it up to ten and then aim for a hundred. With a hundred you can start investing and earning an easy 10%. That gives you more dollars rolling in every year that add to the pile.

Growth will lead to more growth as long as you keep it going.

Building on those first dollars earned will lead to a lot more in the future and with time and experience you can keep improving those returns and build even further.

Make every dollar that you earned the hard way be a foundation for easy gains in the future. Put them to work and keep compounding those returns every day month and year. It is amazing how fast it can build on top of itself once you have the money to get started.

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