How I made 3500$ in my first 8 weeks buying cryptos & NFTs | Free Passive Income

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Hi folks!
In this article I want to share my personal experience investing and hustling in the crypto-realm and how i made 3.500$ in 8 Weeks.
I also want to share the ways how I'm making (close to) passive income every day by playing games, claiming rewards, and writing posts like this one here.

Full disclosure: I might use affiliate links for some of the products/services I will list in this post. Nonetheless, in all cases this will benefit the both of us and never be to your expense.

It started all started with 10$…


For me it all began with the games Splinterlands & Mobox, or let's go even further back. I actually wanted to start blogging and was looking for a good niche or industry to write about. My educational background is in international business, hence the idea of cryptocurrencies and decentralization appealed to me right from the start. Making my first steps on YouTube, watching educational videos on Bitcoin and blockchain technology, I actually came across a video about Splinterlands: a NFT based cardgame. "This YouTuber is making money playing a card game?", I thought. In a matter of days I absorbed as much information about DeFi, Fintech, DEXs, DAOs, and play2earn (and so on) as possible. Now I was ready to make the first investment of 10 US dollars: purchasing my spellbook for Splinterlands to start making money by playing cards (ridonkulous to me at that time ).Only 8 weeks and an investment of 20$ for additional cards (which I thought would be smart to buy), elevated my account value to nearly 500$. And I'm earning passively through a bot and renting out cards, every day!

Read more about how I started and how I'm making money with Splinterlands here.

Join Splinterlands here and get your first 50 DEC for free.

Prepare for trouble and make it double…

Shortly after investing in Splinterlands and playing for a few days, I started to look for other NFT-based games and found MOMO farmer by Mobox. The game combines yield farming and gameified-NFTs. Having the mentality of " sometimes you gotta risk it to get the biscuit", I invested only 50 to $60 to purchase four NFTs called "Momos". Each Momo has a individual hash rate, essentially rewarding the NFT-owner for holding the asset. After roughly 7 weeks, the mbox token is at 500% from where I started and it even reached 1200% a few weeks ago (first time selling the high ❤). So yeah, my momos are worth roughly 100$ each now and and I continuously make money everyday holding those badboys.

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Ok, but how do I make passive money? (no money required)

First of all: you should install the brave browser on your mobile and computer. You can choose to watch ads for which you get rewarded in BAT. This alone makes me $7 a month on the 3 devices I'm using. And don't be afraid: the ads appear in form of a pop-ups you can choose to click on (and you can choose how many ads you wanna see max/hour).

Second, start using Presearch. Presearch is essentially like Google but acts like a pre selection tool before Google. it looks very similar to Google and it shows you your search results almost exactly like Google. but you have the option to use your search on multiple platforms including Google, YouTube, Coinmarketcap, and Twitter. you can even add your own platforms to a selection bar which will be visible to you all the time when using Presearch. the best thing though: You get rewarded in PRE for each search you make (there is a daily limit). This alone makes me about $10 per month and it is actually really convenient and efficient.


Third, become active on crypto-social media. Obviously, by reading this article you are active to some extent on either Publish0x, PeakD, Medium, or Torum. These are the channels I am publishing my content on (which I know of). Do you know any other social media platform I should post my content on? Please drop a comment mate!

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While becoming active on these social media channels involves well… activity I don't view it as passive. Nonetheless, when isolating the fact that you can tip yourself when reading an article it can be viewed as passive income, thus I wanted to mention it here. Especially Torum has a favorite spot in my heart. I have won a T-shirt and multiple NFTs in giveaways, collected over 200 free NFTs worth over 100$ and the community is awesome! Plus you get rewarded XTM for achieving different daily/weekly missions.

Check out my review on Torum here

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Also, there is Blockster: an upcoming crypto-social media platform with over 400.000 people on the waitlist. You can check them out here

My Main Hustle: Affiliate Marketing

During the 8-week period what I found most lucrative was blogging on prior mentioned platforms. In addition I am affiliating products and services I strongly believe in and which I am using myself. As I always do my own research to hedge against potential risks when interacting with a product or service, I simply document my research and honest opinion. I then publish my content and let people decide themselves if they want to engage or not.

Take for example:


Hi is a not-for-profit bank, which itself sounds paradox. And believe it or not, the company is so very well founded that their marketing budget must be crazy. The former CEO and the former CMO are part of the team behind this project.

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I mean they bought the domain "" (probably costed them a few bucks). They are essentially letting you claim 1 HI$ per day (~0.70$) as a daily reward. You simply have to signup using your mobile number. In addition, you get half the daily reward for any friend you referred who claimes daily. And the friends your friends give you rewards too (downstream referrals). And that makes me 10 to 15$ a day passively!!!!! After only 8 weeks, I still can't believe it.
Of course, you have to KYC and pay a fee to withdraw your HI$ but this is industry standard by now and furthermore incentivizes to hold the assets.

Read my review on here

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After 8 Weeks I invested roughly 500$ into multiple coins (which I stake) such as Algorand & CAKE and multiple arts & game-based NFTs. The net worth of all my investments (in addition to the income I generated over the past 8 weeks using the above channels) amounts up to more than 4.000$ at floor-price!!!! I'm simply dazzled with the immense growth throughout my assets.

If I did it, you can certainly too! Find your game/project, invest early and believe in it, promote it and start growing!



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