A moment spent in the midst of extraordinary beauty.

Hello Naturelover friends!


Assalamu Alaikum, welcome everyone #CCH in the community. How are you all friends? Hope everyone is well and healthy and having many wonderful days. I am also fine by the grace of God. I will share a new blog with you. I hope you will like my writing, everyone visit my blog.




Bangladesh is a land of great beauty. Only greenery around. Bangladesh is surrounded by numerous villages. If you observe the environment of rural areas of Bangladesh, you will find the curvy and wonderful paths that will delight your mind. We are all worshipers of beauty. Beauty always attracts us it is nature's destiny. There are no people who do not like the nature.



We all love nature. I am also a nature lover. When I get free time I spend my precious time in nature. Today I went to a safari park with one of my sisters. Spent many happy moments.




The surrounding environment is covered with trees. What attracted me the most here is a banyan tree that is hundreds of years old. Which carries the history tradition here. The banyan tree has spread over many areas. Who doesn't like the beautiful nature that anyone can see.




This banyan tree has stood here for hundreds of years and people can spend their free time under the banyan tree meditating. This hundred years old banyan tree carries the old tradition. It is a safari park with amazing beauty around it. Many tourists visit here every day who love nature and enjoy their free time in this nature to spend their free time.



Just 500 meters away is a small river. If you see it, you will not be able to turn your eyes away, this river is so unique beauty. If you spend your time by the river in the autumn afternoon, you will be able to observe its beauty. In fact those who love nature find their greatest happiness in nature because nature never cheats people, nature can give people real happiness.



Every one of us should visit the month of Prakriti when we get free time and you will see that all your busyness and all your tiredness and sadness will be removed from your mind. Nature is very generous so it is the wisest thing to adopt nature to remove all the sorrows from our hearts.


I had a very nice day today and got rid of all my tiredness and depressing life and found an inexhaustible peace in this nature. If you all have free time, you must visit the nature month and you will find that you will enjoy the time spent much more. Especially if you can spend time in nature with your family, it will be a much more precious memory in your life.


No more today. I hope everyone has passed well and healthy. Love yourself more and work for the benefit of people.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog. Allah Hafez.

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