The Green Creatures Are Here!! : The Ink Well Prompt #51

Otto Rascon

The collision of plates, spoons and forks from the adjoining window in the kitchen invited the curiosity of Gemmy Wilson from his study. His father had gone to sleep earlier than usual because he had an early morning flight to catch the next day and his mother was on a night shift at the central hospital where she worked as a nurse.

Quickly, Gemmy tiptoed to the kitchen to see what would be rumbling the utensils.
He switched on the light to catch the intruder but met nothing, only a shadow of an image walking away through the trees in the garden.

He started to sweat in his palm as his eyes traced the shadow walking towards Mr. Coker's compound. Gemmy stood in the kitchen to see what would happen on the next compound but for about thirty minutes nothing seemed to happen.

Mr. Coker is a scientist working at the NASA laboratory, leading a team of researchers who are studying a night movement into the earth when all men have gone to sleep. But for this night, he never knew anything creeped into his compound.



Whereas, Mowen who attend the same school with Gemmy Wilson love to watch horror movies and sci-fi is her spec. Durg a group researcher in her class, created in the spiral bond submission, the physique of an alien she once watched in a movie. Gemmy hates the sight of the bald alien and queries why Mowen would have to sketch that on their group submission without the consent of other members of the group. The issue died without any further ado but Gemmy was bitter with the greedy act.

The blue light on his walkie-talkie kept blaring but Mr. Cover looked away. It had been a stressful week for him, another call from the office would cause him fatigue so he just decided to look away completely. Reluctantly, he picked it and talked

Hello, alpha, mega on air over.

The voice from the other end

Duck, dockie over.

Mr. Cover replied.

Rays ascending and descending in the hills of Lake Barley over

The voice responded.

Hold the fort, I will be there in a jiffy, over.

Mr. Cover replied and quickly dropped the walkie-talkie to get his pants and shirt. He ran hastily to his Cherokee car and sped off to the office where all gadgets watching the space tracked some objects, this time very near and clear, coming to the earth, particularly in the northern hemisphere.

Tonight, Mrs. Wilson is off duty. She is home with Gemmy who was watching a rugby match between Gambia and Pakistan. It was an interesting match as both teams were equal to the task. Gemmy noticed the clanging of spoons and plates from the adjoining window and tiptoed towards the kitchen, he peeped from the pillar at the end of the kitchen and saw some kind of creature, green in colour, bald with skulls like a vulture just the way Mowen described it.

The creatures sensed a smell and started looking suspicious and one by one they disappeared through the roof, again towards the garden and to Mr. Coker's compound.
At NASA headquarters, Mr. Coker was just arriving with a red alert on the doorpost that leads into the complex and everyone was on the alert, running to attend to the emergency.
He entered the control room, straight to the large screen, and saw the creatures. He stared closely at the screen and saw that these creatures are aliens. He screamed at the top of his voice:

They are here….. The green creatures.

At the sound of his voice, everyone drew closer to the large screen. There, a tumultuous group of aliens descended to the earth from Mars. Perhaps, the hotness of that planet has made them try out the earth as a place of succour.

The space ship the alien came with, landed hundreds of kilometres away from Lake Barley.
Their purpose of coming to earth is to survive the scorching sun In Mars. The coldness of the earth at night time and the harmattan that made it very cold attracted the green beings here.


It's going to be a battle and many heads may roll. As such, Mr. Cover advised the group of scientists to make the earth hotter as the only measure to distract the aliens from the earth.
In no time, an artificial sun was created and the aliens never returned to the earth because of the scorching hotness of the sun.

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