Jaguna's House of Commotion| The ink well prompt #48

Yogendra Singh

Chief Jaguna is an industrialist. His company produces diapers. He has a conglomerate of businesses but his only wife was not able to conceive or bear a child.
As a typical African man, bearing children is one of the most significant purposes of marriage. Since Wanda, his wife could not bear him a child, after several years of marriage and medical checks, Chief Jaguna decided to marry another wife but Wande disapproved of it.

After their twentieth wedding anniversary, Jaguna's secretary in the office, a young lady of about twenty-six years of age named Prisca, whom the chief had been eyeing as a side chick gave in to his request, there his journey to polygamy started.

Most evenings, after the day's work, Chief would go to spend some quality time with his newfound woman, Prisca. Chief had some fear for Wande and would not want to do anything that would make her remember the times when they were poor.

One evening, as Chief returned home and was about to go to his bedroom, Wande noticed that he was wearing another kind of perfume and a stain of a lady's makeover on his shirt. As We made to confront him, a call came on his phone. It was Prisca. He had saved her contact on his phone as China, with that he excused himself to receive the call. From the other end, Prisca said to Chief:

Baby, I have good news for you. I think I am six weeks have gone.

His phone dropped upon hearing that. We noticed that his countenance changed after the call and wanted to know what had happened but Chief appeared to be in haste that he told her he has to rush to the seaport to attend to an emergency.

She drove off to Prisca's. He was so happy and excited that at last, he was going to be a father. That evening, Chief slept at Prisca's. First, they went to eat out at a luxury restaurant at the east end of the city.

Chief wanted Prisca to keep the pregnancy but since they haven't discussed it, she was skeptical about what Chief's final decision would be.

That day was one of the happiest of the chief's life. The stigma of u fruitfulness is going to come to an end after all. When they got back from eating out. Chief told Prisca how much he wanted her to bear the child and promised to take good care of her. They both agreed to keep the identity of the father of her child till much later.

The next day, when he arrived home, he was so exhausted that Wande had to prepare a special kind of soup to keep him warm. He framed a lie on how their goods from Singapore had been taken to Madagascar and a container load of cotton buds was shipped in the name of his company. He told Wande that the issue was resolved all night long.

Prisca was given time out to take care of herself, by an order from above. This was to ensure that she did not have to stress herself during the pregnancy.

It was at the same period that Wande conceived for the very first time in their marriage. She was so happy that at last, all those who had mocked her would desist forthwith.

Chief became so agitated. How would she be able to present the issue to Wande now that she is carrying his child?

It was another humiliation for the Jagunas.

Chief called in his lawyer immediately to render his already written will thanks and void. At least, now he can boast about having children. His properties should be given to his wards as against dividing them to the orphanage. This was done but no will was written in place of the void one.

Soon after, Prisca was delivered of a baby boy and in about a month, Wande delivered a boy too. Chief hosted a secret party for the christening of Prisca's son, David. And an open and social party for his first wife and their son, Stephen.

Two weeks after the ceremonies, Prisca became demonized. She told Chief crystal clear that she can no longer hide. She has to be presented as a wife to the entire family. And that if he doesn't do that, Prisca herself will make a public show of the matter. So, the chief took up the matter as a man and brought Prisca and Dave home.

It was a tough decision to take but he had to take it so that posterity does not catch up with him. It was a tug of war between the women at home. They never agreed.

Dave and Steve grew up in the same home but never set their eyes because their mothers were arch enemies.

One weekend, when the two boys were about two years old, Chief Jagunna had gone to the country polo club to refresh himself (he does this every Wednesday) to mix with his friends. After the chit-chat and fun game, on his way home, a truck rammed into his car, chief died at the spot.

The news of his death was aired on television and radio. He was such a philanthropist and public figure. The family decided that his remains would be buried in a month. Now, he died without re-writing the will he asked his lawyer to scrap.

On the day of his burial, both Wande and Prisca were playing their roles in the dust to dust right of the wife of the deceased.

Olori-Ebi (family head) called for an emergency family meeting a month after Chief was laid to rest. At the meeting, he spoke about the sharing formulas of his late brother's wealth as thirty percent to the wives and seventy to the other family members.

Here, Wande and Prisca had to agree on a common front to fight the greed of the family over their late husband's wealth. Else, both of them would be on the losing side.

Wande rose to speak.

Our late husband, your son and brother discarded his will because he had a change of mind when he discovered that he now has children who will bear his name. Hence, everything he owned belonged to his children

Rant everywhere.

The family lawyer concluded the whole matter when they recovered two months after.
A portion of his wealth went to the family while Wande and Prisca got a large portion for their sons.
It was a trying time as threat of life and quarrel was the order of the several meetings they held, trying to come about a formular for sharing late chief Jaguna's heritage.

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