Road to Steemfest: Shouting out, we want, shouting out we will!

This week, it was @anomadsoul's idea to do some shoutouts to those Steemians who's hair we want to touch, which ass we want to kick at bowling (or maybe even in general lol), how many cookies we want to give to our fellow poker players before we stop showing them mercy and rake in all the oreos while they cry in disbelief...

I hate these shout outs. Partly because I hate forgetting people and partly because I don't feel that important that anyone would care whether I mention them or not, but still important enough not wanting to forget anyone LOL. Did you get that? Me neither.

So let's just begin: Poker, something I missed last year. I really don't know why. Maybe I wasn't at the right spot, or at the right time, or both. I don't know, but either way:


Should I have called myself MissPoker? Maybe. But common' the Vegas pretty much gives it away doesn't it? So I wonder: was everyone intimidated so they didn't want me there? I understand, @misslasvegas STANDS for something. But it doesn't stand for rich poker star anyway, or you would have known. So no can play poker with me without losing all your oreos...I am not quite sure who to tag here, so fill in the blanks please...


OK, first of all: @ned's hair is pretty amazing. Last year he was constantly on the move talking to Steemian after Steemian. Maybe this year I can say hello. But the touching the hair thing? No worries there. I might be some crazy Dutch person, living in Ireland for too long, but I am not completely nuts either.

@anomadsoul, can't wait to see you again. You'll have less time than last year with all the fans hunting you down, but I'm sure we'll bump into each other somewhere.

Last year, I spent some time with two of the coolest German people alive (and there are more on my list...just wait).
I am very much looking forward to see these guys again: @future24 and @lex030 (who is half Dutch, which explains why he is such a cool dude). If you see this @lex030: let's not burn your ear this year! I believe they're bringing some more Berlin Steemians! Looking forward to meet them too!

@abh12345, of some ass kicking to do I believe and I don't even know why...(WHAT have I done???)

@jeffjagoe: met briefly at last year's Steemfest, and then again for St. Patrick's day in Dublin this year.
It will be great to see this guy again. If you see him searching for something: help the man to get home or find whatever he's looking for. He's got energy like a kangaroo! You'll see what I mean when you meet him! :)

@sjennon, fellow Dutchie and @thing: will be expecting to see your smiling faces as two of the first. Whoop!!!

@luzcypher, had a great chat with him last year. Lovely, positive guy. Will be great to see you again!

@damnthatbanana: I am not sure if he'll be there this year as he hasn't been active for some time here on Steemit. But I would love to see him again, got along really well last year.

@basilmarples: Again, not sure if he'll make it this year. But would love to see him again. Great guy and funny too!

@scan0017: One of those peeps I am looking forward to seeing again. Possibly at a bar. Soon... Yeehaaaa!!!

@getonthetrain: one of the first people I spoke to last year. It will be great to see you there!

Oh jeez, I am already forgetting people! So taking a little break to clear my mind...

More people to shout-out to

Now, I am not sure if he will come to Steemfest. I remember him commenting somewhere on one of the Steemfest posts. He's my Steem-anniversary buddy, having joined on exactly the same day I have. But I am in awe of what this guy has done in that time. He's a full time Steemian now. WOW!
If he's at Steemfest this year, I would love to meet @flauwy!

@everlove: I met her last year, didn't spend much time chatting with her, but her energy is just something else. I'm so looking forward to see her again this year.
As well as @quinneaker, @saramiller and a guy who's user name I don't remember, but his real name is Luca. He slept on my apartment floor one night last year in Lisbon and we had a great laugh trying to find my address! (I had a good work-out for the leg muscles walking those streets lol).

@surfermarly: spoke to her briefly last year, but hope to change that this year. Her radiant energy is just awesome, and she's one hell of a Steemian!

@starkerz: I spent some time with him and a few others talking about (what else?) crypto till about 5 am at this nightclub last year. I mean, what else is there to do when you're surrounded by a few hundred modeling agency worthy Lisbon beauties? Exactly.

I sat at the diner table with
@nanzo-scoop, @rea, @ezzie (and getonthetrain of course) and these people are just so real. Nice folks and it will be great to see them again.

@dannyshine: what you see is what you get with him. You couldn't get more straightforward than that. Would love to pick up the conversation where we left off last year.

@martibis!!! Great guy from my neighbouring country of Belgium who hitchhiked to Portugal with @anomadsoul last year.

@roxane: Lovely, bright woman. Always smiling (for as far as I can tell). I loved her sparkle. I hope to talk a bit more to her this year.

@connecteconomy: who I spoke to briefly last year, and then completely forgot I did! SHAME on ME! I'm gonna hunt her down this year and I WILL make up for it. Just wait and see!

@antonchanning and @dana-varahi: I am not sure if they will be there this year, but this cool couple is definitely on my list of people I want to see again.

@gmuxx: seen last year, but never got a chance to talk this year...

@markwhittam, I'm not sure if he will be there this year, but would love to catch up and hear about his adventures.

@molometer: fellow 'Irish' person...or at least that's what he thought ;)

@yoganarchista and @sature: these are those 'other' cool Germans I've met last year, and I really hope they'll be there again this time.

All the people of @steem-dublin

@brian-rhodes, the real-life celebrity who graced my first selfie last year! He's going to speak this year, really looking forward to that! Check this out people!

Now, I think I possibly mentioned everyone...maybe...but
@jeffberwick ....of course.

Then there are those people I have not met yet and really looking forward to:

@soyrosa who's been working like a horse to get all these cool projects translated for me to proofread @utopian-io and @davinci.witness (and of course, those people too, I hope there will be a few).

@honeydue ...another great Steemian who I'm looking forward to meet.

@tarazkp :)

@guyfawkes4-20! The name alone makes me want to meet this guy.

@solarsupermama: I really hope I convinced her to make it to Poland, it would just make my year!

@canadian-coconut: NEXT year FOR SURE!!!

To be honest...I've been sitting on this post for two days now, it is early in the morning in Ireland. I'm tired and still have lots to do. So I am going to leave it here. I am very sure that I will meet many of you wonderful Steemians this year in Poland. I can't wait!

And update: I just booked the flight....Of course it will be with a little roundabout, as we're all used to with me by now...I won't be flying from Dublin, but from Belfast. But hey, we can't have everything. The times are better and I do have to stay in Krakow one more day, so it's all good.

There's just ONE more person who I would like to mention. For the mere reason that, without him, I would have come to the end of my Steemfest planning... Long story short: issues with the bank, money disappeared, but needed to get to Dublin for passports. Well, he made sure I got my butt down there and now the passports are in the making...
Thank you @plushzilla, I can't even begin to tell you how great you are! Thank you!

If you made it all the way down here and read all of it: WOW and thank you for reading!


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