I heard this word for the first time when I was in university. A friend mentioned it to me in a casual way, he said "Mercy, you should invest in cryptocurrency, bitcoin to be precise".

I was not interested. I told my friend that I had other priorities and was unwilling to invest in anything. He laughed and we never spoke about it again.

Now crypto has become very popular and I can not say I'm broadly knowledgeable about it because I'm still confused about how it works. However, I am open to learning😊.

Sometime last year, an acquaintance told me about the coin - Tron (my friend just informed me that hive and Tron's owner have a bad history. My bad.)

He advised me to invest some funds into it. I was reluctant, so he had to do a lot of persuasion to get me to invest. I eventually decided to invest a very little sum in it as I still did not trust the whole concept.

A few months back a friend of mine @blezyn. Who, according to her, got interested in the concept of crypto currency a while back was able to convince me to learn more about it. She told me about this platform and since I trust her judgment I decided to try it out.


So here I am, my name is Guragbaza Mercy Ejiro, 25 years of age and a graduate of the University of Benin with a B.Sc in Insurance. I work at Allianz Nigeria Insurance Ltd and I'm also a very creative writer who can write about almost anything ☺️.

I'll be sharing my ideas as time goes on, my growth in learning more about cryptocurrency, and my personal opinion about any of the communities I decide to join. I am a fun person so I will try and make this experience exciting for myself by discovering new things that would interest me,while also contributing to the platform.


I'm looking forward to learning more, meeting new people, discovering new interests, and sharing my experiences. I hope it's going to be fun and worth it. I would appreciate all the help I can get.

My social media handles are;

Instagram: @megpeters.1


Thank you.

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