A unique symbol of love is a flower

Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim,
Hello my dear photography lover friends.
Good afternoon
how are you all Hope you are well and healthy. Alhamdulillah, by the infinite mercy of Allah Subhanataala, I am also well and healthy. Health is one of the blessings of Allah Subhanataala. Today I am going to present the yellow colored myrrh flower. Love for flowers is our continuous history. In the words of poets, we have to say that O human beings, do not forget people in love and do not throw away flowers in love.

This yellow colored gandharaj flower makes a beautiful scene in my flower garden. This flower has another name which is called genda flower in our house. But it is the language of the real book Gandharaj, this flower is of various types, small, big, medium, even white, red, yellow, pink, etc., the most beautiful color is the yellow Gandharaj fruits, the weight of each flower is from 200 to two and a half hundred grams, the weight of my flower garden friends is 120 grams.

The fragrance of this flower is a bit like a resinous flower. This song is very beautiful. When you wake up in the morning and go to the flower garden, your heart is filled with joy. Most of these flowers are found in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. These flowers do not bloom in the rain. These flowers do not grow in cold areas. This is why it is seen in most parts of Malaysia. The method of cultivation of this flower is very simple. If we know, it will be easy to plant in our own home.

To cultivate these flowers, first we have to collect the seeds of good quality myrrh flowers, then we have to soak them in water for a day, the next day we have to drain the water and sow the seeds in a top of organic soil, then we have to soak the soil once every once in a week. Seedlings are coming out.

Then three seedlings should be planted in one top. If more plants are planted, the flowers will not grow and the flower plant will not look beautiful. Therefore, no more than three seedlings can be planted. After two days, water should be given at the base of the young plant. In this way, after two weeks of watering, the plants will remain, and in this way, the plant should be taken care of regularly. Within two months, your plant will start to flower.

Friends, to keep your yard and home environment beautiful, plant more flowering plants and get pure oxygen from flowering plants. So friends, until today everyone will be fine and healthy, I always hope that God will bless everyone.

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