Splinterlands - How To Buy Cards Under DEC Burn Rate?

About a week ago when DEC prices were close to par there were times where reward cards were priced under burn rate! How can this be? Today's post I break down the circumstances that would allow us to purchase cards under DEC burn rate.

DEC to $

When a card is posted onto the open market the $ amount for the card is listed. DEC or Credit can be used to purchase the card but if we look at DEC its market value in terms of $ fluctuates hourly.

Chart of DEC to Hive illustrates how volatile it can be for the price of DEC. We can sometimes take advantage of this volatility by purchasing cards when DEC relative to $ value rises.

On Nov. 13 I had been looking over the reward cards and specifically the lowest cost rares and epics. At the time Vampiric Blossom were selling at $0.017 per BCX. Based on $ value it did not appear there was anything unusual. What I mean by unusual was that multiple cards were marketed at $0.017 so first glance would not appear that this was a significant discount.

However when the DEC price in $ rose while the price of the card never changed it became clear that I would spend less DEC in order to purchase the card. With DEC price value in $ terms rise the cost of the Vampiric Blossom at 1 bcx was around 20.559 DEC. Meanwhile using monstermarket.io to purchase the card I would receive a 3% cashback which at the time was around 0.629 DEC.

Do a simple math problem:

20.559 - 0.629 = 19.93 DEC, but wait a minute. The burn rate of Vampiric Blossom is 20 DEC. So the short of it is I spent less DEC to purchase the card and actually gained DEC equivalent by purchasing the card.

Max Level 105% DEC Burn Rate

With multiple Vampiric Blossoms selling at $0.017 I knew I had to go and start purchasing the cards as much as possible. I hit a net of 115 cards which was also the amount needed combined to level up the card to max level 8.

One major benefit of leveling a card to max level is that at max level the card's burn rate is actually 105% of the total value instead of the standard 115 x 100% x DEC burn rate per BCX. Essentially we get 5% more in DEC burn for hoarding cards and down the road leveling up to max.

Through cashback and make the card max level I increase my DEC gains by close to 7% overall and best part is I have the DEC stored in the card itself instead of DEC alone.

I can rent the card out to earn passive income in DEC or use the card to play since its at its max potential.

Accumulate During Down Turns

Lets recap on the opportunities that can allow us to purchase cards below its DEC burn rate. In no particular order:

  • DEC per $ value becomes volatile and we need its prices rising.
  • Use market platform I used to purchased cards to be certain that a cashback % is offered to the buyer.
  • Max level the card to get 105% bonus in DEC burn rate.
  • Focus on reward cards and specifically rare and epic.

By following these bullet points you increase your opportunity to finding and purchasing cards below their DEC burn rate. Good luck!

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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