Hello Hivers

It's me Martha Ighodaro, a native of Benin studying at Ambrose Alli University in Edo state, Nigeria. As a Microbiology student, I'm also a business oriented young lady. I love to do business or get involved with business that would yield me money as a student just so I don't call home for every of my need.


Being the business oriented lady, I started a small business in school. I sell things like perfumes, body spray, necklace, earrings, bracelets, wristwatch and more. Mind you, I still try my best to get good grades for my course so I could graduate with a good result with lots of money from my business.

Me As A Designer


Told you I'm a business oriented lady, I create designs just by sitting down to come up with something new. I learnt fashion designer some years back from Idia Renaissance Youth Resource Center in Benin. All thanks to my instructor back then, I've learnt a lot and I can boldly say I'm a fashion designer that can create a lot of things.


I design male and female cloths, party bags, wedding fans, Geles and lot of other stuffs I create. I plan to share some of my works here as time goes on, so watch out for my works. You can fill your eyes with some of them I'll be leaving on this post by the way.

Me As A Baker And A Cook


I got most of this knowledge from the internet because of my love for different dishes and bakeries. One thing I'm very sure I do without feeling stressed is baking and cooking. I love to see myself baking different snacks like cake, meat pies, cookies, buns, egg rolls, chin chin, fish rolls and a lot of other bakeries. Can't say I'm perfect with my cooking but I do prepare good meals that are delicious for whoever have a taste of it... Maybe you can come have a taste too to confirm it yourself.

Me With Crypto And Hive

I'm a newbie to hive and also very new to how the crypto works but I'm learning so much from @merit.ahama who introduced me to Hive about the importance and opportunities in getting involved with cryptocurrencies. I've been on Hive for almost two months but finally decided to take it more seriously after the many activities I've been trying to keep in control... You know, a busy lady here.

Let me say a little here that I'm a fun lady as well, I don't let business take the whole of my time and I also love to interact with people to build my social life. I also love to learn about new things especially things that relate to what I love doing.

What I Plan To Do On Hive From Now?

My introducer @merit.ahama have cleared me on a lot of things to do to grow my Hive account and that is engaging with other Hivers and participating in different contests. I will be grateful if you would suggest some contests for me so I can get started with them now.

Thanks and hope I'm welcome 😀

Thanks For Visiting My Blog

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