The market in Miri

Good Morning to everyone reading this post. I hope that your feeling great today. It's a beautiful Tuesday. Do you want to see what the local market look like in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia? It's where most locals go to get their local produce. There are lots of fresh vegetables and fruits to choose from.

Today, I am bringing you to two of them. The vegetables and fruits here are fresh. It is great to buy from these folks because they are trying to make ends meet.

The Muhibah Tamu

The sellers who come here are early. They are here usually at around 4am. Some of the local restaurants and cafes get their supplies from these types of places. Bring it to their shop and prepare the food for those who are preparing to head to work.

Many of the sellers are elderly

It's better for them to be here selling vegetables than to be at home. My grandmother used to be a vegetable seller up to her late 80s. The moment she stopped going, that's when her illness came. The brain is just relentless with inactivity.

Potatoes, yam, sweet potatoes

Cucumbers. You'll find most of them here. There are no insects, rodents or any peculiar finds here. This is one of the most visited tourist spots in Sarawak.

Emart market

This is another very popular market here in Miri that is very close to Brunei's borders. Brunei is only 30 minutes drive from this market. So, I guess, you've guess it. Lots of Bruneians before heading back to Brunei would be dropping by to get some fresh produce before heading back to Brunei.

The wonderful skies.

Lots of trees shade the area. Going early in the morning is a great way to avoid traffic jams around Miri.


Lots and lots of melons here.

I was there too early.

Most of the stalls here have not opened. This is how they close shop at night and people here are honest enough to not even steal anything.

A shop that sells eggs, tofu, vegetables

There are lots of vegetables to choose from. They are affordable here in Miri because most of them are grown locally. Some grow them in their backyards.

Hope that you enjoy reading this post. Have a great and fantastic day ahead.


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