Are you true to you?


How do we know we're being true to ourselves?

Being a caretaker is innate in me, which eventually turned me to the healing arts and a career as a massage therapist. I simply followed what felt natural. I love my family & friends, and would do anything for them. Then, in my late 20's, two unexpected deaths within my extended family happened within two weeks of each other. It was devastating to watch & experience such sadness surrounding the families of one; a young life taken too soon, and two; a kind, loving matriarch of her family & community. Both sudden losses were felt deeply by many.

In the middle of one of the funerals, as I sit there dressed in inner voice said to me: "Life is so short. I've got to discover who Liza really is..." This came as a surprise to me, as I was content being who I was. I was pretty tight with my family and once said to a close friend "I would never, ever leave Michigan, or my family! How could anyone DO that?" Or so I thought. My research began that day: who am I and what do I want to do with my life?


I was eventually lead to Portland, Oregon. I stepped outside my comfort zone, moved away from everything I knew. I opened my heart to deeper discovery of my soul, and learning about the healing arts through energy techniques, like Reiki. Over time, I discovered my intuitive abilities, and eventually realized I am an empath. I feel things. My feelings rule my domain.

Years later, new friends & experiences under my belt, I was happy. Well, more like...content. There was more to discover, but I didn’t know what that meant. I began dreaming of traveling in an RV, and doing massage on the road for income. I wanted to move about, meet people around the world, be free. Yet making consistent money was a challenge for me, and I needed plenty of that to buy an RV. I skimmed by...barely. But I didn’t give up.

Then the internet happened. Like many at the time, I was curious how I could earn an income online and travel. My passion to do bodywork had begun to wane, and there’s the obvious: how do I earn money online as a massage therapist? That’s when my next potential began coming clear to me: I love to express myself through words. So I started a newsletter for my business, and a simple website that lead me to blogging.

A few years later, my whole inner world changed in an instant. Again.

I met The One. A man who lit me up inside & out. It changed me in a way that gave me hope and inspired me to not give up. We have similar dreams & desires, only he is a creative genius. I was just beginning to learn how to be. Shortly thereafter, my physical world changed quite dramatically: I left my home base of 10 years. I began a six year trek of homelessness, going to and fro in various situations to earn a living, leaving the healing arts world for good.

Fast forward a few more persistent years, three writing workshops under my belt, and many other life experiences honing my soul, an online business opportunity landed in my lap that fit perfectly with my dreams of travel. Again, money was needed to get me on the road to the freedom I so longed for. And this company was my ticket to my dreams.

Earning an income online was simplified by our genius Founder, Henry. We can live anywhere and grow our cryptocurrency portfolios & dreams...and it’s simple. Although we are still waiting for full fruition, the vision is bigger, better, and more powerful every day. It turned me onto the world of decentralization, the new paradigm of economics. I am endlessly excited for our launch and grateful to be a part of this shift.

And then another miracle happened. I know, right? They just keep comin'...

While I’ve been waiting for our life changing business to go live, I realized I’ve put my creative life “on hold” until I am “on the road” writing & exploring, instead of doing at least part of what I love, NOW.


Have you ever done that before? Put your passions, what you love to do, your dreams, or anything that means something to you...on hold, waiting for the right time? Instead of being true to yourself now?

Well...not anymore, I say! You now have permission :)

I do believe the Universe has been conspiring, too. These images on this post? All cars that I drove up to last Summer while I was working and waiting. The Angels are making sure I’m listening.

I got the message ♥

To be continued...

Be True,

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