THE WAR — Peace is Not Good for Business!

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On Friday, April 27th 2018, the World watched with a sigh of relief a historic meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea. A chances for the real, longlasting peace on the Korean peninsula. Who wouldn’t want that?

The answer came almost immediately. Fortune magazine has published an article which explains that Imperial industry of death could suffer a painful blow:

The U.S.’s five largest defense contractors shed about $10.2 billion in value on Friday alone. Lockheed Martin fell 2.5% to a valuation of about $92.1 billion; Northrop Grumman slid 3.4% to $56 billion; General Dynamics shed 3.8% to $60.7 billion; Raytheon dropped 3.6% to $50.8 billion; and finally, Boeing slid a much lesser 1% to $200.2 billion.


What’s even worse, President Moon Jae-in has praised Trump for this meeting, and even suggested that he deserves Nobel Peace Prize! That brings a “danger” of Trump understand this Peace Treaty seriously, as a part of his presidential legacy, and that would render American presence at the peninsula — unnecessary.

Of course the rogue regime of U.S. Deep State couldn’t allow this to happen. On Sunday, Donald Trump's national security adviser John Bolton, in an interview for the Fox News said that the Korean denuclearisation process should be modelled on what happened in — wait for it… Libya!

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Great example. After that, only a complete madman would discard his nuclear potential. Mission accomplished, peace chances broken into pieces.

So, now Empire can turn to the war with Iran, which has been announced by the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu…


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