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LeoThreads is a feature on the Leofinance social media platform.

This is enables microblogging to occur on the blockchain. Leofinance specialized in long form content. Threads is the part of the applications which incorporates short form ideas to be expressed.

It is similar to what Twitter offers yet this is entering Web 3.0. With Threads, there is true account ownership along with the ability to be rewarded with cryptocurrency. Upvotes can result in payouts occurring in LEO, HIVE, or HBD.

Threads are limited to 244 characters. Links and photos can be added to enhance the content.

The text data is all housed on the Hive network, using its open, decentralized database.

This can be thought of as "Twitter on the Blockchain".

LeoThreads seeks to give individuals more social media features through which to express their ideas about:

While this is the primary focus of the community, general purpose content is also applicable. Web 3.0 provides access since it is permissionless. On Hive, to express one's thoughts, only the private key to the account and enough resource credits to post are required.

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