LeoGlossary: Team Lineup

SplinterGlossary: Team Lineup

In team sports, a lineup is the list of players taking part in a game.

A starting lineup represents the list of players that start the game. During the game, reserve players may replace players on the pitch/court. Rules differ from sport to sport.

Depending on the game, positions/roles are allocated to each player in the lineup.

Borrowed from team sports, Splinterlands uses the team lineup terminology for the team you select before a game starts.

In Splinterlands, a valid lineup has at least 2 units up to 7 units: exactly 1 summoner and 1 up to 6 monsters.

The position (order) of monsters in the lineup is important and makes the difference between a win and a loss in most cases.

The first monster in the lineup (sometimes the second one as well) is called a tank. Its role is to take on as many hits as possible allowing the friendly backline monsters to do their job and inflict damage on the enemy troops.

Depending on their abilities, backline monsters in Splinterlands have their roles too: sneakers, snipers, opportunists, healers, etc.

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