LeoGlossary: Splinterlands Town Hall

SplinterGlossary: Splinterlands Town Hall

This is the official weekly online meeting event for the Splinterlands community.

These meetings started in July 2020, in an AMA (ask me anything) format, with the two co-founders (Jesse "Aggroed" Reich and Matt "Yabapmatt" Rosen) answering questions from the community.

Nowadays the format evolved, having two parts:

  • Part 1: communications from the company
  • Part 2: Q&A session (first a number of pre-prepared questions, then open questions)

There are also more team members involved, and Matt often comes only if there is something big to announce or talk about.

The Town Halls are hosted by Aggroed, and broadcast live on multiple platforms, including on Twitch (on the Splinterlands official channel) and the Splinterlands discord server. The recording and the main talking points are often provided afterwards.

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