LeoGlossary: Splinterlands Tower Defense Game (SPLTD)

SplinterGlossary: Splinterlands Tower Defense Game (SPLTD)

SPLTD will be a new game that will utilize the Splinterlands gaming platform and its assets.

The game will be of a different genre (tower defense) and will be developed by a 3rd party firm. It was described as a 'game within a game'. It will also be an auto-battler, like Splinterlands.

DEC, VOUCHERS, and Splinterlands cards will have utility within the new game. And SPS rewards will be added, taken out from what currently is paid out to the team.

The gameplay will offer the possibility to the player to either take away the earnings or 'press his luck', and risk losing some/all of the rewards.

The game also has an account-bound progression, limiting the influence of higher investments in the speed of leveling up (but not eliminating it).

Packs in SPLTD include 5 items, like in Splinterlands, and can contain towers or spells, of different rarities and foils. There will be 25 towers and 25 spells available on the initial edition of packs sold for SPLTD.

There will be 2 million packs for sale. Of those 250000 in the presale and 1750000 in the general sale.

The price will be 8 USD per pack (or 5 USD + 1 VOUCHER).

The presale ended in about 12 hours and we are now in the general sale for the game.

Further details on the official announcement.

See Also SoulKeep (Tower Defense Game).

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