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Immutable refers to something that is unchanging or cannot be changed. It can be used to describe a characteristic, a state, or an object that remains the same over time, despite external factors or circumstances.

For example, "The company's values are immutable, they have remained the same since its founding."

In computer science, an immutable object is an object whose state cannot be modified once it is created. This means that any changes made to the object will result in a new object being created, rather than modifying the existing object.

In biology, a genetic trait is considered immutable if it cannot be changed by environmental factors or by the organism's own genetic processes.

In philosophy, the concept of immutability is often associated with the idea of permanent, unchanging truths or principles.

Here are some ways to understand it:


  • Not changeable: If something is immutable, it cannot be modified, altered, or edited in any way. Its value or state remains permanently the same. Think of a carved stone statue - it's immutable, unlike clay that can be reshaped.
  • Fixed and permanent: Immutable things are often considered solid, reliable, and dependable. They serve as a fixed point or foundation that doesn't waver or shift.


  • Unchanging principles: Laws of nature, mathematical axioms, and core moral values are often described as immutable, signifying their universal and enduring nature.
  • Unwavering commitment: Someone's immutable resolve or dedication demonstrates their unyielding stance or determination.
  • Fixed mindset: In contrast to flexibility, an immutable mindset refers to a rigid and unyielding way of thinking that resists change or new perspectives.

Here are some synonyms for "immutable":

  • unchangeable
  • fixed
  • constant
  • stable
  • invariable
  • unwavering
  • permanent
  • enduring

Remember, the concept of immutability applies to various contexts, ranging from abstract ideas like laws of physics to concrete objects like diamonds.

Immutable Blockchain

One of the core features of blockchain.

Immutable is the inability to change something. Once it is completed, it is that way.

With blockchain, upon the validation of a block, the data contained therein cannot be changed, thus it is considered immutable.

This is the reason for Distributed Ledger Technology. Here each node agree on all information before moving forward. It is vital for cryptocurrency balances to alleviate the double-spend problem.

The key is decentralization which puts control of the network outside the hands of any one individual or entity.

A database built on a public blockchain cannot be destroyed. This means all records are safe from hackers or people will nefarious intent.


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