LeoGlossary: Health

SplinterGlossary: Health

Health is what determines whether a monster lives to fight another round or dies in battle. When it hits zero, the monster dies.

Evidently, the higher the health the more chances to live another round.

Weaken ability debuffs health by 1 for the enemy team (unless a unit already has 1 HP, in which case it has no effect), while Strengthen buffs HP by 1 for all friendlies.

Armor works as a shield for Health unless the attack is magic.

Poison takes 2 hit points from health at the end of every round from the time it was inflicted. If the monster is in the first position, it can be cured with Cleanse.

Health can be healed, and there are 3 types of healing:

  • Heal (self-healing)
  • Tank Heal
  • Triage (heals monsters from the backline which have suffered the most damage - if tied, in order from the 2nd position to the last, one each round)

Healing abilities restore one-third of the monsters' health, rounded down, but no less than 2.

Cripple permanently reduces max Health by 1 when the attack is successful and can be effective against self-healing/healed monsters unless they are immune. Another counter to healing is Affliction, which also can be removed by Cleanse. But Cleanse doesn't work on the backline, only on the monster in the first position.

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