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This is attributed to Tesla and Elon Musk. It seems to stem from November 2013 when Elon told investors that the company needed a Giga factory. This presented the world with the idea of a very large factory.

The idea was to have the first Giga factory being comparable in size to all the other lithium-ion battery production in the world.

Elon's view of the "machines building the machines" can be drawn back to the idea of a Giga factory.


  • Giga Nevada in Storey County, Nevada, U.S.
  • Giga New York in Buffalo, New York, U.S.
  • Giga Shanghai in Pudong, Shanghai, China
  • Giga Berlin in Grünheide, state of Brandenburg, Germany
  • Giga Texas in Austin, Texas, U.S.
  • Giga Mexico in Nuevo León, Mexico (announced March 2023)

Giga means billion and really applies to energy as in Gigawatt. Tesla targets Giga Watts of energy storage.

The company has a goal of producing 3 Terra Watts of battery storage in 2030. This is to be used for both electric vehicles along with the energy storage.


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