LeoGlossary: Cubfinance

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A farming platform built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that is part of the Leofinance umbrella of cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 applications.

The native token for the platform is $CUB. There is also a wrapped version of LEO, known as bLEO, that is part of the liquidity pools contained in the Cubfinance farms. One of the main goals was to enable users more access to the $LEO token through greater liquidity.

Part of the long term focus of the application is to move to cross-platform interoperability. This comes through the Kingdoms, which allow farmers to utilize auto-compounding vaults. Here they stake their tokens or coins, earn $CUB, and enjoy a LP position in a smart contract. The contract farms off platform opportunities earning those tokens which is used to buy the native assets.

The evolution of Cubfinance is going to come from the features added to the Polycub application. The world of DeFi is changing rather rapidly and Leofinance is helping to usher this in.

What is developed on Polycub will be rolled out onto the Cubfinance platform.

Hence we will see:

There will also be an expansion in these areas:

Cubfinance is seeking to be part of the emerging DeFi 2.0 transition.


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