LeoGlossary: Castle

SplinterGlossary: Castle

Castles are special land buildings that pre-exist on certain plots and cannot be destroyed or removed. They offer certain benefits to their owners and the neighboring areas.

In a region there are exactly 1 Castle and 9 Keeps (one for each tract that doesn't have a Castle on it).

Land plots with either a Castle or Keep will still require cards to work on them, a power source and/or Runi, and staked DEC in order to produce resources for the plot owner, however they will not need to be cleared like other plots and they produce resources in a different way.

Rather than producing resources directly, like cards working on other land plots, cards working in a Castle or Keep building will instead work to maintain and operate the magical network between the buildings throughout the continent. In doing so, they will retain a portion of the resource production taxes collected from the other land plots in the tract or region for the Castle or Keep owner. Please note that any resources collected via taxes that are not captured by a Castle or Keep owner will be burned.

In Land 1.5, the total Resource Production Tax rate is 10% for all Grain, SPS, and Research produced on land plots. 20% of that total tax income in each of those three resources from all land plots within the entire region (except for the Keeps) is available to be earned by a Castle owner. This means that a Castle owner has the potential to earn up to 2% of all of the resource production from the other 990 plots in the region (1000 plots in total minus 10 with a Castle or Keep which don't directly generate resource). Put another way, a Castle Owner has the potential to earn resources equivalent to nearly 20 other plots (990 plots * 2% = 19.8 plots worth of production).

The amount of the tax receipts that are captured by the workers in a Castle is determined by the Production Point output of those workers using the following formula:

[tax receipts] * 0.2 * PP / (PP + 100,000)

Castles will also additionally act as a Keep with regard to capturing taxes from the land plots within the same Tract as the Castle building. The calculations for how Keeps capture taxes from the land plots within their Tract are described here. This effectively gives the Castle another nearly 5 land plots worth of resource income, for a total of roughly 25 plots worth when added with the ~20 plots worth described above.


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