LeoGlossary: Buildings Upgrades

SplinterGlossary: Buildings Upgrades

Here's how the different types of buildings in Splinterlands can be upgraded.

Guild Buildings

Guild buildings are upgradable using DEC contributions from the guild members.

Each member has the choice to contribute to whatever guild building they want. Once the contribution is made to the guild, it is final. One can't take it back or change its destination.

But someone can contribute as many times as desired and to as many buildings.

Rules and strategies can be created within the team for better coordination.

Once a guild building has enough contribution, it can be upgraded by the leader of the guild.

For Brawls-related buildings (Arena, Barracks, Guild Store), a contribution of Crowns is also necessary to upgrade the building, together with DEC. Crowns are earned through the performance of the guild in Brawls, and they are managed by the leader (or co-leader).

Land Buildings

The gameplay isn't defined for the Land expansion yet.


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