LeoGlossary: BTC

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BTC is the ticker symbol for bitcoin, the first and most well-known cryptocurrency. The ticker symbol is a short code used to represent a security on a stock exchange or other financial market. For example, the ticker symbol for Apple is AAPL.

The ticker symbol BTC is used to represent bitcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges and in other financial contexts. For example, you might see it listed as BTC/USD, which means the price of one bitcoin in US dollars.

The ticker symbol BTC is derived from the word "bitcoin." The "B" stands for "bitcoin" and the "TC" stands for "ticker code."

BTC is a widely recognized symbol for bitcoin. It is used by investors, traders, and media outlets around the world.

In addition to BTC, bitcoin is also sometimes referred to by the ticker symbol XBT. This ticker symbol is used by some exchanges and financial institutions.

However, the ticker symbol BTC is the more widely used symbol for bitcoin.


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