LeoGlossary: Alpha Edition

SplinterGlossary: Alpha Edition

The first card collection which was released by Splinterlands in May 2018 is called the Alpha edition.

The monsters and summoners from the Alpha edition had been reused in the Beta edition, because the first edition had a limited supply of 300,000 booster packs.

When the first edition was launched, there was no gameplay for Splinterlands, only the collectibility aspect. Only after a few months, the basic gameplay was introduced.

The Alpha cards are very scarce and valuable on the secondary market because by combining them and burning them, the supply dropped significantly.

In the gameplay, they offer a 10% bonus for the rewards if used in combat.

Alpha cards can only be used in the Wild format of the game, not in the Modern format.

Alpha packs are also very hard to come by, but they occasionally show up on secondary markets like Hive-Engine or Atomic Hub.

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