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I have been playing blockchain games for a long time. I think I started in 2017/2018 and have seen a lot of games fall off. Alien Worlds went absolutely insane after there was a listing for TLM, the in game cryptocurrency, on Binance a few months ago. It quickly became the most used DAPP on the wax blockchain and took the world by storm.


You said play to earn?

Yes, yes I know you're really only reading this because you saw Play to Earn in the title. While this is true, it is not quite as lucrative as CryptoBlades, which I wrote about in my last post here. Alien worlds has had a meteoric rise and fall, with the TLM token peaking around $7 in April with the Binance listing and falling as low as 6 cents. Currently, the price has gradually risen to about 35 cents at the time I'm writing this, and I believe that gradual increase will continue. As you can see below, the 30 day chart doesn't look too bad.


Ok, on to the playing to earn stuff.

Currently, there isn't much of a game to play. You're mining Trilium TLM and stockpiling. You can stake your TLM to different planets in the Metaverse to vote on planetary councilmembers. Each planet is a DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization that, that will be governed by whoever the people vote for.


The main interface is very simple. You have an inventory tab, where you can see all your NFT's which are tools, avaters, and eventually artifacts and whatever else gets added. Then the Staking tab, which is pretty self explanatory. You can stake TLM to whichever planets you choose. Then, you have the Mining tab where you'll spend 99% of your time at the moment mining that sweet sweet TLM.


Under the mining tab you'll equip different tool to alter your stats such as amount of TLM mined, mining cooldown (how long you wait to mine again), and NFT luck (NFT mining has been disabled at the moment due to bots and other shit). Ideally, every time you mine you get X amount of TLM based on your tools and you have a chance to get an NFT. New tool NFTs can be purchased on AtomicHub, just make sure you're not buying a fake NFT.


Here, you'll also pick the Planet and land you mine on. Each piece of land is owned by someone, and they can set a commission fee. Some land owners will also lead NFTs into their land and random people who mine have a chance to get one. Lands have their own stats for TLM, cooldown time, and NFT luck.

How much can I earn?

Well, that's all up to you. I've been playing since release and my current setup lets me mine every 10 minutes. I get anywhere from 0.1 - 0.4 TLM per mine. It varies based off how many people are mining on the land as well. Sometimes I get lucky and get 1 TLM. I've even gotten lucky enough to get 5 TLM with 1 mine! Now, this doesn't sound like a lot I know. With the release of more and more parts of the game, which you can see in the roadmap below, I believe the price can keep climbing. There is a limited supply of TLM at 10 billion and it will be required for many new parts of the game, including Planet Binance missions. Basic supply and demand says the price is likely to increase over time.


The sentiment in the Alien Worlds subreddit seems to be that the game is dead and some are even calling it a scam. Most of this is because they aren't making shitloads of free money off the game and they're feeling like they missed out. I'm here to say that Alien Worlds is not dead, and will continue to be one of the biggest blockchain games. Keep mining and stacking up that TLM and you shall be rewarded.

Good luck, and happy earning!


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