My Actifit Report Card: November 18 2022 - Hailee Steinfeld

There is a popular singer and movie star named Hailee Steinfeld who just released a new music video for her new song Coast last week. It already has 1.7 Million views on YouTube!

The video is shot on a beach which reminds me of Summer which I miss. Hailee wears various colorful outfits which might put the setting of the video in the 60s or 70s. She starts the video by putting a cassette in a music player which also points to previous times.

The break in the middle is a bit cheesy, maybe annoying since it breaks the flow of the song. I guess its to indicate that the entire video is a dream sequence. The new Meghan Trainor video I mentioned 2 days ago also has a break but its at the end.

The end of this Coast video features an early 60s Impala again putting the setting in the past, or indicating having warm feelings for a time long gone.

I first remember seeing Hailee on YouTube 7 years ago when this video came out of her doing a stripped down cover of the song Cheerleader. It's very cute and humorous!

MY ACTIVITY was some weightlifting then 30 pushups. At night time I took a short walk. It was in the upper 30s Fahrenheit. I dressed warmly and didn't mind the cold, in fact it felt good!

It's Friday! I wish you a wonderful weekend!


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Daily Activity, Walking, Weight Lifting

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