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A very bushy Chili Verde

What's up fellow Weed Nerds? Dumb question really, I see you all, and so many of you are straight up killing it! Exciting seeing our cannabis growers community here at Weedcash, on the Hive Blockchain at the point it is at today. But it is more then seeing some great grow logs, and getting some pointers here, and there. What I love the most is watching you all evolve, and improve your skills. This is why Hive is different then other places. Here it is more then just posting a pic, with a few words. Here you lay it all out, from start to finish. Showing the good, along with the bad. Even though for me when shit is going bad, I am more depressed about it, and take less photos lol. Which is why I am so happy to see I actually corrected some problems(for now). Can not tell you how many times I have just made shit worse. I am sure a lot of you can relate. Shit happens, and you just got to do your best, and move forward, Just like anything else in life.

Ok, let me give you all a breakdown


All clones from Dark Heart Nursery

I am currently on day 4 of flower. Which means that I have the light on for 12 hours, and off for another 12. Since my plants are all Photo Periods, they need this change of light to induce flowering. Just like in nature, towards the end of the growing season, days get shorter, and nights get longer. I like to have the light on from 9pm-9am. I choose this time of the day for 2 reasons. One being it is cooler at night. So I do not have to worry about it getting hotter during the day, and then to cold at night. Second reason being, electricity rates are lower during these hours. That is the main reason right there! Then I also need the light to be on before I go to bed, and then when I wake up. This way I am able to get in there, and do what needs to be done. You do not want to disrupt the dark period. If you do, your chances of getting Herms go up.

So before I make the light switch, I like to do a couple things. First I 'Lollipop', and do a lite defoliation. This will get rid of unwanted growth on the bottom of the plant, that will amount to larf bud. It also allows better air flow to the whole plant.

If you see the first picture on this post, maybe a lite defoliation is an understatement. I needed to do some serious cleaning up!

Lolloping is something you can keep doing. But after about day 19, that is the time you want to be finished with it.

This is my 3 Gallon contender for the Grow Challenge, Dosi Sherbert. The stalk, and braches is strong with this one!

Past, and current waste from 'Lollipopping'

I do my best to make sure there is no part of the plant that is left to waste. I always compost what I 'Lollipop'. I wish I could Clone, but at least I know I will still get something worth while in the future. Do you Compost? Let me know in the comments.

Another thing that I do is a preventive treatment of The Amazing Doctor Zymes. This is also something that you should be doing often. Whether you are using something like Ladybugs, Nemotoads, or a spray like this, if you stay on top of this, you will save yourself a headache in the future. When I used to grow in a closet, I battled with Powered Mildew, and that stuff is no fun at all!

This stuff I use is organic, but it is not good for your micro biology in your soil. So I put some Aluminum Foil over the top to stop as much as I can. When spraying make sure to get underneath those leaves as well. Especially if you are doing a foliar spray for feeding. The leaves absorb more underneath.

Another thing I did before this transition was put some levelers underneath couple of the plants there where shorter then the other 2. This will give me an even canopy. Honestly I could of done this before, but since I two LED's hanging, I was able to put the lights right up to the canopy. This dividers also have holes, and I am puting the pots directly on top of them this round as an experiment. My theory is this will allow more airflow to the roots, and instead of getting rootbound, they will get air pruned, just like how a Smart Pot works.

Larrys Breath

Ok so now I have an even canopy. I am not so sure what the stretch will be like with these strains, since it is the first time running them. But you should expect at least 50%. Since I am dealing with a HPS this round, I need to be careful. As you can see from the Larrys Breath above, I Super Cropped the tops. This will slow it down a bit, and allow those bottom shoots to catch up.

The other day I tried to put up a Trellis, but decided to back off. I might try to put it up again tonight, but if not I will just forget about it. I would love to open those tops up a little more to at least allow more room for bud development. I could probably put some stakes in there, but I would rather not.

That's all for now. Things are defiantly looking good at the moment. I am thinking of adding a little bit of some top dressing with Bone Meal in it this weekend, but will play it by ear. I went back to using RO water, and making sure to add some Cal/Mag every other watering. Humidity is hovering in the 50% range, and temps 70-80 degrees. Everything is where it should be, let's hope I don't fuck this up!



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