Random Movies From 2002

Outside of Star Wars & Star Trek, a major movie that stayed with me, that I saw in 2002, was A Walk To Remember starring Mandy Moore who I had a crush on at that time as I was 17. The love story in that film made me cry, it was touching and it was tough as she died at the end, spoiler alert.

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2002 - A Walk To Remember - Mandy Moore l_472d037a-4f3d-4097-a217-fbcd4fdc9a52.jpg

A Walk To Remember starring Mandy Moore.

Random Movies From 2002
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Random Movies From 2002

Here is a list of some random movies from 2002. I may have seen some of movies that year or after that. I may have seen older movies (from previous years) that year as well. I may have seen some of these films in theater or elsewhere. This list may not be complete or entirely accurate. Most of the dates on this list are of when these movies premiered in U.S. theaters. I may not always know exactly when I saw some of these movies.

A Walk to Remember

2002-01-25 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I saw this Mandy Moore movie in theaters in January or February of 2002. It made me cry in good and bad ways, it touched me and moved me, a sad but moving love romance story and film. Incredible performance by Mandy who I was attracted to. As a teenage boy, I got a crush on Britney Spears in 2000 with the premiere of Oops I Did It Again. I also developed a crush on Mandy Moore and there were other female musicians and celebrities and actors (like Angelina Jolie especially) who I would like growing up. Mandy was on that list of people I loved or thought I loved. This was probably the first movie I saw in theaters in 2002. Wait, did I really see this movie in theaters? I think so.

The Time Machine (2002 film)

2002-03-08 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

In 1899, Dr. Alexander Hartdegen is an inventor teaching at Columbia University. After a mugger kills his fiancée Emma, he devotes himself to building a time machine that will allow him to travel back in time to save her. When he completes the machine four years later, he travels back to 1899 and prevents her murder, only to see her killed again when a horseless carriage frightens the horses of a horse-drawn vehicle. Alexander realizes that any attempt to save Emma will result in her death through other circumstances. Distraught, Alexander travels to 2030 to discover whether science has been able to solve his question of how to change the past. At the New York Public Library, a holographic librarian called Vox 114 insists that time travel to the past is impossible. Alexander travels to 2037, when the accidental destruction of the Moon by lunar colonists has begun rendering the Earth virtually uninhabitable. While restarting the time machine to avoid debris, he is knocked unconscious and travels to the year 802,701 before reawakening. The human race has reverted to a primitive lifestyle and the Earth has healed. Some survivors, called "Eloi", live on the sides of cliffs of what was once Manhattan. Alexander is nursed back to health by a likeable attractive dark-haired young woman named Mara, one of the few Eloi who speak English. He observes the broken moon and suggests that maybe his teachings led to this future. This movie is sort of like the Planet of the Apes as there apes or weird ugly monkey people creatures who hunt people. I didn't see this movie but the plot is crazy intriguing.

Resident Evil

2002-03-15 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I think I first saw this first Resident Evil movie on a Saturday in June or July of 2007 at Camp Kuratli with Heidi Dixon Kurtz and/or a few friends and camp staff like that. If not that year, it would have been 2008. But most likely 2007. And I kind of saw some of it. Well, not sure if we were watching the very fist movie of the series or a sequel film of the franchise. And I don't remember watching the entirety of the film but saw a lot of it. And I'm a big fan of the The Walking Dead series which I started watching in 2010. But this was before that series took off.

Ice Age 1

2002-03-15 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I would enjoy watching the Ice Age trailers over the years. I probably saw some of the Ice Age movies in the theaters or at least elsewhere over the years. I don't exactly remember when I saw these movies including the first one which came out in March of 2002 but I did enjoy the characters and it reminded me of The Land Before Time movies which dates back to 1988.

Blade 2 - 2002-03-22 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

Spider-Man 1

2002-05-03 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I think I saw it in theaters. I had a good time watching a fun story about a man who became Spider Man who was portrayed by the one and only Tobey Maguire who is the most popular actor to have played this character as of 2020.

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

2002-05-16 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I watched it in theaters and enjoyed the fight with Dooku. When watching it that first time, I was trying to take it in as a nerd. The intellectual side of me was trying to study the lore of Star Wars universe. I started becoming a fan of Star Wars when I was watching the Special Edition in theaters in 1997. Phantom Menace has a more exciting duel at the end with Darth Maul. This movie has a similar fight at the end and yet it is not as thrilling. It was cool to see Yoda fight for the first time. It was cool to see a bunch of Jedi fight. As a stand-alone film, the movie was sort of like a weird science fiction romance comedy film. Like, maybe George Lucas was not intending it to be too Jar Jar Binks funny like it was in Phantom Menace which was more so made for children while Attack of the Clones was perhaps less so.


2002-06-14 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Freddie Prinze Jr. (Star Wars). They ended up marrying each other I think. Well, I ended up seeing this movie years later.

The Bourne Identity

2002-06-14 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I'm a big fan of the franchise. I didn't start watching these Matt Damon movies until a few years later.

Minority Report

2002-06-21 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I didn't see this Tom Cruz movie until years later. It is a crazy cool movie. The plot begins in 2054, it is a thrilling science fiction movie. It deals with precrime which is what we are seeing with Facebook and Jan6 for example. In other words, we are seeing applications of this film in non-fictional settings. In other words, it is not fictional future. It is happening right now and has been happening for too long.

Lilo & Stitch - 2002-06-21 - Friday - I didn't see this movie in theaters. I probably thought the trailers were silly.

Men in Black II

2002-07-03 - Wednesday - U.S. theatrical premiere

This second Men In Black (MIB) film has a talking dog as the main side-kick for Will Smith. I enjoyed watching this movie in theaters. I'm a big fan of Will Smith and the MIB franchise.

Like Mike

2002-07-03 - Wednesday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I first heard about this film starring Lil' Bow Wow on NBA Inside Stuff which was a basketball show I would watch at 10:00 AM on Saturdays in the late 1990s and early 2000s until I graduated high school in 2004. Well, I don't remember exactly when I stopped watching and as I got older it was less often. So, I was probably watching the show less often after 2001. I think the show was generally on at 10:00 AM. Well, it might have been changed later on to 10:30 AM. I saw at least one show where they took us behind the scenes of this movie and that was probably in 2001 during the summer when I was filming Cat's Life. I recorded some of that on VHS tapes. I didn't go see the entirety of the movie itself in theaters but the bits and pieces of the movie I did see in 2001 was interesting because I love basketball and he raps and I like rap music.

2002-07-23 - Tuesday - Tarzan & Jane - direct to video release - I didn't watch this movie.

Austin Powers in Goldmember

2002-07-26 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

First saw this third Austin Powers movie in Hawaii in 2007 or 2008. It was at a captain Christine's house. Well, I think she was a captain or pastor of some sort. Forget her exact position and level in The Salvation Army. We would go over there and hang out sometimes to watch movies and went there a few times. Might have been 2008 if there was no Blake Webb and Jeff Walters around. But then again, hard to say exactly, I forget the exact details. I enjoyed watching this movie.

The Master of Disguise

2002-08-02 - Wednesday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I saw the trailers for this Dana Carvey movie where he can pretend to be different people or characters. I think I've only seen bits and pieces of this movie. But fun movie I think. I knew Dana Carvey from Wayne's World (1992) which also stars Mike Myers of Austin Powers and Shrek.


2002-08-02 - Wednesday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I didn't see this Mel Gibson movie until years later. They see plot circles. It might be aliens or something. It is a freaky movie with a slow tempo.

One Hour Photo

2002-08-21 - Wednesday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I didn't see this Robin Williams movie but the trailers were scary or shocking. He played a seriously messed up man.


2002-08-23 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

Simone was a movie that came out in 2002, it was about this new blond female movie star who was being interviewed by everyone. She was appearing in a bunch of films. She was probably more famous than Angelina Jolie. At the end of the movie, they all find out, spoiler alert, she was fake. She was CGI, as in special effects. Can they do that in real life? Here we are 19 years later. How many people do you know do not really exist?

Simone (S1MØNE) is all about using CGI to create fake people in movies. The star refused to finish acting, working, shooting. So, they ended up using special effect. Reminds me of when they added Carrie Fisher to Star Wars movies after she died. Nowadays, they can CGI Michael Jackson and make it look pretty real. They also have realistic robots. They also have drugs that can make you see things. There is 5G and a number of electromagnetic related things that can influence people. All of these together can be used to control people's perception on reality. By the way, I've never heard of this film before until now.

The Tuxedo

2002-09-27 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I saw a Jackie Chan movie at the neighbors house at space 132, relatives of our Filipino neighbors in space 164. Probably saw this movie in 2003 or 2004 or maybe as late as like 2012. But probably before 2012. I don't remember if it was this exact Jackie Chan movie or a similar one but I was invited by the neighbors, the mother and her kids. So, we watched a little bit of whichever movie it was. And it was a little bit fun as I enjoy Jackie Chan and fighting movies in general.

Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie

2002-10-04 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I saw this at what was the Grand Lodge near my house in Forest Grove. I saw this with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) club which would meet at my high school 06:30 AM on Tuesday mornings which I would go to sometimes. So, we saw it probably in 2003 because they would tend to show movies a few months late.

Tuck Everlasting

2002-10-11 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

Winnie the girl, not the Pooh bear and not Wendy of Peter Pan or the Addams Family, falls in love with immortal not a vampire or zombie Jesse Tuck. Unlike Jack Sparrow who would, Winnie (think win-win) decided not to drink from the fountain of youth and she later died in 1999 at the age of 100. The movie starts out when she was 15, so probably 1914. She is like Ariel in The Little Mermaid because she wants to explore the world. She was living a sheltered life. Now, living forever isn't bad. But being too aggressive in seeking after immortality is what globalists and other control freaks and weirdos and such actually do in real life while funding two types of entertainment and story plots in pop culture, movies, shows, books, comics, etc. Those two plots are as follows. First, you are told to try to live forever or something to that effect. Second, however, the propaganda piece they push on the general public is to not live forever. The crazy thing about two opposites being pushed is that a person ends up in confusion and that is a major goal. They want you demented in the head. And there is truth in both. Like, that is how they are so successful, because they use a bit of logical sense and then form narratives that loosely stem from objectives in reality regarding how the world works. Trying to be healthy is good. Does that mean you end up living forever? Probably not. But are you willing to murder billions of babies for a chance to live forever? No. I would not kill anybody for immortality. But I believe my soul never dies. I've never seen this movie.

The Ring

2002-10-18 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I didn't go see this movie but probably saw the trailer. When I started hearing about The Lord of Rings in the early 2000s, that is before I watched them in 2003, I probably had this movie in the back of my mind. And also Lord of the Flies might have been in my mind too. I didn't see that movie either but heard of it at that time. The Ring is about a journalist must investigate a mysterious videotape which seems to cause the death of anyone one week to the day after they view it. Reminds me of the pedophile rings. Reminds me of the Clinton Body Bag. When you investigate their rings of crime, you end up dead.

Time Changer

2002-10-25 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I love this movie. It might have played in some theaters but I saw it on TV or it might have been at church in 2002 or maybe 2003. It involves Time Travel. It's a Christian version of The Time Machine book. Random thoughts on time-travel.

8 Mile

2002-11-08 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

One of my favorite Eminem songs is Lose Yourself which is like the main theme music for 8 Mile which Eminem was the main star of. I enjoyed listening to his music during high school and heard about this movie as it was coming out. I would see the trailers. Oddly, I didn't see the movie in theaters I don't think. Well, I'm not even sure if I've ever seen it. Maybe I should.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

2002-11-15 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I didn't see this movie in theaters. But I love Harry Potter the character himself especially.

Eight Crazy Nights

2002-11-27 - Wednesday - animated TV movie

I love The Chanukah Song by Adam Sandler who also stars in this movie. I didn't go see this movie in theaters. I've never seen it but I've listened to that song so many times. Well, according to Wikipedia, The Chanukah Song is a novelty song written by comedian Adam Sandler with Saturday Night Live writers Lewis Morton and Ian Maxtone-Graham and originally performed by Sandler on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update on December 3, 1994. So, in other words, I grew up with that song and another song he did was The Thanksgiving Song.


2002-12-06 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I recommend this movie which I didn't end up seeing until like 2006 or something.

This crazy science fiction action film starring Christian Bale is set in 2072. After the third world war which is currently happening in 2021 in some ways, Libria takes over with a lot of power. Emotion is banned in this future. So, not just words. Those who violate that rule are labeled not racists but Sense Offenders and then sentenced to death. In this future, memes are banned as memes is a form of art and art and literature is forbidden.

Star Trek: Nemesis

2002-12-13 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I saw this movie in theaters because I'm a big fan of Star Trek. My favorite captain in the 1990s was Picard and I would watch all of his movies growing up back then. This movie, spoiler alert, deals with his son and Data the robot dies saving Picard. So, the movie was kind of cool. Oh, Data has like another brother too.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

2002-12-18 - Wednesday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I didn't see the Lord of the Ring movies until the summer of 2003. I'm a big fan of the series.

Gangs of New York

2002-12-20 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I ended up seeing this years later. The plot begins in 1846. The filming was finished in 2001 but the theatrical premiere was delayed to 2002 due to 9/11. That's kind of like saying nowadays that something is delayed because of Covid which was also a scam.

Catch Me If You Can

2002-12-25 - Wednesday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I probably saw it when I was attending WOLBI. It is a cat and mouse crime film starring Tom Hanks who is chasing Leonardo DiCaprio.

2002-12-27 - Friday - Chicago

U.S. Theatrical Premiere

The dates I've provided here for U.S. theater premieres are from Wikipedia. I've listed these dates to help me know a general ballpark as to when I might have seen some of these movies in the big screen. Movies would play in the cinema for three months or less, generally speaking. A lot of movies stay in theaters for no more than a month. Many of the movies would come out on VHS video or DVD within a year after their theatrical release. Some of them come out on video within as little as three to six months sometimes. Some movies are released direct to video and are not shown in theaters.


I included random movies, some which I may have seen and some which I may not have seen that year or any year to date. Not every movie may be listed. I may have watched older movies from previous years during this year as well. This is basically a rough draft outline of a few movies from 2002. I've included notes to reminded myself of when I may have seen some of these films. So, some of these movies I may have seen not that year but in following years after that.

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