Random Movies From 2001

Tomb Raider is like female James Bond but without Woke Hollywood. Angelina Jolie added the spice that really got me to go see it with my brother and uncle during the summer of 2001. Another blockbuster I saw that summer was Jurassic Park 3. I'm a sucker for dinosaurs.

That fall, I saw the sequel to The Omega Code which stars Michael York who was on Austin Powers. But in this, he plays the Anti-Christ who tries to take over the world. I saw the original Omega Code film back in 1999 and had to see what this second installment would be like. It's kind of like wanting to watch Darth Vader blow things up.

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2001-06-15 - Friday - Tomb Raider, Lara Croft, Angelina Jolie AkQ4hVokkPas1jwYGlv1Lp7tm7t.jpg

I prefer the Angelina Jolie version of Lara Croft over the 2018 reboot.

Random Movies From 2001
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Random Movies From 2001

Here are a few movies from 2001, I believe I have every month represented. This is not including older movies from previous years which I may have saw in 2001. Most if not all of the dates included in this list are of U.S. theatrical premieres or when they released directly to home video, VHS or DVD. I may not always know the exact day I might have seen some of these films. But for the movies I did see in theaters, I usually see them within the first month.

Save the Last Dance

2001-01-12 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I watched a few minutes of this Julia Stiles movie in 2002, I was at Joe Spreitler's neighbor's house visiting just that one time. The dancing was impressive. I like dancing and thought it was interesting. I thought Julia was cute.

Super Troopers

2001-01-19 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I think I remember the trailers for this movie which premiered in January of 2001.

The Wedding Planner

2001-01-26 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I did not see this Jennifer Lopez movie. It's an impressive love story according to this one trailer which reminds me of Hitch starring Will Smith which came out in 2005.

Other January 2001 Movies

Recess: School's Out

2001-02-16 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I don't think I ever saw this or even the trailers. But I would watch the cartoons as a kid and as a teen.

2001-02-27 - Tuesday - Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure - direct to video release.

Carman: The Champion

2001-03-02 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere | IMDb

I saw this in theaters. You know, it's crazy that Wikipedia doesn't even have a page on this but they do have pages for a bunch of movies by the same name but in different years. This movie is kind of like Rocky but in a Carman kind of way. I've been a fan of Carman since the 1990s. I probably first saw Carman on TBN. I was at a Carman concert one time at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon, USA. I believe it was not at the Rose Garden. That was in 2000 most likely or after that. The Zoe Girls where there during that concert. I think I went with The Salvation Army, the Tualatin Valley Corps or church. According to Wikipedia, Carman died in 2021 due to his organs getting sucked into his throat or the tube that goes to the stomach or to that central cavity. I'm being extremely vague in the way I'm describing it. I have no idea the truth of what happened. But if he is dead and if that is how he died, that is a new way to die in my mind. Remedy is pray, vitamins, etc. But beyond that, there is no remedy. Just do what you can and be happy with what you got each day. That's how you can be a Champion.

2001-03-02 - Friday - See Spot Run

2001-03-11 - Sunday - Princess of Thieves - TV movie - satory of the daughter of Robin Hood

Spy Kids

2001-03-30 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I don't remember going out to see this movie in theaters but I think I remember seeing the trailers. Imagine the home video called Power Ranger Kids which I made with family and friends in 1996 but with spies. That is what Spy Kids is. Almost a live-action verstion of The Incredibles but with kids and without the super powers.

Joe Dirt

2001-04-11 - Wednesday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I didn't go see it but I think some of my high school classmates called me Joe Dirt a few times. I imagine for fun or there were a few references since my name is Joe. Joe Dirt was never an actual nickname of mine that stuck. The trailers for this film was kind of interesting to me.

Jason X

2001-04-26 - Thursday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I didn't see this in theaters but I might have saw the trailers. I've seen some of the Friday the 13th films in the 1990s but I was dying to see this particular episode of the series.

The Mummy Returns

2001-05-04 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I didn't see the movie in theaters but saw the thrilling breath-taking trailers. I think I wanted to see this movie but didn't get around to it. So, in other words, I was more interested in seeing Tomb Raider for example which I did see in July of 2001.


2001-05-18 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I'm a big fan of Mike Myers movies like Austin Powers, Wayne's World, etc. Shrek is a funny and lovable character that Mike voices. I probably didn't really see much of Shrek until years later.

Moulin Rouge!

2001-05-18 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

Didn't see it until years later but noticed in the trailers that Ewan McGregor (who played Kenobi in Star Wars) was in it. So, it looked exciting with all of the singing, like a mash of Newsies meets The Phantom of the Opera. Nicole Kidman is also in it too. I've always liked her.

Pearl Harbor

2001-05-25 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

This movie is about the alleged reason why America got involved in World War 2. In reality, the American government knew Japan was going to attack the base in Hawaii. I think I ended up seeing this movie in May or June of 2001. I think I remember it being long and boring. If I didn't see it in theaters, then I saw it some years later on DVD. I think I did look at it a few years after that either for the first time or for the second time but was not excited. I love history but my first impression of this film was terrible.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

2001-06-15 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I saw the trailers and wanted to see it because not only was it a spy adventure story starring a female James Bond but also because that female lead was pretty intriguing, tempting, hot. This was probably my first interaction with Angelina Jolie. I've been fans of her movies ever since. The Tomb Raider video game came out in 1996. My friend Bill Bailey had the game I think and would play it. I played it a few times in the 1990s. So, I was also a fan of the franchise. On top of that, this wasn't the first video-game movie I've seen. I also saw the Mortal Kombat movies too in the 1990s. So, when this first Tomb Raider movie came around, I was excited.

I saw this movie in theaters with my brother and uncle Jim at a theater in Astoria in July of 2001. Our uncle would make some jokes about it. He pronounced the name of the movie as Tom-Raider. Tom instead of tomb.

The Fast and the Furious

2001-06-22 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I might have saw the trailers which would likely remind me of Speed starring Keanu Reeves. But didn't see any of The Fast and the Furious films until later on. I am a fan of the series but not so much in 2001.

2001-07-04 - Wednesday - Cats & Dogs

Legally Blonde

2001-07-13 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

The trailers was funny, exciting. Reese Witherspoon looks cute. I probably didn't see this movie until like years later.

Jurassic Park III

2001-07-18 - Wednesday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I'm a big fan of the Jurassic Park franchise. I saw this third one in theaters. I think I was partly excited watching this film but a little disappointed in some ways. Overall, I'm a fan of dinosaurs and adventures.

Planet of the Apes

2001-07-27 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I love this franchise. At that point in my life in 2001, I think I've seen some of the older films from the 1960s but I didn't see this 2001 reboot until like years later. But I did see the trailers and saw it as interesting a bit. I guess not enough to go out and see it.

The Others

2001-08-02 - Thursday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I didn't see this movie until years later. When I did see it, it blew me away. It ends with a twist more crazy than the twist at the end of Bruce Willis' The Fifth Element.

The Princess Diaries

2001-08-03 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I think I saw this for the first time in a plane in like 2004 or 2005 and I enjoyed it.

Rush Hour 2

2001-08-03 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I don't think I saw this movie in theaters but I've watched bits and pieces of the Rush Hour franchise. I forget which movie is which from the series but I am a big fan of Jackie Chan in general. I don't remember if I saw the trailers for this movie that year or not.

American Pie 2

2001-08-10 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I didn't see this movie in the theaters but saw the trailers which looked fun and a little crazy. I was aware of the American Pie franchise and found it to be silly but a little entertaining. I like America. I like pie. Cleaver title. I was never a big fan of the series.


2001-08-16 - Thursday - Germany theatrical premiere

This film first premiered in theaters in France on the 25th of April of 2001 followed by in Germany on Thursday, the 16th of August. I ended up seeing it with my mom after that in 2001 or at least before graduating from high school in June of 2004. We saw it at what was the Freemason's Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, Oregon. It tells a story of a girl who helps people and then helps herself find a man. They all spoke a foreign language. So, I couldn't understand. But I think there were subtitles at least.

Bubble Boy

2001-08-24 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I saw the trailer for this movie and found it to be surprising and fun. I didn't go see it in theaters. He had to stay in the bubble because he had no immune system. If he was outside the bubble, he would be wearing a mask just like other idiots who think they have no immune system in the mist of Covid which we can kill. Don't take Covid vaccines. Just be healthy and fight like Hell.

Megiddo: The Omega Code 2

2001-09-07 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I probably saw this movie opening weekend. This was the sequel to the The Omega Code which I also saw in theaters in 1999. This sequel movie focuses on the rise of the Anti-Christ. I would compare this with Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith because that movie is all about watching the rise of Darth Vader. But in the end there is a New Hope and a Return of the Jedi or the Lord of The Ring's Return of the King.


2001-09-28 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I'm a fan of the Zoolander franchise. Ben Stiller is brilliant as the lead of this first movie in the series. I believe I first saw this with my favorite high school youth group (HCBC) before I ended up graduating high school in June of 2004. So, probably saw it in 2002 at the earliest. Well, maybe I didn't see this movie with my youth group. Well, I think I did. And then saw it again many years later too on my own.

Monsters, Inc.

2001-11-02 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I saw it in theaters. It was a little funny. It was interesting. Not a favorite movie of mine but different.

The One

2001-11-02 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I might have saw the trailer for this ninja fighting movie. I was a fan of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. I think this might have been one of the first times seeing Jet Li. I like what I see. I either first saw Jet Li before graduating high school in 2004 or at least before 2012 at the latest I think. I like Jet Li. Not sure when I might have saw trailers for Jet Li movies. This may have been one. I ended up seeing at least bits and pieces of Jet Li years later.

Shallow Hal

2001-11-09 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

The trailers for this movie caught my attention. I've seen bits and pieces of this movie over the years. At the time, I didn't know much about Jack Black until years later. But I was curious and interested in the concept of inner beauty over outside lust of the body which this story seems to highlight.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

2001-11-16 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I didn't see Harry Potter movies until years later. I saw the trailers and thought they were captivating and magical and intriguing. I'm a big fan of the Harry Potter character and accent. I enjoy imitating Harry Potter's style of talking.

Ocean's Eleven

2001-12-07 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

This franchise is pretty interesting with an all-star cast. I ended up watching this movie probably in 2006 for the first time or not sure exactly which year but I enjoyed watching it.

Vanilla Sky

2001-12-14 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I didn't see it. But I think I got a VHS copy of it with me right now as of 2018 near Seattle. I hear it's a science fiction Tom Cruz film. So, maybe I should try it.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

2001-12-19 - Wednesday - U.S. theatrical premiere

I first saw the first two Lord of the Rings (LOTR) films the summer of 2003 at Matt Dooney or Becky Westberry's house. I stayed the night at their house one time and they must have showed me that they had the movies. So, I was in the basement watching the first 2 movies back to back. I had to wait until December of 2003 to watch Return of the King, the third installment.

In and around 2001, I do remember the trailers for LOTR, and it was a new kind of movie. I was curious but knew very little at that time. But after watching them in 2003, I've since become a big fan of the series and the lore.

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

2001-12-21 - Friday - U.S. theatrical premiere

Interesting cartoon movie. I didn't see this movie in theaters but probably saw bits and pieces of it years later I think. Looks fun.

2001-12-21 - Friday - Joe Somebody - Tim Allen movie - U.S. theatrical premiere


2001-12-25 - Tuesday - U.S. theatrical premiere

The trailers for this Will Smith had me interested in one of the greatest boxers of all-time. Well, I was not excited enough to see it in theaters. But the trailers for it, where he says I am the greatest, stood out. Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. This filmed premiered on Christmas Day in 2001.

U.S. Theatrical Premiere

The dates I've provided here for U.S. theater premieres are from Wikipedia. I've listed these dates to help me know a general ballpark as to when I might have seen some of these movies in the big screen. Movies would play in the cinema for no more than like three months. A lot of movies stay in theaters for no more than a month. Many of the movies would come out on VHS video or DVD within a year after their theatrical release. Some of them come out on video within as little as three to six months sometimes.

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