Melting Oatmeal

Before Kathy stole Oatmeal's bike, there was already melting going on in some other ways if you know what I mean. Nicholas Cage called. He said he wanted his face back. I said I was having too much fun letting it melt off my face. Spice Girls called. They said tell me what you want, what you really really want.

Now, Melting Oatmeal explores how I spread myself too thin at times in my relationships and in my work. I wanted to carefully analyze my entire life to see when all of this melting started. For better and for worse, it made me the man that I am today. That's what this thread is going to explore. Let's get this boring party started. Please stop reading. This will kill you. The Ginger Bread agrees.



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I would rather melt April.

Melting Oatmeal
Oatmeal Daily - 2023-03-01 - Wednesday | Published in March of 2023


The following is an incomplete outline preview thread meant to briefly reference a few people and a few different times from my life. I've not included links to every year of my life in this thread. I probably don't have time to analyze melting from every single year of my life. I'm not going to mention every single person in this thread even as I find it perhaps useful to do. I've included a few links to related articles for more information. This is just an introduction post for now. This thread ponders why I work too hard. I start too many projects sometimes. I feel too busy. I'm a perfectionist. I'm not lazy. I'm crazy in too many ways. I'm funny sometimes. I'm often boring I would imagine. I'm all over the place as I care about everybody and everything in too many ways. I care about so many people or too many people. I sometimes feel like I lost too many friends in life. Perhaps I burned down too many bridges in my life. But we are not here today to specifically to talk about burning or building bridges. We're not going to dive too deeply into crimes I've committed. This web page is here for the record. I'll be attempting to build upon this web of foundation later on, to be continued. The following thread was posted to my Twitter as follows.

Melting Oatmeal

07:52 PM - Twitter

1/ I want to do a rant on Melting Oatmeal, I should turn this into an article and video. Two main topics are relating to people and to things. My life has melted over the years for better and for worse, let me explain what I mean in this random rant thread on Twitter. 2/ There were times in my life I was around so many times. For better and for worse, a lot was going on. I may not have been fully aware of what was happening. In retrospect, I'm looking back at the events of my autobiography. I want to give you a brief outline, timeline. 3/ I'm not drunk right now, I'm not even a girl crying into a pillow, but you can close your eyes and imagine Oatmeal Joey Arnold wailing on Titanic 2 in a Wall-E whale scooter. I could be totally wrong with my thoughts, feelings, perception, perspective, recall, choices, faith. 4/ I'm not here to say my here is overly unique to me, perhaps that's the point, perhaps nobody should be looking at this, I'm just going on a mad rant, I was thinking about this, there were times I struggled as I was around so many people in a variety of ways, hard to say maybe. 5/ I sometimes feel like I may not have too many super close friends in life right now and in the past. I'm NOT saying I don't have friends. But I sometimes feel like nobody cares. But I know people do care. But part of the problem may be my fault. It's an open debate for sure. 6/ I know I'm probably only writing this Twitter thread rant for me, so please stop reading this, it is a private personal diary journal blog post. Good or bad, I was possibly around too many people in life at times. I will say for the record, allegedly. Not saying fact. No sir. 7/ If I'm lacking close friends, relationships, acquaintances, business partners, fans, supporters, lovers, family, pals, haters, groups, etc, then perhaps it is partly due to me being around too many people, let's say. Let me explain what I mean. But I'm not saying for sure. 8/ I was born in 1985 outside of a ghetto of Oregon, while homeschooled in the 1990s, I would run around with other kids, I was involved in churches, Bible clubs, Vacation Bible School (VBS), camps, hiking, AWANA Cubbies, Sparkies, Word Of Life Olympians, Salvation Army, etc. 9/ I was in the homeschooling club, we went on field trips to parks, a light house, an old tree, a factory, a Sunshine Pizza, the house with crawling Emily Hundley who married Thomas Luttrell. Monthly Skate World. Outside of that, I played basketball, baseball, wrestling, etc. 10/ In the 1990s I did those things. In the future, I may not always want to go this deep into the weeds, the details, when going on a rant about my childhood and beyond that too. I would rather just reference to where people can find out more information. But not saying this cool. 11/ I'm not saying this is interesting to anybody other than me. I was sort of thinking about the pros and cons of all of this as I was being raised. I was attending different youth groups, clubs, churches, etc, simultaneously even at times. It was crazy perhaps as things went. 12/ For example, I was attending the Wednesday night youth group at the Hillsboro First Baptist Church near those giant trees and court house in Oregon. This was after and also during AWANA starting around 1997 or after that. It was big for me. Exciting. New. 13/ I don't remember which year I first started attending HFBC but I want to say 1997. Last time maybe 2003 or something. I have video of 2002. This was a fun youth group of guys and girls who I treasured. April Livingston. Naomi Miller. Tom Cruise. Robin. My top favorites maybe. 14/ I have my memories with HFBC from the roughly 1997-2004 era, approximately within those years, we went on snow retreats at Mount Hood in 2002 and I think 2003. We went to Winter Youth Celebration (WYC) like those years or something. I need to check which years. I enjoyed them. 15/ We did other events too. But I also attended my Word Of Life Teens Involved (WOL TI) youth group at Hillsboro Community Baptist Church (HCBC) which also met Wednesdays same as HFBC. I attended HCBC Wednesdays and Sundays off and on from 1999-2004, 2007, 2008. 16/ I've said HCBC was my favorite overall. We went to the Word Of Life West Coast Camp each summer, 1999-2003, 2005. We went to the beach. I was on the quiz team. I did puppets for Teens Involved (TI). I did drama, singing. We played games. Many adventures. So many. 17/ Some of my favorite people at HCBC include Rachel Gasser (the pastor's daughter), their family, Lindsay Stone, Danielle, Daniel Steele, his family were WOL leaders, Eric Koelbl, his family. My younger sister Crystal attended. Erin. Colby. The list goes on and on. 18/ One week I would go to the youth group at HCBC. But the next Wednesday I may attend HFBC. Bernice or Ted Koelbl would pick us teenagers up in their van. They drive us from FG/FGG to the church. Sometimes I would then walk over to the other church (HFBC) around 2002 or after. 19/ Not sure which years or how many times but I remember doing it a few times. Bernice/others were upset/worried. I think Bernice said to me not to hop in the van if I wasn't attending their church. Cuz I was walking a few blocks over to the other church. Sometimes I stayed. 20/ I say all of this to say it was tough at times. I wanted to attend both youth groups. This is on top of other youth groups I attended. But these 2 may have been my favorite ones. They were the ones I attended the most as a teen. So, I eventually stopped attending HFBC. Aww. 21/ From my perspective growing up, I was never really alone a lot. I mean at times a little solitary voluntarily and what not. But as you can see, I was saturated with youth groups, clubs, events, kids my own age. I'm thinking about the pros and the cons of all of this. 22/ I usually talk about the pros. However, I may have treated people too badly and/or a variety of different things. Hard to explain specifically what I mean. But I may have not developed closer friendships with people due to the constant running around that I did, good & bad. 23/ Again, I'm not trying to discredit the good that came out of the experiences I had. I'm also not trying to say who's fault it was. Like what happened was my fault and other people's fault at the same time. Also, it could be argued nobody's fault. But still. It was a mess. 24/ As I look back at my life, I can see I was perhaps not there for people enough. Hard to explain as I was around so many people. Perhaps too many people. Not to say it was too many people. But I was overworking myself. I was a heckler. I was bad. I was many things at times.

25/ I blew things up so to speak at times as mentioned in the intro to the Case Against Oatmeal (CAO).

26/ In Revolution Hawaii 2007-2008, I did 4 ministries, that is one per day each week for that school-year. I did the YMCA, Palama, Rivers, and an old people's place of The Salvation Army. Perhaps I spread my oatmeal too thin. Perhaps I was melting like a witch. 27/ Just the prior year I was attending ABC in West Virginia, I was working in the kitchen between classes. I was doing maintenance. I was in ministry. I was looking for additional jobs. I was sleeping 5 hours a night at times. I was falling in love with Jen. I was a maniac. 28/ Same thing at WOLBI. Same thing at FGHS. Same thing at other places and times in my life. There was a cycle, a repeat, a loop, that kept on coming up. Some suffer with laziness. I struggle with working too hard. I can stay up all night working on projects. I get so obsessed. 29/ I started learning my lesson(s) more so in Vietnam as I was becoming overworked. So, I started saying no more often especially in say 2015. Not to say I never ever did before. But it was something I was working through, processing. How do you find balance in a raging world? 30/ Me not dating, marrying, weddings, wives, husbands, courtship, GF, BF, hooking up, sex, relationships, lovers, VN Kathy Bike, love, friendships, Farmer Hanna, etc, may have something to do with Melting Oatmeal. It is all interconnected in too many ways. It's Ugly Mouse. 31/ I'm writing this thread to document my thoughts on Melting Oatmeal for the record. Part of the reason I made so many YouTube channels was due to the Melting of the Oats. Not the only reason why I created 40+ channels as of 2019. Not to mention what I did on Facebook etc. 32/ Let me be clear, I'm not saying I'm right in what I say and do. Perhaps that is exactly why I write. I'm confessing my sins for the world. I'm being overly wordy in these types of threads in order to be as clear and thorough as possible. Boring. Detailed. For the record. Ok? 33/ I'm not saying I'm funny. But this especially is not intended to be funny nor important for anybody. Well, maybe valuable someday but not as is. I'm more or less trying to set myself up for some wins in my life down the road. I'm thinking long term, 4D chess. In the long run. 34/ But not to say I'm winning. Not to say I will win. But regardless, I feel like I've learned some life lessons during the course of this thing we call life. But not to say I've learned all of my lessons. Perhaps I still do terribly things or what have you. Don't get me started. 35/ I've felt close to people. Perhaps they didn't feel the same about me. I said perhaps depending on the person, place, situation, details. I know it depends. I'm talking about all kinds of relationships, friendships, family, friends, potential lovers, strangers, etc. 36/ I've felt like I've had my heart broken so many times. Not to say how badly it broke. I'm only speaking of my perception at the time. But like it was hard. Like I naturally like people. I have a hard time not liking people. I've been fans of people all my life. Gravity. 37/ But looking back, some people may have wanted to be my friend. I remember Danielle Stone at my 18th birthday party at HCBC in 2003 about a month before the death of Tiffany Cumbo. Perhaps I didn't see how Dan was opening up to me. Not to put words in her mouth or what not. 38/ Again, that could be a bad example. But that is what comes to mind. Perhaps I'm not always aware of interested parties be it romantic, platonic, business, lustful, friendly, demonic, or what have you. I would imagine it happens. I'm aware of caring for people who don't maybe. 39/ In my defense, my stance would be that I'm trying to make the world greener one oatmeal at a time as I said on Wanted Adventure Host on Comcast. I would say I'm too busy. But not to absolutely disagree in part. Like I still believe in what I do in life in general. 40/ But I am learning to slow down at times in order to perhaps bond with people. I'm trying to find that balance even in the mist of trying to build a brand while also build an archive of content necessary for building an oatmeal empire. Again, I must be out of my mind to Mango. 41/ I'm trying to lay the track for future work be it amazing or not. Certainly a lot of my current work is not too exciting for the most part. I'm trying to lay low in some ways if possible. Even tho I'm a public figure. I'm also trying to highlight my better work too.

42/ I'm writing this as a form of therapy perhaps. I'm trying to think through events from my life. This Melting Oatmeal thread may be a parallel to Losing Oatmeal.

43/ I melted oatmeal because others melted me. Not to make excuses. It's nuance. It's many things. I did it accidentally. But also purposely too at times. I was either talking to too many people or doing too many things too often in life. Hell, I probably still ooze it out. 44/ I don't have time to explain why I was in prison in 2012, please don't Google me thank you, I don't have freaking time to highlight all of the crimes I've committed in life, please don't call the cops for Vietnam Kathy Bike, Robin Baker, Circle K, Leaf Pagoda ASOV, and more. 45/ We don't have time to talk about all of the fictional/factual out of context fake news, allegations, rumors, urban legends, myths, stories, gossip, etc, but I am guilty of melting my oatmeal for all you ladies out there. Better get a restraining order. Lock me up or else. 46/ But that's not a thread even as my content online/offline aint copyrighted/patented/etc, even as people murder me, even as people sue the Hell out of me, even as people take me to court to Johnny Depp Amber Heard Jack Sparrow me, please duct-tape my heart, ride my KathyBike. 47/ I wanted to quickly publish this thread to highlight a few memories relevant to the concept of melting oatmeal. I don't even have time to mention how I've melted projects, work. I just wanted to mention people I remember in my life. I could get in trouble for mentioning them. 48/ I'm probably going to end this thread prematurely even as I try to outline events from every single year of my life as it relates to melting. I've spread myself thin. I wasn't always aware of that. I sometimes felt like I had to. I sometimes felt overwhelmed with work. Boom. 49/ I was writing this thread out as a way to think out loud through these thoughts. I'm debating through decisions I've made. I'm trying to learn from my mistakes. But not to say everything is my fault. But also not to shift blame onto others exclusively. I'm just taking notes. 50/ I'm not going to mention every single person, event, situation, year, location, and topic in this thread right now even as I kind of want to spell it all out for the record. I want encyclopedias, archives, dictionaries, wikipedias, with the libraries of Original Oatmeal. 51/ I'm just here to tease you with this incomplete outline. As a perfectionist, I'd dare not publish this series on Melting Oatmeal because it's so bad in so many ways. It may be too inaccurate, brief, false, weird, too wordy, too off based, and the list goes on and on. Oh well. 52/ I sort of feel like I was that kid who moved around a bunch, always had to make new friends while attending schools during childhood, except that I grew up in the Forest Grove Ghetto (FGG), I didn't move around. But in some ways I moved around between groups of people. 53/ Life hurts. People hurt me. I hurt people. Not to justify any of it. But my point would be I'm trying to be more aware of all of it. Not to dwell in the past my sisters. Just to learn from them and move on. Like I am trying to understand some things. I want that. 54/ Molly Hill knows this. Call the cops. Copy it. Scan it. I need that Memes World Productions to ooze the Penguin all over my Pizza shirt. I will never wash my hands again as the Arnold Attic Basement Dungeon caves in all around me. I was melting for years, a slow slow burn. 55/ This thread topic is rather vague in that it deals with a variety of aspects of Melting Oatmeal be it good, bad, accidental, intentional, relating to people and to actions therein. This Melting theme can be seen and perhaps personified in red dead death of Fred. We will not. 56/ I'll never mention what I did to Blake Webb when he died, nobody said there was a pillow on his head, over his face in 2010, that is why I'm being locked up, that is why you must arrest me, my Dick was already gone at that point, cry me a Whitney Houston river of blood. 57/ Ugly Mouse Monkey Oatmeal is melting as RoboCop smashes him into the ground, WWE wrestling, How I Met Your Oatmeal, That 70's Show, Alex Stein Prime Time 99 Pimp On a Blimp, roller skating towards Ivan Ooze, what ya got to lose, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cyndi Lauper style.

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