This article was written to be a supplement to reaction videos I make in response to THE DEAD WING. My goal here is to link to my reaction videos here.

You can click here to find the video Dead Wing Dork made regarding my videos. I've included links to where you can find his three-hour-long video on YouTube, Bitchute, Rumble, Odysee, Archive, and other video platforms on the Internet.

On this webpage here, in this post, I've included timestamps in order to respond to questions, comments, concerns, and anything else I choose to react to. In other words, for example, if he asks a question an hour into his video, I will provide the timestamp of 1:00:00 as the header of that paragraph. Please scroll down to continue reading. This is a small unfinished rough draft outline response to his video as follows. This is extremely incomplete.

I should come back and edit this down. I may move some of the text here to sub-pages, articles, posts, etc. But for now, I decided to just throw it all here. I will try to add links to my reaction videos to this page. I plan to make at least one video going over this article here.



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Oatmeal Daily - 2022-02-24 - Thursday | Published in February of 2022



DEAD ATTIC - Reaction to the Dead Wing Dork's Reaction of the Arnold Attic - 2 HOUR RANT


LIVE REACTION STREAM: DeadWingDork: Live Dive: ArnoldAttic, What Are You? Part 04

My goal is to outline answers, reactions, responses, rebuttals, opinion, dialog, supplementary commentary, ideas, details, etc, etc, and so on and so forth, and what have you, to his video on my videos. I'm making videos on his videos which are on my videos. There is a circle of life happening here. Lion Kings would be proud. This article links to other articles which provides more details regarding me, my videos, my life, etc. However, this post you're reading is a rough draft outline which will not be sufficient at giving the full picture on everything. There are so many questions which can be asked relating to me, some of which may be represented in the video he made. I'm only responding to bits and pieces of his 3 hour videos. I've made almost ten hours of reaction videos so far in responding to his 3 hour video and I am planning to make even more. But even after that, I am still only scratching the surface with this very small rough draft outline article here as follow. Why does it even matter? I may not have the time today to thoroughly explain why my response to his video even matters or not. Long story short, whether or not it matters if I respond to his video could be debated. I would argue in favor of that value and I do seek to explain why and how I see not only value in reacting to his video on me but also in defending some of what I did meaning some of the choices I made in my life. Let me be clear that I'm not saying I am defending all of my choices, long story with nuance and everything. I believe people can learn from the good and the bad from my life. I believe people can learn what to do and not do by studying my life. To some extent, we can learn from each other as humans. I don't have time right now to really get into everything that I do and not do on this page alone. I will however try to respond to the video on this page. I have provided timestamps so you can follow along through the video. I've also provided reaction videos which is also responding to his video in turn. This article is mostly being written for the record to be a supplementary aid to my autobiography. It is here to respond to the video in some details. However, more details may be out there in other articles, videos, photos, memes, websites, emails, messages, and what have you. Some of that may or may not be included and linked to on this page here today. This article may be boring. Some of my videos may be boring. I sometimes try not to be boring. However, this would not be that. This page here is called the DEAD ATTIC and articles and videos and everything else associated with this Dead Attic series is designed heretofore to be henceforth thoroughly historical, nerdy, & fucking as boring and simple and yet paradoxically complex and weird and strange and long-winded and as detailed as possible. After publishing this page, I may even continue writing more to add to the content on this page. I will continue to have more to say on everything, to be continued. Let's get started. 0:00 - Video starts off with a fire place. 0:26 - He said he would normally play an ordinary song as an intro for his video show but since he found something, he could not get it out of his head either referring to the song and/or to my videos. The I Love Faust song. 2:30 - The lyrics goes, "I'm a Brony and you know it." Are you saying I'm a Brony? I may or may not be but I would likely argue that I'm not. Let's not talk too much about that right now. 7:56 - He talked about how when looking for trash, they ran across one of my videos while looking on YouTube through Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd's Epic Rap Battles of History series which ran 41 episodes from 2010 to 2014. I was born in 1985 in Oregon. I started making videos in 1996. I started uploading videos to the Internet around 2004. I first joined YouTube in 2008. I started uploading videos. I ended up renaming the titles to some of my videos to things like "Epic Rap Battles of History" and I did that as click-bate which I would do sometimes via misleading video titles and thumbnails. I've uploaded thousands of videos over the years, all kinds of videos of different genres, styles, etc. I can talk all day about why I did what I did. Long story short, what I did depended on many variables depending on the day, my feelings, what I was doing, what I was trying to do, relating factors surrounding choices I made, and I can go on and on about this. The video of mine he ran into was titled Beyonce vs Niggers. Epic Rap Battle of History #14. The original title was probably Hitler vs Vader or something. I ended up changing the title later or who knows how many times as I would do that sometimes. I made around 40 YouTube channels as of 2021 or maybe more. I counted around 37 channels recently meaning 34 channels which you can still find as of right now plus at least three banned accounts like Ojawall, JoeyArnoldVN, and JoeyarnoldTV. I can only think of 3 channels which were suspended which means I've lost thousands of videos as those were main accounts. Joeyarnoldvn had 158 subscribers. Ojawall had 294 subscribers as of 2009. Compared to larger channels, these numbers are small. But then again, my channels were growing a lot in 2009 for example. I say that to say I've been around. Now, long story short, I made many choices both good and bad to various degrees perhaps. But I say that to say some of what I did could be and might be taken out of context if isolated from everything that happened which would take forever to break down. In that one video he mentioned, NIGGER was in the title. That is the Joe Rogan word. I don't have time right now to talk about that word except to say Dork decided to say Fella instead of Nigger or Nigga. In regards to nigger and other words, we can and should talk about free speech, hate speech, freedom, bad words, insults, bullying, tyranny, censorship, etc. We can and should talk all day about those topics. But let's continue for now. 8:40 - "To summarize the Arnold Attic rabbit-hole that the stream is advertising here, uhh, basically it almost seems like it might be, uhh, an ARG, except it's from a time pretty much before ARGs got big. Like the one we found was 2011." An ARG is Alternate reality game. I would agree that some of my videos look like that but it may not have been my intent when making some of those videos. I guess it depends on the video as I would sometimes experiment or upload unfinished videos and what have you. I have many thoughts both good and bad relating to content I've published online going back possibly even to the 1990s to some degree as in the past twenty plus years. I've been dissatisfied with videos I uploaded for example. I may not have time right now to explain why I chose to release unfinished videos or badly edited videos or what have you. I have so many mixed emotions and thoughts on my alleged public persona or what have you. I can seriously break down each thing I purposely chose to put online these past 22+ years now. But it would take us thousands of hours to seriously do a deep-dive into the real Arnold Attic and all that it entails and more. The 3hr+ video Dork made of me is actually very short in contrast to how much of me is out there. That's the crazy thing about all of this. 9:30 - Dork said the rabbit hole ended up becoming strange as it dives into Infowars and Vietnamese children. I like Infowars. I follow them and I follow other people too for my news. I taught English to children and adults in Vietnam from 2012-2017. 10:15 - Who is this? It's Batman. 14:07 - Dork introduced the Live Chat to my Beyonce vs Niggers. Epic Rap Battle of History #14. 14:39 - April. Naomi. Youth group at HFBC, 2002. 14:45 - Hitler. 14:46 - Lady Gaga. 14:47 - Jessi Millner. Beyonce. 14:50 - Sawyer Frye, Joey Arnold, at ABC in 2006-2007. 14:52 - Brian at True Hope's STAND youth group in 2002. 14:53 - The J letter drawing is the Joey Arnold symbol I created in the 1990s. 15:44 - Oh No. 15:45 - Sawbones said if you got money, you got hope. He was playing a Mister Scrooge type of character. 15:47 - Joseph. 15:48 - Luke and Lincoln Hawk in the Lady in Red in 2009 where I was a woman. 15:49 - Arnold Attic Films logo. Ironic Mystic logo. 16:58 - Joey, 1996, hi. 16:59 - Baby Joey, 2009. 17:00 - Titanic, 1997. 17:04 - Blond Woman Joey, 2009. Alyson Bean, 2001. 17:05 - Crystal, 2000. 17:08 - Wait a Minute. 17:10 - Madonna, Justin Timberlake, only four minutes to save the world. 17:11 - She doesn't know we're coming. 17:13 - Tiffany Cumbo was one of my favorite 1990s childhood friends. 17:14 - car on potato, 2000. 17:17 - What is going to happen next? 17:19 - my 2nd guinea-pig, Ra Ra Hercules Roberto, 2000. Joey Arnold as Michael Jackson, 1996. 17:23 - Dork said the video was border-line experimental. Katie. I agree in some ways and also I would say I'm not sure. I would say it was and was not many things including experimental. The reaction or perception of this first video of mine he showed may have looked experimental but the actual process I undertook in making that video would have to be unpacked and analyzed. 17:24 - Blake Webb. 17:25 - My only brother Rick Arnold @Rsarnold316. 17:30 - Mary's Kitchen, 2002, Marilyn, Katie. Oh no. Hey. 17:37 - Blake says, "I'm Joey Arnold and I'm a youth pastor." 17:38 - Katie says, "This is your life." In the live chat, Fordan_Gamsy wrote, "fever dream?" I say no but it looks like it. 17:39 - Power Rangers. 17:44 - Tonya Jones, FGHS, 2002. 17:47 - Donald Melvin Rasp, Phenomenon, 2001. 17:48 - Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love. Mandy, dog of Bill and Janet Bailey, 2001. Tommy the Green Ranger. 17:57 - Big Red Mickey Morehead, Gangster Run, 2001. 17:58 - Furby. Hitler. 18:00 - Darth Vader, Star Wars. 18:07 - Thumper, Bambi. 18:08 - Joey and Ricky in a Dexter Morgan style skit in 1996. 18:44 - Dork talked about how the home videos looked like they were from the 1990s. Some of it is but that one part of those two female teens is from 2002. 18:56 - that is me in 1996, I am Oatmeal Joey Arnold. 19:05 - That is me too as Red Dog in 2001. I made these videos. 19:30 - Dork wonders if I could do something so experimental and my response is yes and no and many things. It depends on what experimental means and it depends on many things. I choose to live in a paradox when responding by saying yes and no and I say that for many reasons. I made thousands of videos or who know how many. I am talking hundreds of hours going back to the 20th century. Why are there Power Rangers in my videos? 19:46 - I have rangers because I like them, I started watching in 1993, and it references the hour-long 1996 Power Rangers parody movie we made as kids which was also the first and only movie we made as kids which was that long. It was the first long movie we made and it ended up being the biggest and longest one we made too of everything we did in the 1990s outside of just raw footage of random things which doesn't count. 20:20 - Dork contrasted the perfectly edited Attic Teaser Trailers with how some of my videos are so extremely different. Some videos have me just talk. So he wonders what my intentions may have been or what have you. But I don't think I have time to talk about intentions and everything else because it was many things at different times. I made so many videos and other things for so many reasons. I may be evolving as a person and my thinking behind my choices may be changing. I cannot always say what all of reasons were for the types of videos I made. Some of the videos are better than others because of a wide variety of variables. I didn't always upload as much as possible. However, other times in my life, I would try to upload as much as possible which would include uploading unfinished videos or bad cringe videos. I can talk all day about different decisions I made regarding what I would do and also what I would showcase to the world. I went through phases and many different things at different things these past few decades. I react to the video Dork made because I think it is good practice for me. I think it is good to have some of this here for the record. I want to have this article online for a wide variety of reasons. I believe in having this article on the world wide web for many reasons and I will try to talk about why I believe that and much more. But it might take a long time to really explain it. I may also be wrong in some or all of what I believe. I can talk all day about all of that and much more. But for now, I will choose to talk about what I believe which includes the pursuit towards integrity, character, transparency, history, etc. I'm choosing to make this article here as wordy as possible on purpose and for many reasons. In other words, this is not a nice clean concise article you are reading right now. This post is a fucking ramble rant of the Rambling Reflection Ranger Joey Arnold. However, no matter how many words I put in here, it won't be enough for the perfectionist endeavor that haunts my dreams. Some people may appreciate my yearn to burn my hands typing this junk. However, not junk and writing is a process that may require constant writing even through writing blocks of failure. We were taught in Creative Writing Class in high school that writers should write on their good days and bad days. Always write. I would apply that to filming as well. You record scenes and cut later when making movies. But in my case, I uploaded many cuts. Sometimes I did not and sometimes I did. Sometimes I provided some commentary and explanation regarding videos I uploaded and sometimes I did not. Long story short, some of the explanation was removed off YouTube. I lost so many videos which means it is not fair for Dork to comment. I appreciate the video however regardless or either way. It makes me wonder if Dork truly thinks what he said in his video about me. On one hand, he is just doing a show. But on the other hand, he may truly believe some of what he said. Well, not to put words in his mouth, he was not always making statements. Many of the things he said were questions and general assumptions or theories. I believe Dork would say things like it seems like this or looks like this meaning he might not be trying to really say he knows exactly. I wonder how much of it might be just for the show he does to be entertaining or what have you and how much might be coming from a form of curiosity and what have you. Part of me feels like he may move on to looking at other people and videos each week. It's possible he may not come back to look at my response to his video. Now, should he look at my response? I cannot really answer that question because it depends on a series of variables which we don't have time to get into right now. I am writing this and making videos for the record. Dork sparked something inside me to get me to respond and I know I don't have to and yet I want to. I understand I might be wasting my time with this response for several reasons. However, beyond that and regardless of all of that, I believe in responding still for many reasons. I see both sides of the arguments and debate regarding what I did and what I'm doing. There are so many things to talk about and they all can be conflated with each other. I believe journaling to be a form of therapy and a form of scrutiny. I'm learning and studying my life which turn can help me understand others and history too. Part of me wants to make this and then get it out of the way and behind me. That may be true and yet what I am doing is a good foundation too for what is to come. 21:00 - MarilynCunninghamTV YouTube channel is where the first video was at. 21:32 - I'll Kill You - a song by my older sister. 21:47 - Tiff Cumbo - Evening News video mentioned in a playlist. 21:55 - Snoop Dogg mentioned. 22:16 - Live Chat - ajoajoajoaj: "​The guy looked like he might have William's Syndrome which is sometimes known as the opposite of Autism." I do not have William's Disease, not that I know, but what I do have may or may not be a combination of autism, bipolar, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Treacher Collins Syndrome, and/or etc etc etc. Long story. Very long story. I have more to say but not right now. Why do you have so many YouTube channels? Many reasons. Long story. Do you know how many times I was banned? Do you know how many thousands of videos YouTube deleted that I lost? Imagine how you would feel if somebody was stealing from you. 22:22 - Billy Breaker - The Blue Ranger of the 1996 Power Rangers parody film and the Billy Boy of the Arnold Attic. 22:28 - Tiffany Cumbo - The story of living in the moment before you die. Sometimes people die, that is Real Life VEVO. You never know when you might die. You never know when you will miss out on opportunities. So, be present in today for it is a gift after all. 22:40 - Oh Oatmeal - a variation channel branching from the Billy Breaker and oatmeal branding. 22:45 - Real Life VEVO which is a branch off Tiffany Cumbo. 22:52 - Metal Gear Joey 2011 is played. I created a page for that movie.

23:00 - What is this? It's a 7-minute Metal Gear parody skit filmed in 2011, edited by Matt Kurtz. In 2012, Matt extended the movie to 8:27 minutes. The Nobody14200: "​Well it’s already doubtful this is an ARG, which only raises more questions." Are your videos ARGs or what? Depends on the video. Did I purposely try to make ARGs? I don't think so. Some of those short several minutes or less per video with music and random clips of musicians, actors, etc, mixed with my home videos, some or many of them are called Arnold Attic teaser trailers and they were supposed to get people interested in the full versions of my home videos the same way movie trailers do for actual movies. I was working on uploading and publishing full versions after having these short videos go viral. Over the years, I've uploaded some or most of the full versions of the home videos and everything. Still, I would go back and try to get better versions of those videos up. It would take a while to talk about why I chose to make the teaser trailers the way that I did. I made most of them around 2010-2012. I probably made less than 30 of them during that period of time minus small 5 second videos and other small clips and bits which were not trailers. Some of the trailers may have been click-bate or a variation of different things depending on the video or trailer. Some of it was experimental or rough drafts. Many people choose not to embarrass themselves with unfinished videos. I decided I wanted to sometimes upload everything because I was also using YouTube as a form of cloud storage, backup in case my hard drives blow up. I was always running out of money to buy more storage and everything else. I was afraid I might die and then all of my thousands of videos would never be seen by others and get lost forever. I had many variations of thoughts and feelings like that and other things over the years. I feel like talking about this is good. This is my therapy and what have you. Watching videos and reading comments like the ones I see here is helpful because I can better understand outside perspectives from those who don't know anything about me. Sometimes those kinds of things are not useful for the content creators which means you need to not let negativity and unhelpful feedback get you too far down. I feel like I can handle constructive criticism and a variation of other things too. Also, it's not like people make videos about me every single day. To be honest, this like the only real long-form video anybody has ever made of actually going through my videos. So, I appreciated that moment, possibly the best Valentines gift ever this 2022 year. If I was getting too many videos by too many people which were too many hours long each day, then I would be crazy to react to each video. I would be wise to find balance and everything else. However, at the moment, I believe that Dork video was rare and may never ever happen ever again. I can talk until the cows come home regarding so many things. I'm not really going to say everything I want to say right now on this page. Instead, I'm simply outlining some of it. My videos has integrated itself into my life or it at least feels like that at times. Even tho I may have compartmentalized my life and videos and different things into sections, rooms, boxes, categories, places, etc, I still find them all tied up and infused with each other on several levels. To talk about my videos is to talk about my life sometimes. I have put so much out there and I simply believe in putting the worse of me on the Internet. I believed in perhaps sabotaging my own success via doxing myself or making myself look as terrible as possible so that nobody else could. I'm not saying such beliefs are valid. I'm saying I was sometimes thinking those thoughts or theories and may have taken actions towards such endeavors at times to various degrees. I'm not saying I was right in doing things of that nature. I can say I would believe if I deliberately lost everything, then I would have nothing to lose but failure. When you're rock-bottom, then anything and everything becomes the grass is greener on the other side of the fence near the rainbow with the pot of gold. Sometimes, doing something is better than dong nothing. I was sometimes too aggressive, emotional, pushy, etc. I was sometimes seeking too many shortcuts in life in attempting to influence culture via social media and everything. Discovery. Out of the reasons, excuses, feelings, thinking, for uploading even the worst of the videos of mine, one of them was that of hoping I would get discovered and become famous and everything. My goal was to grow my audience, my platform, so I could then influence, encourage, inspire, educate, train, entertain, etc, more and more people. I didn't want to just be famous or funny or whatever. I wanted a legacy of impact layered with eternal purpose or at least the pursuit therein. So, I wanted backup copies of my videos and I wanted to hope the right kinds of people would see my stuff and come to my aid to help. Chaotic Order. One of the reasons I would conflate my videos with my life was that of Chaotic Order or call it what you will. I was going back and forth between making videos and living life. I was working. I was doing so many things at the same time sometimes. I was often in a hurry as a workaholic for so many years and still am. I would try to get too much work done and take too many shortcuts. I would sometimes take shortcuts on my own videos and projects. I was always seeking balance but was also seeking money. I was sometimes worried about the future and was trying to plan ahead. I was sometimes rushing through life and so many things. But we don't have time right now to go through all of the plates I was juggling and shuffling in life. I was all over the place working several jobs at a time sometimes. That may explain why I look high or too random at times. It explains some things. It would take many hours to go through the details of my life. I sometimes made bad decisions or a combinations of decisions or lack therein which would take a while to analyze and summarize. I was always making my own decisions regarding too many things all of the time. I was all over the place and running around and much more. I was sometimes only spending ten percent of the money I was making each month in Vietnam for example. But I was still worried of potential debt and many things. I wanted people to see me even before I had finished videos for example. I had mixed emotions regarding that even and would sometimes debate with myself regarding that. I change and evolve over time. I may even disagree with decisions I made. I may not even have uploaded some of the videos I did. It might be said I hate most of my videos. I can say many things about my videos and I decided to upload videos for different reasons at different times in my life. If I uploaded a video in 2013 for example, if I think it is dumb in 2017, I will not however try to delete it because it was part of my life. I try to keep my videos in an archive or a canon which outlines my life. I value my videos even if I may despise and hate some of them or any combinations of things. 24:50 - Dork says it seems these teaser trailers are bits and pieces taken from larger unedited footage. Yeah, that is the purpose of trailers. But I was often dumping videos on the Internet without explaining what they were most of the time. I was often too busy or would not make the time to even add titles to hundreds of videos. There were times I would upload hundreds of videos in the course of a given week and then I would be off living life doing a hundred things. I would sometimes seek to add titles, descriptions, etc, but never got around to them. I sometimes felt like people would know. I felt like no explanation was needed. Sometimes, I forgot. Sometimes I did explain videos but then YouTube deleted entire channels and videos. I would forget to explain myself with commentary sometimes. I would never get around to doing it sometimes. So much happens. I am all over the place. I was all over the place. I can't really say it all because so much happened and it's tough remembering. It's tough keeping up with myself. Arnold Attic - Justin Bieber - Not Yet a Woman ft. Miley Cyrus.

25:20 - I blended lyrics together, a collage of music videos and clips. 25:27 - Donald Rasp - Fat boys will survive. 25:31 - I'll rock your socks off. 25:49 - Dork said no answers. I say answers are out there but the answers were scattered. One of my goals in life is to try to organize my videos so people might be able to access answers if they so please. I've felt so busy even if I wasn't But I felt so busy and have been too. I am developing organizing skills and I'm much better at it now in 2022 than I was in previous years which helps me organize and outline my own videos, articles, websites, memes, photos, etc. I'm a diamond in the rough. I'm sharp around the edges. I'm a work in progress. I am many things. I've felt like I failed. I did bad. I did good. It's a long story. I stand up and continue on. I fall down in life and get back up again. 26:16 - Does this girl in the red know? Her name is Tiffany Cumbo and she is dead. Kind of hard to know if you're dead. The other girl was Janet Bailey. You asked if they know that I'm doing this. My answer is it doesn't matter and I'm telling a story. 26:50 - Dork mentioned a flash which reminds us of spoofy jump scares. However, it was not my intention. It was a glitch in the Open Shot Editor program. 27:10 - Were these videos designed to be strange? No. Depending on the video, I made different types of videos and the teaser trailers were mostly designed to be of things I enjoyed. The trailers were supposed to get people interested in the full versions of my home videos. I decided to make the trailers entertaining to me and only me. I thought many times of different ways of making trailers and did try out different styles but was mostly making trailers I would enjoy watching. I decided not to get lost in pleasing audiences who I knew little about. I was also running out of time when making them. A minute long music video trailer would often take me several hours to make. I would gather clips at the library via my laptop and would then go home and edit the random music videos from the Internet with my own home videos. I wanted people to download my trailers so that I would then have my home videos embedded in their silly music video collages I made for them. That was a huge motivation in my mind. In other words, I was creating video porn or music viruses in the sense of sneaking my own home videos into these mashup music videos of professional musicians and what have you. I went crazy making these videos. I had fun making them. I did many things. I uploaded masterpieces and pieces of trash. 27:28 - Dork said some of my videos were more or less authentic and not fake. Maybe crazy, weird, etc. However, I agree, my videos can be authentic, real. Some of them are. Was I trying to make the Attic trailers creepy when editing? 28:40 - No. Dork said something about how it felt kind of creepy. I can see how it may look that way. I was not really trying to do that. I was trying to make short trailers. I would try to spend only a day on making each trailer. I would sometimes reuse scenes and clips because it saved me time and because I enjoyed some of them more than others. It probably looks creepy if you're not American or if you're not familiar with these people. Well, perhaps it depends. To each their own as they say. In the future or nowadays, it's possible I would make those types of trailers and videos differently and partly because I'm a different person now than I was before. 28:45 - The VHS degradation or distortion as the camera zoomed to Janet in 1996 was not special effects. It was literally an old video tape that was following apart when it was copied to DVD and then to hard drives over the course of many years depending on which copy version that was as some videos were copied from VHS to VHS and then sometimes again to another VHS, as in copies of copies. After that, it was copied to DVD or directly to DVD. Some were copied from DVD to other DVDs before making it to HDD and the Internet. The process the videos took is a long story detailed in logs relating to the Forty Four Tapes and the 58 DVDs and a series of things and articles and videos and pages and everything. I made a variety of choices when copying my videos over these past several decades. I lived and I learned. I made bad choices. I learned the hard way in many ways what to do and what not to do in copying and how to copy and everything. 29:00 is this like his sister? No. Those two girls are not my sister. The third girl is. Unfinished Work. 30:11 - Here is an example of me throwing random unfinished videos onto the Internet without giving them real titles, descriptions, thumbnails, tags, etc. I would sometimes throw dozens of videos onto YouTube at any given day or all of a sudden randomly. I would record a bunch of videos or collect them somehow and then dump then onto the Internet all at once at libraries, Free Geek, random places with WIFI access or Ethernet if I was lucky. The speed of Internet download and upload was increasing these past twenty plus years and I was uploading through many of those years. I may have mentioned already some of the reasons and thinking behind uploading unfinished videos. I wanted people to see it. I was worried I might lose the videos. I was running out of space on my devices, camcorders, computers, etc. I was always struggling to make time, to seek out balance, space, priorities, etc. 30:20 - Ra Ra is a guinea-pig, not a hamster. 30:57 - here is a video of me playing with my motuh, singing. A normal person would say, "Testing 1 2 3." I think that is stupid. So, I just say random stuff when testing video, audio, live streaming. I sometimes upload those videos even. Some of these videos may have next to little value. But I still upload garbage even. I cosnciously choose to, right or wrong. No, I did not upload all of my videos all of the time. I actually deleted some videos sometimes. But I would upload trash. I don't like many of my videos for many reasons. I think many of my videos are FUCKING retarded. But I believe in keeping my videos and even my articles because it is a part of me and my life. It's hard isolating videos from my own life. It has value even when it has no value. These videos are priceless even as most of them would have no price. I can talk all day about this. I believe in what I am writing. I know I could be wrong or any variations and combinations absolately to an extent or totally. I choose deliberately to do what I do. But the choices I make changes with time as I get older. I may make different choices in the future. But at the same time, I believe in keeping these videos as reminders of the past both good and bad. I believe in simply having copies of these videos and then simply moving on. I plan on reacting to my home videos. So, I will try to upload 5 hour long videos. Like I will try to make official copies of my collections of videos and comile them into large files. I'm talking five hours per video or as long as possible and have these long videos uploaded to multiple YouTube channels and also other websites too. I will try to do this. I will try to first organize the videos chronologically as much as possible or within groups. I will try to compile the best versions of the videos and clips. I will try to keep the videos in folders on hard drives and then try to merge the files. I may keep original copies of smaller files and then in other folders the longer forms of having those files merged. After that, I will try to upload all of that. The third step would invole reacting to all of it. After that, those projects of archiving my videos would be finished. After that, I may make more Arnold Attic teaser trailers to encourage people to watch them or what have you. I may make music videos or other things using clips from the archives of my home videos or what have you. Anybody could. But I would not have to and could move on. I would have the peace knowing they are there in the cloud and that they are copied and safe. Now, how much of my videos can I get copied is a good question. The minimum goal might be 2009 meaning all of the videos up to the year 2009 or to the end of 2008. Hard to say exactly but I will try to do at least that much. 32:10 - TheEvidenceBeforeTheCourt: "This guys speaks in a very odd way." I would say so does Robin Williams. All the coolest people talk odd. People are unique or should be or can be. 32:14 - Spaceman & Diaper Boy, 2009. Dog: "​This guy's making YouTube his diary." Yeah, something like that. Spaceman & Diaperboy - 2009.

37:07 - Ori O or Original Oatmeal mentioned. 37:13 - Some of my videos may be nonesense but some of them are interesting or any combination of things. Sure, it looks like I threw up videos all over the place. There is some gold in the mix of all of that. It would take work to extract the diamonds from the mud of videos I have. Danni Bruh: "​Diaperboy sounds like a captain underpants villian." I've not seen that. DeerOcelot: "​isn't that the same guy that the girlfriend dressed him as princess peach or something like that?" Yeah, I was like Peach or something in the 2009 Lady in Red video. 37:40 - I taught English in Vietnam, 2012-2017. 37:53 - One hour 2013 Tetris review video. I say a bunch of random things about Tetris and other games. I mentioned fake news and a wide variety of rabbit trails while in my apartment in Saigon, Vietnam. 38:12 - I was somewhat acting in this video. I was not really using my normal voice. But if you didn't know me, you would think I was nuts. That is the crazy thing about some of my videos. Also, in real life, my voice went up and down at times. My voice might be lower now. I guess it depends on the video. But I was not always making myself look good for a variety of reasons. 38:20 - in the Tetris video, I went on a rant saying weren't you one years old one time? Weren't you two years old one time? Weren't you three years old one time? But I don't remember saying this or making this video or sort of remember but not the exact words. I do know I would sometimes modify what I said and how I talked in videos in order to help Vietnamese understand me. I was probably do that or something. 39:18 - video games are computer games or PC games are video games I mean. 39:50 - not saying everything might be a form of lying, fake news. Rylinu: "Ricky berwick is a chard." Sbebby: "Computer games are video games !!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Oatmeal on Drugs? 40:30 - No. Dork says he doesn't know if Oatmeal is on drugs or what. Nope. I was not on drugs nor was I ever. I can see how it looks like it. But it is actually me trying to talk slowly mostly as many Vietnamese in 2013 would ask me talk slower. It was many different things happening and a long story. Does the video look retarded? Sure. Why did I make the video like that? Probably many reasons and I don't totally remember. But of course I wouldn't try to do that now. Except I kind of still do sometimes. Well, it depends. Many factors and variables to consider. 40:38 - What is wrong with Oatmeal? That might be a loaded question. It would take a while to unpack. I would say we don't have time to answer because there are several layers to that kind of question. There may be an element of curiosity in the question regarding my own soul and nature. However, at the same time, the question is mostly regarding the perception people may have of me as opposed to the insides of my own humanity as an individual. So, long story short, this question could be investigated. I could probably write many articles and talk for hours about me as a person cross-referenced with videos of mine that you find online. So, that then gets into the debate of why and how I decided to upload videos. I've upload so many videos and I've lived on the Internet for so many years. So, it's messy. It reminds me of some of the things Owen Benjamin said on Chrissie Mayr the other day. That would be a good example of what I am trying to say about myself. I love Owen and Chrissie. My point is people can take them out of context. People can take me out of context. Owen said there is no point in hiding things. Now, instead of taking the time to explain what Owen was talking about, I'm just going to say I've decided many years ago to upload my unfinished videos. I decided just to show people unedited versions of me. I just let it all out. I am not saying I am right in doing it. I am saying there was a methodology in place. I was generally thinking about it before I did it. Sometimes I was too tired in some of those videos. Sometimes I was kind of acting. Sometimes I was emotional, sad, angry, etc. Depending on the video, it may have been any combination of things. Again, this is a rough draft article I'm writing right now. I'm trying to simply go over his video. But I'm trying not to dive too deeply into each thing. Let's continue. 40:49 - Porn: Word Review Video. 40:57 - Frog Fog. 41:00 - Meeting Tiffany Cumbo.42:25 - Some of my channels are named after people from my life. Oatmeal is Retarded like Infowars Frog Alex Jones? 42:48 - I mention my uncle Jim who did voices including the cat Woof. I went on to do a impersonation of Woof. Dork decided to possibly and allegedly imply and assume and kind of reference the possibility I might be retarded, messed up in the head. For the record regarding that 2013 video, I was telling a story. I was pretending to be Woof. It's possible Dork didn't know that or was just doing his show. It's possible Dork doesn't really care one way or another, that he just used me as content for his show and has moved on since. It's possible that is what he does. It's possible he does not think about me and that it was just a show and that he doesn't care about me one way or another. In other words, it is possible he doesn't care to know or has already made up his mind about me. I have no idea but I do know it is also possibly I didn't take the time to explain myself in videos. 43:17 - Dork said there is a story here but too many videos where each video is an hour long. True, I've uploaded thousands of videos meaning hundreds of hours or at least many many hours. There are stories and it can be tought to follow. I seek to remedy as much as I can regarding all of that and more. 43:51 - Vincent Pilarski: "​Cumbo isn’t her real name, it’s a clue." 44:16 - Sleepy Superhero: "​His eyebrows, eyes, glasses, nose are all crooked to different degrees in different ways from each other and it's giving me uncanny valley." 45:05 - Bill Cosby - People Reviews - Sep 15, 2013.

I probably made this video after a long day of work. Also, bad lighting. Also, I was kind of acting weird on purpose. Also, a bunch of things were happening around that time regarding my life at that time in Vietnam. There was a bunch of drama going on. I recently moved to a new apartment in that one district near New Star. I can talk all day about different things. From the outside looking in, you would not know the inside baseball. 45:55 - What is this? Dork started asking what all of it was as there were all of these videos of mine. I had different videos. So many videos. The video titles seem crazy. The thumbnails look insane. From the outside looking in, there is almost no way to make sense of it perhaps. I can tell you it is a long story. I feel like I need ten hours to explain each video or each month of my life. I've uploaded thousands of videos plus ten times that of photos and other things. It is very hard to explain what I did. To be clear, I'm not going to always justify choices I made in the past. I will however explain what happened. Reviewing his video is good practice for me and that is why I'm doing this. I'm trying to quickly skim through this video. I'm trying not to break down each item. There is a lot there. That is why I spend so much time posting my autobiography on the Internet to outline each month of my life and a number of things on top of that as well. 46:16 - What do pirates do? This was a video of mine when I was teaching children at a house.

46:39 - Dork said he is not sure how I go from rambling in some of my videos to being more clear in my teaching English videos or other things. The answer is complex. The differences depended on many factors ranging from the quality of cameras, microphones, how I was feeling, time limitations, my objectives, goals, how tired or not I was, whether or not I was acting and doing a skit, etc. Sometimes, I would literally do skits but fail to say that in the video description or at the beginning of the video. There is a theory that Andy Kaufman still alive! Some of my comedy is like him. 48:07 - Ori O - Banana - Food Reviews - Bananas are girls. 49:10 - Ori O - Animals Are Dying - guitar, singing.
49:34 - Closet door wardrobe had cats, this was at an apartment I was renting. I didn't put the cat stickers on there, it was already there, this was the summer of 2013 in Saigon. 50:17 - chimeric mac & cheese: "Does he also live underneathe the school." 51:29 - Dork said my videos are the stuff of ARGs from a time before they were big. I say perhaps they look like ARGs but were not intended to be. 52:00 - The significance is that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a critical part of my childhood and therefore an essential fabric to the Arnold Attic because the Attic serves as an illustration of my own life by proxy. Creature64: "​WE MUST GO DEEPER." 53:05 - Baywatch girl vs the Jurassic Park boy video I made for Theology Online. 57:30 - You will see the most and greatest fighting in the world, Power Rangers, Aladdin. 58:40 - Dork wonders why it seems like I'm coherent in some videos but druelling in other videos. Well, I can say many things. But we don't have time to get into the nuts and the bolts of it all. But we can druel over them and come back to see how sticky they might become another time. 59:00 Dork said he is unsettled thanks to my videos. 1:07:02 - Little Red Riding Hood - 1996.
1:13:12 - Justin Bieber Rap Battle of History video. 1:14:29 - Dork wonders why I am subscribed to Red Letter Media. 1:16:20 - Bin Laden. 35 cents. 2001. 1:16:57 - I made videos for fun. I sometimes wanted them to be on Bob Saget's America's Funniest Home Videos. People make videos. But I was trying to make movies. I wanted to be in Hollywood. 1:23:10 - My review of the Red Letter Media Star Wars Prequel reviews. This video was badly done by me. 1:28:20 - Dork wants Rich Evans to see this. 1:32:15 - Frosk review.1:32:56 - Cat Santos: "​These ppl make me feel so much better abt my own messy ass life." 1:34:10 - Banned from the King Christo Cord Discord. MouseKing 鼠キング: "​I wouldn't be surprised if he's an anti masker." In other words, if you like oxygen, you must be insane. If you dislike tyranny, you must be retarded. If you love freedom, you must be a pedo. 1:35:13 - Jan6 video. It was a trap. I wrote articles about it several days before Jan6 or even in December of 2020 talking about coming traps. Jan6 came to trap good people. TyrantAndroid: "Literally 1984." 1:39:49 - I said unfortunately. I grew up a little deaf until I was ten. I struggled with some sounds like CH, SH, etc. So, I worked on that. Long story. It can be tough to say. 1:39:59 - Leo the Lard: "​Deadwing looking a lot like Alex Jones right about now." I agree, Dead Wing Dork does look like Alex Jones, possibly a love-child. Claw is AJ. Claw says I remind him of this Blake guy. People in the chat talk about David. 1:50:49 - Ironic Mystic origins mentioned, 1995. At one point, claw mentions how I might be singlke for you ladies out there, but that might have been a touch of sarcasm there. 1:56:13 - What are you waiting for, Stefan Molyneux, I mean Gwen Stefani, No Doubt. Jonnymikes1: "Gender oatmeal." 1:58:23 - Catcubus: ​He was qouting the song "What You Waiting For?" by Gwen Steffani. 1:59:30 - I will put a cloth onto my face to save the human race song. 2:04:20 - Tiffany Cumbo video. 2:06:30 - Svinja: "​Oatmeal’s voice was the only thing keeping my cat from falling asleep, and now that he’s done, she is now resting firmly on my stomach." 2:09:47 - Cat Santos: "​Oh gosh he reminds me so much of a wonderful young man I went to school with. I hope Kyle is well & still getting appropriate medical assistance." 2:10:35 - Svinja: "​w…was oatmeal the reason why Tiffany Cumbo had an obituary?"
2:11:50 - Claw comments on how I ramble on about when I may have met Tiffany. It might be a question of whether it matters. I would argue it matters but I would need ten hours of your time to explain fully why I am saying that. More on that later. 2:12:25 - Book Mouse Serenity Zero: "As David brings clarity to our souls, so does Tiffany Cumbo illuminate for Oatmeal the true coherent rambling." Can Oatmeal Say Certain? 2:12:29 - I can say "CERTAIN" sometimes or at least now I can. But I sometimes make mistakes when speaking. As I get older, I do it less. It depends on the day or the video. In older videos, I was less aware or it could be any number of factors. I sometimes did things on purpose but was generally lazy or unaware or any number of factors. So, it's been hard saying CH, SH, and whatever else I may struggle with. It's possible I am not aware of all of the mistakes I make which means I should listen to myself more in order to discover them. 2:14:14 - Megadoomed: "​Please don't forget we're supposed to be making fun of david, not worshipping him, TY." 2:14:25 - Dork Claw says we still have no answers regarding my videos, life, etc. Well, I say yes and no to that. But more on that later. Cat Santos: "​Guys.... I forgot to mention.... he could’ve had a brain injury at some point in his lifetime. I’ve seen ppl become extremely bizarre afterwards." Bookmouse: "YOU CAN'T SILENCE US MEGA." IsoBellulus: "​This man sounds like he's trying to organize his own memory, but is caught on prioritizing some of the most miniature details which, of course, no person can recall completely accurate." 2:16:00 - I compare Red Letter Media with PewDiePie. Claw later laughs at how I have a Minds account meaning he probably thinks Minds and Gab and Gettr are crazy websites. 2:19:30 - Zero Depresiv: "​Arnold certainly looks like a player." 2:19:40 - I upload videos to Bitchute. People should not be forced to wear masks. Governments become too tyrannical. They're forcing sex education onto five year old children or sometimes younger. 2:23:23 - Jonathan Schneider: "​Claw why did you ban Oatmeal from InfoWars." 2:23:54 - Braindead_Muppet: "He reminds me of austin powers." 2:37:07 - pianos mentioned. 2:39:00 - New calling. Claw talks about his new calling. Yoda is on the phone. Should I call you? 2:40:48 - Snuff film reference. 2:42:20 - Sonic mentioned. 2:44:10 - Arnold Attic teaser trailer placed on top of creepy scary horror music. 2:44:23 - Claw says the music works very well with one of my music videos featuring Beyonce. 2:45:08 - Emerson: "This is much more Adult Swim 3am infomercial." I agree.2:45:11 - Dork says in the voice of Rich Evans, "Oh No." 2:47:05 - Dork asked who was that one character from Metal Gear Rising? Well, I forget. 2:47:20 - Somebody said in a Super Chat that my teaser trailers felt like a personification of dementia. Was it edited to be like that on purpose? The answer is yes, no, and/or many variations therein. Well, it's a long story. Matt asked me a similar question. Depends on the video, the year, and everything. The shock factor or shock value was generally in my top ten of things I would want. But regardless, most of my videos were either not edited or the editing was off or not complete. Call me George Lucas. Inside my head, my videos are Star Wars but the execution of what I published was mostly the prequels which could have been better. Many things happened both good and bad. I am proud of maybe ten videos of mine out of like 5,000 videos or at least hundreds of videos and many which were removed since I lost at least 3 channels on YouTube. If you are asking specifically about Arnold Attic teaser trailers, they were short like music videos only four minutes or less. I was trying to make them mysterious but fun and interesting and curious but then also fast enough to be watched again and again for those who already know the lure and the inside jokes. I was also experimenting with the video editor I was using, Open Shot Editor. But that program gave me glitches as I was saving the edited videos. Some of that was my fault and I didn't take the time to research the details. So, a lot of technical difficulties which I would learn the hard way over many years of trial and error and everything. That is embarrassing for me to say because I was supposed to know everything already or at least in my mind as a computer guy and as a wannabe actor since I was a boy. 2:47:35 - Dork said I was good at editing my videos and that he is not sure if that was an accident or not. The answer is multidimensional. I was mostly making the Arnold Attic teaser trailers to be more like a tribute or memorial to my home videos. I forced myself to prematurely publish most of my videos. I always want to George Lucas my videos. In that sense, I would never upload anything to the Internet. Knowing that about myself, I would force myself to throw my videos onto the Internet as is. On top of that, I made so many mistakes when editing. On top of that, I can go on & on about what happened for ten hours. But it is what it is and I can laugh about it now. I would go back and do it better. But it is what it is. The questions might be was it accidental, was it intentional, what were you going for when making those videos, etc. Depending on the video, it was partly random and partly a series of inside-jokes and a series of things. I was partly experimenting on subliminal messages too, etc. I had so many things inside my head regarding what I was trying to do. So, sort of like the Star Wars Prequels in some ways, as in bad execution and/or etc. 2:47:46 - Dork said when I'm coherent, when I'm speaking in a way Claw (not Shredder) can understand, that he still can't understand. Oh, that's because you're Canadian and I'm American. Ha. Ok, joking. It's because I'm an alien, men are from Mars, women are from Venus. We meet in the middle to make babies. Well, to be honest, it depends. Sometimes I talk in code. Sometimes, it can be hard to understand if I'm not trying to be simple and direct. Well, I mean like I don't always take the time to consider who my target audience might be when making videos. Well, sometimes I feel like I'm only talking to myself. Well, depends on the video. But I'm usually flooded with a million things I want to say all I once and then I feel like I don't even have enough time to say everything. Sometimes I act crazy on purpose. Sometimes I'm not aware of it. I can sometimes maybe write better than I can talk. As I write, I can focus. But even then it can be hard because my Robin Williams brain is bouncing off the walls. And I love bouncing off walls creatively. I love being random. I love talking in metaphors and a wide variety of things. I either talk too simply with too many details like OMG when did I meet Tiffany or I am saying things like you gotta live life, love life, love love, and live love. Like what? Huh? What does that mean? I think I can be clear if I take the time to say something that I want to say specifically. One of the problems is that when I'm making a video, I'm also contemplating going back to all of the other projects I'm working on at the same time. My Michael Jackson mind is always pacing around in the middle of the night screaming that the boy aint my son. She was just a lover named Kathy who stole my bike. Just kidding, not a lover. But that's a story for another time. I'm working overtime. I also hate small talk and normal stuff people do. I'm a crazy weirdo. I'm whatever you want me to be. I don't care what people think of me. I'm Weird Al on drugs. I'm yo boi from dee ghetto of the whitest folks from Oregon. I'm coming in here with another video. A car video. Not a movie, a trilogy. Don't go chasing waterfalls. Go ninja go ninja go. 2:48:30 - Prison was mentioned. I was in jail. Let's not talk about that.
2:49:00 - Dork says he is curious about the Arnold Attic story. To be continued. 2:49:30 - Is Rich Evans of Red Letter Media the father of Dark Wing Duck Claw, the Dead Wing X-Wing Luke Skywalker Not Stefan Molyneux Gwen Stefani Dork? 2:51:50 - Cap as the kids say it. What, kids say cap? I feel like Doc in Back to the Future, Is everything heavy in the future? Why is everybody saying that's heavy? 2:52:35 - Dork loves the random Power Rangers in my videos. Me too. 2:53:16 - David is a reflection of our inner selves but the Arnold Attic is more interesting or more Beyonce Joe Rogan Word. 2:56:43: Sleepy Superhero: ​"oop i found lore! I found his timeline of his life. 1990: fell in love with a girl, neighbor, Tiffany Rochell Cumbo; got saved; birth of sister Crystal Ann Arnold." 2:59:50 - Funny comments regarding Twitch, weird crazy react videos that may last 8 hours a stream where it is more like a syndication as seen on radio or television when shows and moves are simply rebroadcast again which commercials paid money to be part of on TV as opposed to it being transformative as Susan likes to call some things. 3:01:00 - Dork says Covid is a scary. I think he fell for the scam. I would not be surprised if he got Covid Vaccines which might kill him. Video ends at 3:07:05 meaning 3 hours, 7 minutes, 5 seconds. This was a basical outline and commentary of his video on me. In the future, I am trying to organize chronologically and publish the Arnold Attic videos, etc. On top of that, reaction videos, commentary, etc.

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