Some people like to point fingers at other people and say, "They're retarded, mentally challenged, due to disorders, diseases, genetic defect, etc." However, who here is perfect? The reality of the matter is everybody's retarded but in different ways. A lot of people can be all retarded in one sort of way and that way can become the norm. It can become very normal and the perception can then become that the norm is not retarded. But perception is not reality. So, sure, some people are more retarded than other people. But at the same time, people can also be retarded and special in different ways. It's like different flavors of ice-cream because in the end it will all just melt away. My statement for Memes World Productions on Discord.

For me, I don't block people because then I would be blocking people all day. Because there are literally millions to billions of people I would block. Celebrities like me don't have time to block people when we get our little nails broken. But that's the difference between me and some people. I'm playing at a different level.




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Oatmeal Daily - 2022-08-21 - Sunday | Published in August of 2022







In a world of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.



INFOWARS BANNER - dUIaa.caa.1-Infowars-qoc09f.jpeg


08:09 AM - Discord - Memes World Productions

EZ looks just like Tim Pool in this banner. Engorgement#3926 writes, "Joey is Forced Fam." However, Forced Fam would surely not have a block feature included. WatchOut! writes, "rewriting meme history." However, I aint got no time machine to change the timeline of events. I aint no Rick & Morty. Blankethead writes, "Oatmeal Joey Arnold#3058 Writes " Wow"" proving he can surely predict the future. I wonder how many people on this Discord server blocked me. Watchout, Engorgement, Sky. At least three so far. I'm glad I'm that hated that I have to be blocked even on Discord. The first guy reminds me of MySpace Tom.

Perhaps Engorgement did not block me or perhaps not currently. So, perhaps I was incorrect regarding that. I apologize. Cognitive Dissonance is a cool thing to talk about. Engorgement writes, "ive gone back to blocking you. you were temporarily unblocked. either way your blogs arent that good. most of the people who add you from your links come in here to troll and fuck with you because they too, see you as a lolcow. all the idiotic pictures you taking making that really gay derek zoolander-esque face. all the long winded articles that literally are just pretentious rambling. all that random time you spend in southast asia (probably sex tourism since ugly weak white dudes tend to do that alot in SEA). southeat* ugh u guys know what i mean. the point of this TED talk is basically. You're just entertainment joey. You will never be fam or one of us. youre just some inbetween loser till a better meme is found."

EZ counters, "i think the fact that he solely riles you all up proves exactly the opposite. which is the ironic part and makes it funnier." After that, they have a conversation about me. They debate regarding what kind of diseases and disorders I may have. Like how retarded I may be. The problem with that line of thinking is everybody is retarded in one way or another. But some people will live in denial and only look at surface level regarding these issues.

Pussy Slayer writes, "defend a 37 year old that has to do 14 year olds chores." No matter how many real jobs I had in real life simultaneously, some people would still say I was doing nothing at all. Most people who criticize me don't know enough about me.



2014-05-25 Me 01 FAV AVATAR.jpg


12:35 PM - Discord - Memes World

I'm going to assume Hawaiian Sky @ sky2518#6526, AKA MEEP, is one and the same as Skyler 2019. Ironically, that reminds me of my brother, Richard Schuylar. Whenever, I see Skyler, my brain will think about my brother. I will also think Joseph Scott.

12:39 PM

She Hulk told Doctor Hulk she is in control of her emotions. A few minutes earlier, she was about to murder some people. The Hulk had to stop her. The Hulk had to save the day. In a sense, she was lying. She is a clear psychopath as she is aware of her rage unlike the Hulk when he becomes drunk in the transformation of becoming the Hulk. He loses awareness of what he does when he is green. But she does not and she does it anyways.

Engorgement is jealous he is not Star Wars Theory on YouTube. Instead he is stuck with 1980s rock band hair that goes down to his toes. He likes to state I'm not in the Memes World Family. However, it is what it is either way. It's not like I'm trying to get inducted into the Memes World Hall of Fame. Whether or not I'm inducted or not is not the most important thing in context of the underlying mission.

Pussy Slayer Pew Pew is a character that likes to put people down. He does that a lot. I sometimes wonder what motivates all of the rage and frustration within his spirit. Regardless of all of that, it is part of his overall character within the overall story arch of the Memes World Productions. Buffy Slayer Versus Pussy Slayer. Rap Battle of History.

Imagine somebody punching you in the face while screaming, "NO OFFENSE BRO." Punch punch. I'm so sorry. Kick kick. Don't worry, it hurts me more than it hurts you. Pow out the window. But no offense.







2013-11-17 - Sunday - HOLA FAV - Got Talent 2 - 1456791_536788599749435_806329642_n.jpg


12:58 PM - Discord - Memes World

People may get mad at me for stuff that I do. I even wrote an article about some of it titled Sorry. Specifically in regards to this server on Discord for example, I do at least some of it for a long list of reasons. I pick which hills I'm willing to die on. Also, as they say, don't throw your pearls upon the swine. I say that to say I'm guilty of trying too hard at times to force people to see what I see, to believe what I believe, or to at least to acknowledge what I'm trying to say, what I'm trying to do, the overall goals, dreams, missions, priorities, purpose, and vision.

Sometimes, Pew compliments me or whatever you want to call it. Other times, he is being passive aggressive or directly wishing that I would die. So, in some ways, I find that paradox to be intriguing. I don't know which of the two Pews is the real Pew, the former or the latter. I guess the former was more a plastic cover, a ruse of deception meaning the latter is who Pew ended up becoming as a person during the course of his life.

What people do in the privacy of their home is up to them to the extent they're not hurting others too extremely, directly, immediately, not potentially but directly. That's a fundamental pillar to what I believe. In other words, you do you and I do me. That is a fundamental pillar to freedom, to independence. That is a pillar to the forth amendment fundamentally.

01:44 PM
Engorgement wrote:
Attic Arnold AKA Famous Joey Arnold AKA the vietnamese strangler of 2017 is a Writer and archiver of useless information and potential child rapist and sex tourist who has committed a long string of sexual misconduct (some involving minors) throughout the country of Vietnam. your moms old bf used to lock you in an attic get rekt fish boy. No matter how you want to rationalize it Joey you're like a forced meme only one or two people on here find funny. One or two people dont speak for the entirety of fam. nor do I. generla consensus does. general consensus is youre disliked. but youre a hardcore narcissist and extremely masochistic so you, in some perverted way, get off on all of this. even all of your toxic following who basically just troll you. youve been conditioned since childhood to be everybodys punching bag. if you died tomorrow, and hopefull you do this year, no one will actually be sad. no one will care to cite any of your long winded pointless articles. you will be a stream of piss amongst a sea of urine. @Famous Oatmeal Joey Arnold. you mustve been a loser of a kid to get locked in the attic. get a job, contribute to society and become a human instead of some autistic fishman nobody genuinely respects.

Today at 1:47 PM
Guy dont represent all oregon, but some of it deff

Oatmeal is no more Memes World Productions than Michael Jordan is NBA basketball. In a lot of ways, MJ is not the NBA. Hulk Hogan is not WWE wrestling. Tony Hawk is not skateboarding. Tiger Woods is not golf. However, they're iconic for it.

01:54 PM
My response:

In a lot of ways, Oatmeal is no more Memes World than Trump is WWE wrestling. Somehow, Trump was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. But Trump is not even a wrestler. Likewise, Oatmeal may not even be anything to be quite honest. Oatmeal may be mud. Oatmeal may be dirt. Same same as Trump. Put Trump in prison. Put Oatmeal in prison. Same same.

My statement on the matter is simple. If you hate me, then you are welcome here. If you don't care either way about Green Oatmeal, then you are welcome here. Yeah, I speak about myself in third person. There is a reason for that which we don't have time to get to right now. If you hate Oatmeal's guts, then this Discord server is the place for you. If you want Oatmeal to die, then this is the place for you.

Crazy weirdos on Twitter love to block people. That is a sign of a weak person. But you have the freedom to block. You have liberty to be a weak person if you want to be. It would be one thing to receive actual constructive criticism which I do get sometimes. However, most of the time, I run into trolls, spam, hate mail, hypothetical projections, twisting of reality, and so on and so forth.

02:08 PM
I wrote the following:

Some people like to point fingers at other people and say, "They're retarded, mentally challenged, due to disorders, diseases, genetic defect, etc." However, who here is perfect? The reality of the matter is everybody's retarded but in different ways. A lot of people can be all retarded in one sort of way and that way can become the norm. It can become very normal and the perception can then become that the norm is not retarded. But perception is not reality. So, sure, some people are more retarded than other people. But at the same time, people can also be retarded and special in different ways. It's like different flavors of ice-cream because in the end it will all just melt away.

02:28 PM
Is this a story of a cougar woman who never got married and became an old grandma who still hits on small boys?

02:38 PM
When Vader force choked that officer, how far away was Vader?

Math problem. Steal $100 from store. But then buy goods with $70 of it. You get $30 in change plus $70 worth of goods.

02:53 PM

Star Craft

1998-03-31 - Starcraft released - Wikipedia

Star Craft came out in North America for Microsoft Windows on that 31st day of March of 1998. I remember playing this game for the first time at Bill Bailey's house in North Plains, Oregon. Meaning this was after the Bailey family moved out of my trailer park around 1997. They moved to Troudale and lived there for a year or two. Well, I forget how long but I have video of the Bailey family when they were living in North Plains in 2001 meaning they ended up living in the North Plains in or before 2001. So, I remember playing Starcraft there. Bill had Windows. The Apple version came out in 1999. A Nintendo 64 version came out in 2000.

I went to Bill's house. Bill showed me Starcraft. Bill started teaching me how to play. On like one Friday, I was playing the game from like evening until to the morning. My memory was that it was from like 07:00 PM one day to like 05:00 PM the next day. In my head looking back at it, the perception was that it was for a long time. Many hours. Maybe not that many hours but it may have been over 12 hours at least. Maybe not an entire day. I probably started playing when it was dark outside. Not sure what time as that depends on which month it was. Was it during the summer? Well, maybe. But still, I was like playing game for many hours without stopping. I didn't even stop to go the bathroom. In the end, I went to eat something from the kitchen. I ate like a giant bowl or large plastic container worth of like not oatmeal but something sweet. Not rice. But something like oatmeal or rice and sweet. Maybe I ate too much food and yet I was hungry. Maybe I ate their food. I thought maybe some of it was for me. Perhaps only some of it was for me. I think they took me home after that. But maybe they didn't take me home because of that but because Bill was going to hang out with other friend's house. He had another friend who was also named Joe. So, this particular event happened as early as 1998 and probably before 2001.

Memes World
In the banner EZ made, in the fun gang version, it looks like Black Faced Duck. I mean it looks like Duck with black paint on her face.

I cannot add an emoticon reaction to VonTron90. Perhaps Von Tron joined the Block Oatmeal Club.

Watchout! told me privately that he loves me. Publicly, Memmy blocked Oatmeal. What bothers me is that level of hypocrisy. You're entitled to hate me but don't DM me and pretend as if you love me when really you don't. That's BS. That's pretty retarded. But I guess you're entitled to do stuff like that if you want.

The only way you can know if somebody blocked you on Discord is to try to react with an emoticon to their comments. If you can't, then you were probably blocked.

Engorgement is Star Wars Theory, they're like twins. That is why I watch Nerdrotic, Geeks + Gamers, Friday Night Tights, Quarter Black Garrett, etc. Von Tron is as old as my younger sister who was also born in 1990. I still watch Star Wars Theory sometimes for his thoughts on the canon, the comics, the books, on theories, on the connection between the different archs and what have you. Star Wars Theory is not as bad as some people.

Sonic Adventures

1999-09-09 - Sonic Adventures | Dreamcast | North America - Wikipedia

Sonic Adventures rolled out on Dreamcast in North America in September of 1999. I started playing it at stores. The first place might have been Game Stop or a store like that at a mall in Beaverton or I forget which city exactly. But something like that. Maybe the Clackamas mall. I don't know if the demo versions of the game came out before the game was released. It's possible I palyed demo versions before they formally premiered the full versions to this game and also other games too in the 1990s and 2000s. I was excited when I started playing this Sonic game. It was fun. I thought the graphics was better than a Nintendo 64. I felt like Sonic was moving so fast. I had fun playing it every once in a while for a few minutes here and there early on those first few years.

03:37 PM
For me, I don't block people because then I would be blocking people all day. Because there are literally millions to billions of people I would block. Celebrities like me don't have time to block people when we get our little nails broken. But that's the difference between me and some people. I'm playing at a different level.

Maybe Von Tron didn't block me. I guess I am a little confused now.

If I am as retarded as some people may think, then there is no hope for me. Meaning people are wasting their time trying to teach this old dog new tricks. Meaning it's retarded to yell at a retard. Because if I am that mentally challenged, then there is no point in trying to make me unretarded.

03:44 PM
Von Tron wrote:
might want to figure that mystery out. it will pay off in the long run. I did block you , because I was trying to not getting spammed by whatever thing you were on at the time. and that was the most effective way to handle the problem.

Before that, he said there is a difference between being famous and being infamous. I am both actually.

03:48 PM
People like Von Tron are led by their phone. They refuse to turn off desktop notifications, push notifications. That's insane. For me, I would never sleep if I had notifications turned on. Which goes to show more people know Oatmeal than they do VonTron90. You have to learn how to ignore people.

Your honor, let me submit into the record, for the record, if it pleases the court, I said some people call me retarded. Notice I didn't say "People like Von Tron" which I then said in my next paragraph.

VonTron90: "ok, you legit look the the product of Chernobyl radiation and inbreeding. but whatever makes you sleep at the end of the night. take your time with your schizo/heavy metal poisoning reply."

You guys live in small bubbles. You guys are bubble people. Imagine if thousands of people knew you. It would destroy your soul. Because you would be spending many hours trying to block people who hurt your feelings. The life of an average person is not a life I would want to live. But you are entitled to live a life of ignorance. Just keep your head in the sand like an ostrich. Just pretend that all of life's problems is because Oatmeal did it.

I'm surprised Engorgement checked out my blog. I'm happy he finds it to be terrible. Hey, I didn't come here to be liked. I came here to do whatever the Hell that I do do. Whatever that is. I didn't force Engorgement to go find my blog. But he ended up looking at it. But he could have stopped reading at any point. But he kept on reading. He decided to waste his time reading a retarded blog written by a retarded boy with glasses who is stuck in a basement. I mean the Arnold Attic. So, I didn't come here to be liked. If I wanted to act normal, I would. I actually act retarded on purpose. And you guys think I'm retarded because I'm acting as if I'm retarded. Alright. That's cool. The joke is on you. Call me Dennis Rodman. At least I was able to talk to Rocket Man and encourage him not blow up Japan or America or whatever.


1990-05-21 - Newhart (1982) - Season 8, Episode 24: The Last Newhart | Video

The last scene is of Bob waking up in his bed with his wife from his former 1972 show. He said he had a crazy dream and went on to describe an outline of his 1982 show. The 1972 wife was jealous of the hotter and more younger blond wife from the 1982 show. I remember seeing this 1982 show finale but I do not know if I really saw it live when it first aired in May of 1990 or if I saw it later on. But that was a big finale in pop culture in America.


1991-05-03 - Dallas, season 14, episode 22 and 23: Conundrum

The main actor of Dallas was the astronaut in I Dream of Jeannie. Another main actor of Dallas went on to be the father in Step By Step. This last episode of Dallas was similar to It's A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol. He is taken to see what life would be like if he never existed. In the end, he shoots himself in the head. I don't think I've ever seen that before. I've sort of heard about Dallas growing up. I was six in 1991 and I probably saw a few seconds of it without knowing it kind of thing. This finale aired on the 3rd of May of 1991.

The Cosby Show

1992-04-30 - Season 8, episodes 24-25: And So We Commence | Video | 2

I am trying to see how series finales from the 1990s I can remember watching live.

04:50 PM
By the way, my blog is only for me to read. That Michael Jordan meme is exactly why I keep it. Whenever I'm trying to find that same video from the other day, I simply refer to my blog. Stop reading my diary guys. You know it's super boring. So, stay out of my top secret girly journal, geez guys. Keep out of my room. I am a weirdo. I am infamous. Please block me. Please ignore me. If you're reading this, you're a loser. Quick. Block me while you still can.

08:17 PM
What is pxgsettings?

I am Homer Simpson.

10:34 PM - Discord
You are asking at least three questions simultaneously because conditions, genetic disorders, diseases, defects, etc, can affect humans emotionally, mentally, and/or physically. I'm saying and/or on purpose here as it depends, there are variables to consider in all of this depending on the circumstances.

Your question is not a real question. You are very retarded. All you can say is, "I WAS BORN WITH NO MEDICAL DISORDERS. I FEEL SO GOOD ABOUT MY LIFE." Give me a break. People like to point fingers.

Treacher Collins Syndrome

10:49 PM - Wikipedia

My mom is bipolar among so many things. My dad was diagnosed with Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS), autism, dyslexia, etc. I've been archiving family history and everything. I just haven't consolidated everything together yet. But it is a big long list of so many things. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

My brother had his tonsils removed. The roof of my mouth might be too high. My tongue and chin might be too small. There may be problems with my ears, eyes, my ability to breath, etc. My brother looks just like that photo on Wikipedia. Do a side by side. Yes. Just compare photos. According to my mom, my brother is too scared to have kids, too scared of having kids with genetic defects. Maria already had children. On the episode of Cobra Kai, you know if Rick was that one guy. Is that a famous back-ended fake apology? Dick Oatmeal. Dick Tracy. Rick Tracy. My grandpa was Dick. I made a blog for my brother. He has not used it yet. What is new horse?

I made a blog for my brother on Hive Blog. It is @rsarnold316

My mother was a fish. I'm going to swim in Covid. Hay hay. Ed. Peanut Butter Ed. I saw that Ed cartoon a few times. All the mice I MURDERED in 99.


Alfred J Fred Meeuwsen
Woof Jimmy Williams, the husband of my mom's sister.
The mother of Ann or Chet Bishop
Dozens of like mice, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs.
Tiffany Rochell Cumbo, 1982-2003
Blake Webb
I killed that shed in 2012 or else we would get like evicted or fined or something.
I probably killed that basketball. I killed so many bikes. I made friends in the jail. I believe it was not prison. I was more in a temporary holding facility. Jail food is like school food. Yeah, I think I had morning oatmeal at times or maybe every day. My federal crime with that mysterious 911 interfering law, allegedly. Mysterious Joy Sanchez.

Eric Thomas Garland I used to work with him in a bakery a few times. I probably last saw Eric Garland in New York in 2006. I must have poisoned his head to cause him to die in 2018. Sweeney Todd here. Johnny Depp was not acting at all. Justice for that bimbo Amber Heard. I murdered my RA, Joshua Ryan Ewing, in 2008. I last saw him in like 2005 in New York. I murdered Tom Wade. Basically anybody who I've known, seen, heard of, during the course of my life, if they're dead now, I did it. That includes Wayne Brady, Betty White, Bob Saget.

Whenever people meet me, it will be a slow burn. First I will say I killed Blake Webb. After that, I will say I murdered a little girl named Tiffany Cumbo who I met when she was like four years old. Eventually, two hours later, I will start name dropping celebrities. And animals. And objects. And historical figures. I don't know if this works for dark humor or not. A sick perverted comedy routine. But I tend to be into that kind of shit. With my Big Flopper Fish Fetish. Some of this will get onto Fandom, Wikipedia, etc. Oatmeal killed Dead Wing Dork. Oatmeal slaughtered King Cobra JFS.


Comments, reviews, of shows, movies, etc

What Are You Doing Ruff Ruff 2015.jpg

02:50 PM
Brian Craig - 14 Hours of Relaxing Trump Talk

Chinese military went to train with Russia, they're preparing to take out Ukraine and Taiwan before Trump gets back in in 2025.


Here is a list of what I'm watching

12:45 AM
Lionel Nation video about plates from Saturday.

01:08 AM
Star Wars Theory - What Obi-Wan Did AFTER The Kenobi series (Before ANH)

01:21 AM
ArTorr - The Mandalorian: A Gunslinger's Odyssey

07:52 AM
The Rubin Report - Bill Maher & Californians Will Only Wake Up When This Happens | Adam Carolla | COMEDY | Rubin Report

02:50 PM
Brian Craig - 14 Hours of Relaxing Trump Talk

08:07 PM
Chrissie Mayr - LIVE SimpCast w/ Sydney Watson, LeeAnn, Brittany Venti, Anna TSWG, Chrissie Mayr, Lila, Melonie Mac

05:37 PM
Viva Frei - Trump Raid; Malone Sues; FBI Corruption; Whitmer Trial; Charges Dropped & MORE! Viva & Barnes LIVE!

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Are some of the links not working? If some of my links don't work, it's probably because I've not written or published those pages, posts, etc, etc, yet. Yeah. Not yet maybe. Still working on it. Think of it like a website that is under construction. But a really big website. I literally include links to future articles and much more, to be continued as always. If some of my links are broken, you can let me know or you can come back later and try again. I've linked to future articles, posts, web-pages, websites, URL links, which I've not written yet or have not published online yet. But you can also try swapping out the domain name part of the link with a different one. For example, the domain I'm currently focused on (as of 2020) is Hive . blog. That is not case-sensitive meaning it can be hIVe . blog or HivE . BLoG. In other words, it doesn't matter which letters are capitalized (uppercase) or not (lowercase). Also, the domain has no spaces in it, meaning hive . blog becomes hive.blog. Depending on the website, following the domain can be the username. So, in this case, it's forward-slash at (@) username. My username is joeyarnoldvn. Some websites skips that at symbol part (generally if they're not a blockchain-style site, they skip the at symbol part in the URL) and goes directly to the username. Some websites may include the web-page section of the link first followed by the domain name. With Hive Blog, it begins with Hive.blog, it follows with the username, and then it ends with the web-page link or section which is generated based off the title of the post. So, if my link doesn't work, try swapping out hive.blog for example peakd . com or ecency . com or steemit . com or you can try other domain names and websites and pages and URLs and sites and links and hyperlinks and everything and anything else you can imagine too, as well. You can also try googling or searching via Duck Duck Go, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, Google, other search engines, the title of the post in quotation marks, add a space followed with a plus-sign (+), add another space followed with my username in quotation marks. If that doesn't work, you can remove the quotation marks and try other keywords and combinations therein. Be creative and try many different search engines and different domain names. Also, feel free to host, mirror, copy, paste, download, steal, share, etc, any of my posts, videos, photos, memes, articles, links, anything that I publish, post, share, upload, etc. 2022-08-21 17-42-08 Memes World Productions Engorgement Drama, Spongebob Mermaid Joey Arnold Show, Michael Jordan Basketball Follow Through.mp4. ChinhPham0084: 2022-08-21 - Sunday - 09:30 PM. Normal. Addiction. Crazy. Random. Anything can be normal, good or bad. Addiction can come from not normal chance. Like drinking, drugs, gambling, sex. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Parenting. Having success. Tough love. Think normal to be normal. Regret. Legacy. Pain. To work hard even if you got money. To go on vacation if it is your last day on earth.

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