2021, May

Dark Passenger Saturday the first of May of 2021. Covid Vaccines Are Killing People Sunday. Masks are killing people Monday. Sally Grass Tuesday. Buying Rake Wednesday. Synthetic Biology is GMO 2.0 Thursday. Will Not Comply With Covid Vaccines Friday. Bill till. Mk-Ultra Monarch Butterfly Mind-Control Saturday.

Happy Mothers Day

James chapter three. Restructured my room on Mothers Day, Sunday the 9th of May of 2021. Room cleaning. Mow the lawn. Skits. Saloon. Volleyball. Van party. Third world war started in 2019 Monday. Rake. Nap. Dandelions. Aliens show. New Nuremberg Trials Coming Soon Tuesday. Dandelions. Get Covid Vaccine, Get Broke Wednesday. Added a desk to my room, number four. Cooler cleaning. Fridge Magnet Super Hero Challenge Thursday. Pho Dinner Friday. Shelf added. Mighty Ducks, mother loves winning Saturday.

They No Take But Make Us

We are all "Ricky Schroder" Sunday the 16th. Cut grass. Cloudy. Ninja. Apple to Apples. Unlock brain, be free. Be a Man Monday. Individual size coffee maker. John Deere Tuesday. Covid Vaccines has Hailing. Raining. Like snow. Mailbox install. Drive gator. Anti-Freeze ingredient Wednesday. Unexpected Journey Thursday. Free World News . TV Friday. Hobbit three. RV Cleaning Saturday.

WHO Against Humans

Deer Fence Sunday the 23rd. Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring. Red Bricks Cleaned Monday. Gator riding. Ice-Cream Death to Children Tuesday. City of Embers Wednesday. Spare Room Organizing, Gator Party Thursday. 1932 Antifa Birth Friday. Organizing. Watch Doctors Saturday. Canada Sucks If People Sunday. Nowhere Man Girl Monday.

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May of 2021

Oatmeal Monthly - 2021-05 - May of 2021 | Published in May of 2021

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Finished the first season of Made For Love by the third of May of 2021

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May of 2021

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Dark Passenger

2021-05-01 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-05-02 00:15:06.png

Date My Dad includes the dead wife who reminded me of Tiffany Cumbo.

Beast Banking System is the name of an ATM that requires the mark of the beast, the health passport proving you got a Covid Vaccine which is killing people as it is not a vaccine and other people are getting sick from second-hand exposure to Covid Vaccines when they're simply near people who were vaccinated. Dark passenger.

Covid Vaccines Are Killing People

2021-05-02 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-05-02 00:21:41.png

A new show called Date My Dad

Covid vaccines inject reproducing contagious cells which piggyback onto other humans nearby, it spreads person to person like a disease, it contains HIV, it produces spiked proteins, it's worse than cancer. Covid did not lead to global shutdown, globalists did that. Build Back Better means GLOBALISTS WILL KILL YOU ALL. Build Back Better is SATAN. Justin announced sending troops to Ontario. Mandating experimental Covid Vaccines is violating the global Nuremberg Code and is a crime against humanity. Franken Shots are killing people. Connecticut to force people to get Covid vaccines which are killing people. Anthrax Vaccines MURDERED 35,000 soldiers and that is part of the reason why military does not want Covid Vaccines to MURDER THEM likewise. They brainwash college students with Nazism but they don't call it Nazism. But it very much is. Bill Gates went to Harvard, many globalists are born in Harvard. Covid Vaccines causes your immune system to attack your heart cells which leads you to heart attacks, that is why so many people are dying within weeks of taking the FrankenShot while others are slowly dying over the course of several years while spreading the Vaccine Disease to others around them.

160 Million Americans by 2030

160 million total Americans by 2030 is the projected number globalists have, almost 400 million people currently in the United States, but the plan is to accerate Covid Vaccine deaths while flooding the third world into America at the same time these next few years by the millions to billions as they try to murder over 7 billion people in these next ten years or less. A variety of things are killing humans each day and many of those things are thanks to the globalists to a large percentage that is. We can only stop the globalists if we take action in letting others know about this. CIA created EBOLA via a vaccine through a front organization, it killed many people, vaccines kill people.

Masks are killing people

2021-05-03 - Monday

Screenshot at 2021-05-03 13:16:05 Mask Kiss.png

Masks are killing people

Trump down to 3% of his staff by Wednesday, the 6th of January of 2021, it was a massive trap set on patriots, Alex Jones admit he fell for the setup and it is sad Trump doesn't admit he was being framed. Globalists are killing people and Mike Adams says the problem is not Covid but the spike proteins. I would say the problem is when the immune system attacking itself, our own bodies, but I guess the trigger to that process are the spiked proteins and I want to find ways to cure this to fix the immune system after the initiation of an autoimmune system. People were given Covid Vaccines at hospitals in 2020, many people died from Covid Vaccines that same year, even more in 2021, many of the people were already sick with other problems, so many people die and continue to die from Covid Vaccines especially and yet they try very hard to say Covid killed them.

Made For Love

Zelda the dolphin. Animal activists may be angry if dolphins are tested on and yet millions of humanoid animals are being tested on especially in 2021 via Covid Vaccines which are killing people. The federal government didn't create the states. See, the states creates the federal government and that is the logic behind the 9th and 10th amendments in America.

Sally Grass

2021-05-04 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-05-04 21:50:47 Biden vs Anti Vaxxers.png

Biden vs Anti Vaxxers

$50 just to attend a McDonald's Job Interview in Florida.

Herd Immunity happens when everyone is exposed to Covid-19 without masks, vaccines, social distancing.

But fake news want you to believe in THE BIG LIE that it can only happen if everyone gets the vaccines, wear masks, social distance.

All of this is a suspension of logic. They work overtime trying to redefine what herd immunity means by saying immunity can only happen via Herd Vaccine Exposure. The crazy thing is the Covid Vaccines are spreading through the air it seems from person to person and people are dying.

Spray deodorant through a mask and see it pass through the mask, there are videos showing this and these videos are going viral online, try it yourself and show your friends and family, make it a spray a mask challenge.

China refused Covid Vaccines saying they're so bad and so untested.

Bill Gates was getting Jeffrey Epstein to blackmail doctors, scientists, and others, to force them into working for depopulation agendas.

People who talk about vitamins C, D, zinc, etc, are TERRORISTS who must be hunted down in America.

Buying Rake

2021-05-05 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2021-05-05 19:41:14 Segregation.png

Segregation at baseball games

Ben Shapiro Promotes Covid Vaccines which kills people.

Venezuela is in America in 2021, scarcity matched with hyper-inflation.

Most of the psychology founders since the 1800s would have sex with their own children, many of them were pedophiles, etc.

$10 billion to settle Roundup lawsuits.

Vegetable Oil stays stuck inside our cells for 7 years and is in most processed foods.

The globalist order relies and depends on the ignorance of the general public, so whatever you do, don't try to educate people.

Alex Jones debates with himself regarding whether we should call the FBI the KGB or the Nazis or what. Alex said he is leaning more towards communism, that is how they act.

Segregation is back and this time it's medical segregation and discrimination.

Synthetic Biology is GMO 2.0

2021-05-06 - Thursday

Star Wars Wife Material Matt Crouch E0mAtrGXEAQ7ScG.jpeg

A girl who loves Star Wars is wife material

Synthetic Biology is GMO 2.0 and the Bill Gate's Impossible Burger is synthetic like Covid Vaccines which are killing people.

Why did they never VACCINES for the corona-virus-class family even after a century of observing them? "Because it's a freaking protein your body is made up of." Alex Jones.

Covid test equipment were being ordered in 2018, 2 years before Covid Lockdown 2020.

They admit Covid Vaccines don't stop Covid Transmission. The legal definition of a vaccine is that it is to stop the transmission of the viruses. People must be educated regarding what the CDC, UN, FCC, US, EU, etc, admit to. We can show them the videos, documents, the websites, and even the fake news admit to so much, we can show people when the fake news speak the truth every once in a while.

Covid Vaccines creates HOLES INSIDE YOUR BRAIN so can slowly bleed out and die over the course of a decade or less, doctors are getting banned everywhere, but it's liberal and Bill & Melinda Gates is and are your daddy.

Covid Tests are actually giving people Covid Vaccines.

Covid Vaccines are giving people CovAids.

Same people who killed the gays via AIDS, HIV, and the same people who killed millions of Africans, are now MURDERING millions to billions right now, you are next, just wait.

Some people are committing Covid Vaccine Suicide for free beer.

When most people get the Covid Vaccines in an area, then they announce they're going back to lockdown. Oh, I thought it was a health and travel passport.

They cause autoimmune responses especially in the brain, at least the top four types of Covid Vaccines do, the proof and evidence they knew this is there.

During ANIMAL Covid Vaccine testing, the vaccines "All induced antibody and protection against infection with SARS-CoV. However, challenge of mice given any of the vaccinesled to the occurrence of Th2-type immunopathology suggesting hypersensitivity to SARS-CoV components was induced. CAUTION in proceeding to application of a SARS-CoV vaccine in HUMANS is indicated."

DARPA documents say the American people are the NUMBER ONE ENEMY and that they are actively in the process of taking down all patriots everywhere.

After taking Covid Vaccines, young people's hands get so numb they can no longer work in their garden while others are getting heart attacks and brain clots and seizures and are dying within weeks while others slowly over the course of years.

Will Not Comply With Covid Vaccines

2021-05-07 - Friday

Covid Vaccine Form Will Not Comply 173780373_110121614523581_2697591604235268935_n.jpg

Covid Vaccine Form, Will Not Comply

Alex Jones says he is giving himself up to the Holy Spirit to overcome his drinking problem. He says Satan comes to you, the world comes to control your life regardless whether you asked for it or not, we have to ask for Christ to transform us from the inside out.

Guy takes Covid Vaccine and then had liver failure. 35 year old woman dies of a brain hemorrhage just days after taking a J&J Covid Vaccine. Another took one and then got a heart attack and died.

Thousands of people are being PAID MONEY to FLAG POSTS as FAKE NEWS.

They've activated Black Lives Matter terrorists globally as Covid Vaccines murder people.

Black Lives Matters members commit crimes, they're arrested but charges are dropped. Meanwhile American patriots were arrested simply for attending a Trump Rally in DC on Wednesday, the 6th of January of 2021. THey're being falsely accused of invoking an insurrection. They should be arresting Trump under that kind of faulty logic.

I didn't want Grace to die in Fear The Walking Dead and it looked like they were going to let her die from radiation. In the real world, people are exposed to radiation. You treat radiation like you treat cancer and Covid Vaccines, you have to kill the cells that are damaged. There is hope but it takes a lot of work and some people may not survive. But you try your best and you fast. Covid vaccines are killing people in the real world.

Covid Vaccines are allegedly like patented, copyrighted, trademarked, protect under laws and such, meaning Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and other Satanists, attempt to sue anybody who tries to buy these vaccines which are untested and such. People are dying. The good news is people are suing governments for violating the Nuremberg Code which is international law which Covid Vaccines violate.

Fire fighters are getting bribed money by the government to push Covid Vaccines onto people which is KILLING TOO MANY PEOPLE, they're getting paid overtime pay and more for giving very BAD ADVICE which LEADS TO DEATH FOR MANY while others slowly die over the course of years.

Reporter asked Fake-President Biden why he wears masks so much even after getting a Covid Vaccine, Biden responded, "Because I'm worried about you. No, it's a joke, it's a joke. Why, why am I wearing a mask? Because when we're inside, it's still good policy to wear the mask."

Muslims are burning down Christian churches weekly all over the place and governments let them.

MK-Ultra evolved into Monarch, Disney is all about mind control.

Mk-Ultra Monarch Butterfly Mind-Control

2021-05-08 - Saturday

Waldo Flu Where 182791850_118364820387717_6448058678519706057_n.jpg

Where's the Waldo Flu, no that's just Covid

MK-Ultra evolved into Monarch and the Monarch butterfly is the international symbol for trauma-based mind-control and we see the symbolism in Disney movies and all over the place. Bill till. Clarence tractor.

Mothers Day

2021-05-09 - Sunday


She has an immune system

No travel without a chain code in Star Wars and a Covid Vaccine in Our World. In the 1980s, the vaccine industry went to the U.S. federal congress to ask for a bailout. The vaccine empire told the American Congress in the 1980's that they were going bankrupt due to all the lawsuits, so the U.S. federal government bailed them out against the wishes of President Ronald Reagan. Beyond that, they were given liability protection similar to protection given to Big Tech.

Third world war started in 2019

2021-05-10 - Monday

Michelle Kalhorn Against Covid with immune system 178200695_10159538748059108_1103826104951167156_n.jpg

Michelle Kalhorn has an immune system, what about you?

The third world war started back in 2019. Military to be mostly robots by 2030 just like what you see with Sky Net in the Terminator movies, thousands of android machines are being made, we must have our own robot body guards to shield us from bad robots. Our bigger threat are the main globalists and not the Chinese globalists who are manipulating their puppet, Lord Joe Biden, but only to the extent the main globalist factions allow as you may see that even Joe can't do everything he wants to do due to the fact that the Chinese globalists are not in complete control over America.

New Nuremberg Trials Coming Soon

2021-05-11 - Tuesday

Brain Cells Absorbs Sun Light 185426979_304840091203004_9115739280743890293_n.jpg

Brain Cells Suck Up The Sun Like Plants

Obama moved the Covid-19 development from North Carolina to Wuhan in 2015. The synthetic creation and formation of the patented Covid-19 virus was a merging of at least five main viruses together among other things. Boo Boo was a collage of at least five main things. Don't watch Tucker Carlson talk about some of this last night. Back in the day, we didn't have minimum wage, people would WORK FOR FREE to be trained, you would be an apprentice and would work for a few months each year until you were ready to make some real money as a professional in whatever field it would be. Employers have to invest in their staff. It is better when employees have experience. But it involves a lot of risk for the business owners. So, it is better to minimize risk. Welfare is a slippery slope. Free money is like a magical spell. American hunting and fishing license registering surge in 2020 to an all-time high or close to it, a lot higher than what we have seen the past 40 years going back to the 1980s.

If Food Prices Up 300%?

If food costs continues going up towards what will likely be over 300% in the next few months of 2021 (this current year) globally, try to stop and imagine what happens to people who were already spending 60% or more of their money (their total income) just on their food and I mean just barely enough food to not starve to death. You can connect the dots and look at the statistics of what already happened the previous year especially (2020). You could go to the official websites which we all may trust and you can print out the numbers they admit to and you can show people the numbers and ask people what they think about it.

Get Covid Vaccine, Get Broke

2021-05-12 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2021-05-12 02:12:37.png

Girls 5 Eva

45 year old got the Pfizer Covid Vaccine, you can see his health travel passport, but then he had a stroke 5 days later, but he was in good health. If you go outside to peacefully protest in a rally with a sign, many governments around the world say they will arrest you, a pastor was just arrested in Canada for doing something which is totally legal to do in reality. Germany, Australia, and other nations are moving towards locking up people. Hundreds of AMERICAN PATRIOTS were ARRESTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in 2021. They ARE ROTTING IN JAIL. NOT FACEBOOK DUNGEONS but ACTUAL PRISON PLANET. Are you happy about that? I wrote an article in January of 2020 talking about this. Wake up your friends and family while you still can. Tyranny coming to a country near you. Will you simply bow to your own slavery?

Fridge Magnet Super Hero Challenge

2021-05-13 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-05-13 19:34:25 Pipeline Hack.png

Pipeline cannot be hacked Biden says


If you want to become a fridge, a magnet, go get one on your arm, let them stick it in, pretend you are Spider-Man. Military of different nations are warning of a communist takeover allied with other international forces. Almost all of the thousands of Californian pipelines were shut down in 2021. Face diaper off is trending on Twitter but only if you do the one thing that would take you off too ahahhaa. What Rand Paul said about Fauci, Facebook will totally ban me if I even hint at what Rand said. Nurses got fired for being unable to, well men have hot dogs but some say they have donuts and will ask for a thing that women ask for, and when nurses say, "But you're a man," BOOM BOOM BOOM, YOU ARE FIRED. Don't let leftist and globalists intimidate you away from your job be it in the military, law enforcement, education, etc. Instead, stand up and promote what is right no matter what.

The Game

This third world war is so covert, most people don't even know they're the pawns like zombies being controlled like as seen in The Game episode from Star Trek: Next Generation, episode 506. Go watch that episode and tell me are you hooked on that game or not, I'll wait right here. Tell me which character you are in that episode. Try the new MAGNET CHALLENGE. After you get the you know what, try to stick a magnet to your arm and take a photo or video of it. Man predicted Covid Plandemic on television in 1956. I live in Shelton, WA but I was banned from the Shelton Talks Facebook group because I asked a simple question.

Pho Dinner

2021-05-14 - Friday

Screenshot at 2021-05-14 14:04:42.png

Check out Lauren Chen on the Internet

Pressure Americans put on the globalists who run the U.S. federal government has effect in 2021 as they were going to make announcement mask mandates being lifted on July 4th but that was announced 2 months early and then another aspect to the mandates as well 2 months or more early due to the pressure we place on them, that is good news. Main stream television has women focused shows like The View and The Talk but no like Men Only Talk or The Man's View. That is why people gravitate to Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, David Crowder, Cumio, etc.

Mighty Ducks, mother loves winning

2021-05-15 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-05-15 02:49:06.png

Big Shot on Disney, seeing the good in people who can't see it themselves, priceless.

Trending number one on Twitter is a note saying Covid Vaccines do not stop Covid at all and that there is literally nothing to see here, CDC is saying this totally normal or as they like to call it a new normal which actually means not normal because new means not normal, a paradox on top of another paradox of why get a vaccine for something your body can fight off by itself? Covid Vaccines are not making Covid Antibodies but instead Covid or specifically Spike Proteins. It works like cancer in that it goes into the nucleus of cells to make the proteins. Also, your body is made up of these proteins meaning your body can think you are Covid, meaning an autoimmune response where your body attacks itself.

Avoid vaccines and those who get them. On top of that, fast as often as you can to reset your immune system in an attempt to stop your body from eating itself or from killing itself via the immune system.

Your body is becoming allergic to itself, AKA an autoimmune disease, and it is critical to simultaneously try to stop Covid Vaccine Cancer while stopping the Immune System Cancer as well. So, people who get Covid Vaccines should seek out help from people who understand how to cure cancer, AIDS, HIV, etc. Not to say everyone can get better but they have nothing to lose in trying.

Or they can choose to slowly die a painful death as we approach 2030. It's our job to give them that choice. Educate them and walk away. They may reject your offer but will never forget what you said.

Globalists have been stealing national elections all around the world for decades and in some cases longer than that in so many countries. Most people in California have been conservatives, the elections there have been stolen for decades.

We are all "Ricky Schroder"

2021-05-16 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-05-16 15:20:19 Question of the day, "Why are the leaders, doctors, nurses, the heads of CDC, UN, etc, not taking the Co@^&&^$ Va&#^&#@@@&^**?".png

They No Take

Question of the day, "Why are the leaders, doctors, nurses, the heads of CDC, UN, etc, not taking the Covid Vaccines?"

If a business can refuse service for not wearing a mask, then they can refuse to bake your cake.

We are all "Ricky Schroder." There is no reason why we can't all do what he did. Bring a camera or something. Go live all the time. Let people know the truth via videos, photos, memes. Do it online with or without a phone. There is no reason why we all can't be trending each day. It can be good to get good sugars and energy in general into muscles and even into the brain, finding ways to accelerate efficiency and effectiveness in this process greatly benefits stamina. I put poison in a glass of water and tell you take it. You ask me to drink from the cup and I say no. Who am I acting like? See You See.

Covid Vaccines

According to scientific data, BEEEEEEP 300,000 people under the age of 18yo is likely to prevent 1 beeping death and it will only cost us a minimum of 3 Co#@&^&##*& Va#&#&^& deaths. Hope you're bad at math and numbers. YouTube Influencers were paid thousands of dollars in 2020 and 2021 to give you deadly medical advice which thousands of doctors globally are warning against. But YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc, have been removing their videos and force-feeding MASSIVE LIES to the general public.

Be a Man

2021-05-17 - Monday

Screenshot at 2021-05-17 11:37:00 Unlock Brain Prison Planet.png

Unlock Your Brain, Be Free

Your phone takes pictures of you every like five seconds, especially iPhones, turn off the lights and look at your phone using an infrared red camera, try this little experiment to confirm your phone is doing this. Fake news will try to say we have to wear masks because of the flu (or other excuses) in the future.

John Deere

2021-05-18 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-05-18 11:41:07.png

People love Alex Jones

Fauci was called a murderer in a letter back in 1988, it was regarding AIDS, HIV. The letter was written by Larry Kramer. Covid Vaccines are not vaccines, they are gene therapy. BY the way, when we saw Chinese faint in the streets early in 2020, they were not falling over due to Covid but due to Covid Vaccines at least in some cases as they were testing the vaccines not just on animals but on humans as well. Dominion had the passwords as they ran the 2020 U.S. elections. They also deleted databases, files, folders, directories, etc. Facebook sent me a message, "Sorry, your post is fake news, it does not contain magnetic microchips." Hey, I didn't say anything about microchips. Also, I didn't say what it was. But I do know that some people get it and then can stick stuff to that arm. Why, how, etc? I have no idea since the inserts, the ingredients, the warning label, the fine print, etc, which must be provided by law, is over 95% empty. Siri is Iris.

Covid Vaccines has Anti-Freeze ingredient

2021-05-19 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2021-05-19 11:35:27 SM-102.png

Covid Vaccines has Anti-Freeze ingredient
Screenshot at 2021-05-19 11:35:27 SM-102.png

Covid Vaccines has Anti-Freeze ingredient

CDC admits at least 223 people died from Covid Vaccines. Guess what they are putting SM-102 inside? It's not just found in anti-freeze products. Answer: Covid Vaccines. If IRS agents file a tax return on your behalf, go after them in state courts and NOT via the federal courts. Also, you should create a bunch of affidavits and have them ready before you run into bad situations.

Unexpected Journey

2021-05-20 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-05-20 10:29:35 Demi Davoto.png

Demi Davato aint no Demi-God

Heroes can come from ordinary folks, there is a hobbit inside all of us. On PBS for YOUR CHILDREN, FIRST THING KIDS SEE: A dog pretending to be a cat, I mean a hot mess human pretending to be a different, you know, a donut and not a hot dog. Mask-hole is somebody who does not wear a mask during a pandemic which has doctors and scientists all agreeing that humans must wear masks even in the shower.

Free World News . TV

2021-05-21 - Friday

Screenshot at 2021-05-20 10:37:35.png

Free World News . TV. SM-102 are NOT for human use and are in the thing. It is illegal to fine people because it violates American laws but also international laws and South Korea lives under international laws as it applies internationally to the entire world, namely the Nuremberg Code which is international law.

RV Cleaning

2021-05-22 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-05-22 10:51:23.png

"We will get to play together when it's done, the shot." Song for children to trick them into taking Covid Vaccines which if it is doesn't kill them will deform them for life. FDA didn't approve it outside of emergency use, it's still in trial mode, experimental mode.

Deer Fence

2021-05-23 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-05-23 22:00:00 Facebook insider is leaking via Project Veritas in a few hours from now.png

Facebook insider is leaking via Project Veritas

Since 1974, The World Health Organization (WHO) has been working on, well the v word and other things too, because they believe the world is 90% overpopulated, and don't forget what the Georgia Guide Stones say about all of that which correlates with the Ted Talk that Bill Gates gave a few years ago. Genesis steals a few lines from the book of Enoch.

Deleted Documentary

A secret documentary was deleted off the Internet and off cable and even DVR machines, it was on national television in 2009, I am watching it right now, she mentioned what would look like Gulf War Syndrome. They don't want you to watch this. They don't want you to pass the information on.

Red Bricks Cleaned

2021-05-24 - Monday

Screenshot at 2021-05-24 11:09:02 All humans to be gone by 2070 is the plan. But actually, they may accelerate it to 2030.png

All humans to be gone by 2070 is the plan. But actually, they may accelerate it to 2030

Buy Bitcoin during dips. All humans to be gone by 2070 is the plan. Monsanto says you can drink roundup and others say you can take the ummmm, the v word. A 60 Minutes episode from 1966 was deleted. You should be very curious.

Ice-Cream Death to Children

2021-05-25 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-05-25 20:21:05 NWO.png

China is bragging about how they used it to shut down the west. Ice-cream trucks in Canada are giving children not ice-cream but something Facebook will not let me mention, when parents try to stop them, police get in the way to stop the parents, many are dying. In Canada, PARENTAL CONSENT is required by law and yet they are saying all over the place it is not required meaning they are committing massive fraud, they are running around trying to get children to get it without telling their guardians.

City of Embers

2021-05-26 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2021-05-26 17:29:52 If you already got the zig zag, then the zig zag remover will be super duper party like it is 2012, a Britney Spears music video.png

If you already got the zig zag

If you already got the zig zag, then the zig zag remover will be super duper party like it is 2012, a Britney Spears music video. Kissinger says when aliens come, humans will beg the United Nations to come in to take control. Just like with what happened in 2020 in the world, this is the next episode, they are counting on people to be predictable in begging for help. Certain families have six children on average while too many Europeans who really are Europeans are having less than 1 child per family on average in contrast to the first set of families and that means you know what.

Crazy Globalists vs Super Globalists

The Super Secret Globalists are trying to take over the world slowly over by 2030 or 2070 but the Crazy Globalists, which includes Chinese government agents and Bill Gates and others, are actively trying to take over in 2020 and right now too, this current year of 2021, or as soon as possible.

The Super Secret Globalists are putting the Crazy Globalists under the bus hoping people are satisfied with serving the crazy weirdos some justice via a second edition of international Nuremberg Trials while forgetting about the Super Globalists who lie in the shadows.

The Super Globalists will continue to try their best to make the general public believe that the Crazy Globalists are being locked up and defeated for once and for all.

They're hoping humanity is happy with the show so they can then go back to sleep happy that the Star Wars Emperor at the end of Return of the Jedi is totally gone down a hole. Some decades later, we find out, surprise and spoiler alert, Palpatine is still around as seen in Rise of Skywalker. Same thing in real life in the coming decades is the plan.

Spare Room Organizing, Gator Party

2021-05-27 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-05-27 23:43:15.png

Vaccine Hesitance Scores

There were CD-ROM computers back in the 1960s, we're talking places like MIT, but they'll have you believe that kind of technology was not around yet for another decade or more. They're generally at least 50 years ahead of what we see at the store. Good people are that of Aristotle and the light bearers are that of Plato off a cliff. Indirect laundering, transactions, ordering, communication, activity, etc; these things allow for plausible deniability which is like a legal loophole or a tricky game they play to escape justice. Are you ready for the next pan-dem-ic? New engineered diseases plus bad aliens plus a wide variety of things.

They actually did an aspect of Project Blue Beam in Iran already and they fell for it. Now, humans can fall for these things to the extent they did already in 2020 with the plan-dem-ic which is what it is. Those who know can be creative at helping new people detect the patterns which highlights potential future outcomes.

There are awesome websites with these new comics and they are not owned by Disney who spends billions of dollars to own the narrative and such. People are using comics, memes, drawings, cartoons, videos, etc, to red pill, to wake people up, that is the good news and that is what we do to make the world a better place, we get the truth out there and that is changing the world, have hope, keep up the good work, pray to Christ, get your sleep at night, drink water, get some sunlight, run around a little, have faith, keep going, and eat oatmeal.

Facebook gives users secret VH scores without the users knowing about it.

1932 Antifa Birth

2021-05-28 - Friday

Screenshot at 2021-05-28 12:16:45 Antifa 1932.png

Antifa was created in 1932 in Germany and helped with the rise of the tyranny of Hitler.

The royal family take blood transfusion that of children and babies, you can see it in their red juicy cheeks. People are growing crystals in their brains, made of mostly proteins, globalists will be looking for you, crystals are yummy and delicious. 7 rural counties in Oregon have voted in favor of an effort to become part of Idaho. Go to Stone Family Fund . com. The synthetic stuff being injected into humans are crystals, we are being mined on several levels, in several ways, plus patented on top of that. When people ate brain, spinal, or muscles, meat, fat, tissues, etc, that are too close to those areas, they are extremely affected, damaged, many go bye bye because there are things inside them that will go through your blood stream and make a home in your brain and begin to grow and you don't want to know but the badcines are growing crystals inside your brain and it also contains certain chemicals which begin to liquify organs, etc. Some begin to bleed to death internally. Cows in England had prions, all they had to do was kill the ones who had them but were forced to kill even the ones who didn't. Crazy to see humans get prions now.

Get Money & Die

Californians are being paid $50 to get it, don't worry it will eat up your brain in less than a decade, hope you enjoy having prions, that is crystals, growing in your brain. The reason you begin to forget things as you get older is toxins begin to build up and up in your brain over time. Biden announced hospital beds will be filled up for the next 15 years into 2036 and this is due to the cocktail we are inserting into our genetic code. Natural remedies includes fasting. But it becomes even harder to cleanse the body when the body itself is taught and forced to make things at a cellular level which will cause you to lose your mind quite literally and figuratively at an accelerated rate.

Watch Doctors

2021-05-29 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-05-29 10:47:18.png

Event Horizon & The Network are 2 movies to watch. This is what you get when you get it. I hope you enjoy this scam. You become zombie. Good doctor show I watched today, see the link below.

Canada Sucks If People

2021-05-30 - Sunday

Chris Farley Bill Gates 186553507_181039440605878_7726971008877458307_n.jpg

Most humans who are slaves in 2021 globally are children, many are being smuggled into America each day like never before in world history. Medically, being told exactly what to do would be like being told to close your eyes and walk thousands of miles through forest, to walk a particular route a certain amount of steps to somebody's house. The problem is if you're trying to go to your house and not somebody else's house. You don't live there. You live over here. And even if you were told exactly where to go, doing so with your eyes closed can be tough. Each person is unique biologically and each individual need to take natural remedies and health in general a step at a time. When people say this is not medical advice, the intent is to open your eyes as you're roaming through thousands of miles of forest. You can get lost in there and can run into bears and all sorts of things along the way.

Vaccines Are Very Bad

In 1986, Reagan signed a bill giving vaccines liability protection since medical companies were going out of business due to lawsuits due to all the people being affected by vaccines over the years because vaccines are bad and they lie to say vaccines help when they in fact hurt people. Many people develop cancer or worse thanks to vaccines and other things over the years. Mow your crops farmers as opposed to mixing the top soil, the result is less yield but better quality as you lose less nutrients washed away with the rain. Break up farmland into smaller sections of different crops and avoid chemicals.

Nowhere Man Girl

2021-05-31 - Monday

Screenshot at 2021-05-31 23:05:26.png

Nowhere Man Girl, they stole her family just to get at him

Millions of babies were not born in 2020, they should have been but the baby factories were shut down. The most successful AFRICAN AMERICAN is ELON MUSK who is VERY WHITE but from South Africa (country) from the continent of AFRICA but lives in AMERICA now. 88% of the people who hop onto Facebook do so via mobile devices like phones, tablets; I'm not one of them. An astounding 500+ hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute.

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James, chapter 3. Covid Vaccines Are Killing People

Little bit of rain. Debate regarding following rules for work vs being a potential hero. Masks are killing people. Masks are killing people.

Greenhouse fan install. Sally Grass

Buying Rake

Synthetic Biology is GMO 2.0

Made my bed. Will Not Comply With Covid Vaccines

Bill till. Mk-Ultra Monarch Butterfly Mind-Control.

Mothers Day. Restructured my room today.

Room cleaning. Mow the lawn. Skits. Saloon. Volleyball. Van party. Third world war started in 2019.

New Nuremberg Trials Coming Soon

Get Covid Vaccine, Get Broke

Cooler cleaning. Added a desk to my room. Fridge Magnet Super Hero Challenge.

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Mighty Ducks, mother loves winning

We are all "Ricky Schroder"

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Covid Vaccines has Anti-Freeze ingredient

Unexpected Journey

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RV Cleaning

Deer Fence

Red Bricks Cleaned

Ice-Cream Death to Children

City of Embers

Spare Room Organizing, Gator Party

1932 Antifa Birth

Watch Doctors

Canada Sucks If People

Nowhere Man Girl

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