2021, April

Covid is Mad Cow Thursday the 1st day of April of 2021. Poison Masks Friday. Jesus Last Supper Communion. Good Friday. Pressure Washing Saturday. Picnic table patio. Nano Mask Bots Sunday. Boxes. 2 Year Old Kicked Off Plane For Eating Yogurt Monday. Jabby Dee Hutt Boxes Tuesday. Cloward-Piven Wednesday. Watching The Chosen Thursday. Jesus with children Friday. New Elections Needed Saturday.

Funeral 101

2nd Jury Duty Exemption Request. Kids Sex Video Game Sunday the 11th. Nobody watches my videos Monday. Basketball Hoop in Bushes Tuesday. Jury Duty Exemption Wednesday. The Nevers Thursday. X-Files Mentioned MK-Ultra Friday. X-Files Predicted Covid Saturday.

Fences & Walls

"THE ALEX JONES RESPONSE" Sunday the 18th. Johnny Depp Pizza Monday. MOVE NOW OR ELSE Tuesday. Blacks Kill Blacks Wednesday. Earth UN Day Thursday. Bill Dirt Friday. ASUS laptop ordered. Rain. Joe Rogan. Mortal Kombat 2021. Goo Goo Variants Recognized Saturday.

Arizona Audit

James 2. Katrina Murder Sunday the 25th. Front garage organizing. McDonald's Masks So Illegal Monday. Got ASUS Laptop Tuesday. Grocery Run Wednesday. Cut grass. Dexter Should Murder Covid Thursday. Denmark Health Passport Hell Friday.

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Oatmeal Monthly - 2021-04 - April of 2021 | Published in May of 2021

X-Files, season 11 external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpeg

Was watching X-Files, the last half of season 11.
Back on the 16th and 17th of April of 2021.

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Covid is Mad Cow

2021-04-01 - Thursday

Putin Trump Everything Fake News Exz9AvqWUAYJySJ.png

Is everything fake news or what?

Less people died in 2020 than in 2019, statistically speaking (percentage wise).

Dislike button being removed from the Biden YouTube channel videos. Illegal to patent natural things including small invisible animals and remedies therein which they did in fact do. Biden is THE PRESIDENT. Today is April 1st of 2021. Global civilization will be over when they're finished, your kids will be so happy you did nothing to save the world from Big Brother. Thank you Mommy. Thank you Daddy. Covid Vaccines: It gives people Mad Cow Disease. Dear humans, there are too many of you and not enough of us, but we have that taken care of, yours truly, Big Brother. Emptiness you feel living in Los Angeles times a thousand and globally too. Over 80% of migrant women coming into America through Mexico are raped.

This is How Democracy Dies

2000-08-14 - It is not a question of if but when America will be attacked with biological warfare, lethal chemicals to be transferred, said the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Defense, this was 21 years ago in August of 2000 when this report was aired on TV and radio. They said the solution to such an attack is simple, give up your rights and freedom, submit to Big Brother like Germans did in 1933. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith: Natalie Portman's character, Padme, the mother of Luke Skywalker, the wife of Darth Vader, she famously said as Palpatine took over to save the galaxy, "So this is how democracy dies, with thunderous applause." They have signs around the Mexico Texas borders saying smuggling illegal aliens is a federal crime and yet they do it everyday by the thousands especially under Biden in 2021.

Poison Masks

2021-04-02 - Friday

Screenshot at 2021-04-02 15:37:07 Biden Socialism Meme.png

I'm Not Socialism Aahhahahahahahaaaaaaa

Good Friday Secret, keep reading. Over 10 million people go missing annually? There is no room for April Fools Day when the whole world is already a joke with people wearing face diapers and are getting jabs which are literally ending their existence in this clown governed prison planet. Solar geoengineering experiment is what they call it but it is actually terraforming. 3rd of all Americans got the jab, over 100 million people. 85% percent of masks are laced with toxic chemicals. The jab can give you a 0.2% advantage for something that already has a 99.97% survival rate and side effects includes death.

Happy Good Friday

They say Jesus literally died of a broken heart, that his heart literally broke, there was an earthquake, the blood went down the crack into a cave and onto the left side of the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant. They say Jeremiah hid the Ark of the Covenant underneath where Jesus died 600 years earlier. He took the blood to get tested, they said it only had one male chromosome and that it's alive and not dead. The blood of Jesus.

Pressure Washing

2021-04-03 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-04-03 22:27:28.png

Vancouver, Canada

Every time you say YES, you're actually saying YEShua. Over 171,000 people came through Mexico into America in March of 2021. BREAKING NEWS: I'm so glad viruses cannot move sideways. Over 2 million people coming for the year of 2021, an invasion, a population replacement, the Death of Europe is now in America. Happy Easter 2021, you can see 666 on many cable channels at night in the footer. There are so many people coming in each day, they have traffic cops helping them cross the street, here is a screenshot for an example, over 2 million people to come before 2023, that is before next year. Remember Las Vegas Shooting 2017? Pressure Washing for 6 hours today.

Nano Mask Bots

2021-04-04 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-04-05 00:07:07.png

Nano Mask Bots

SPARS means St. Paul Acute Respiratory Syndrome, not to be confused with SARS which is the same thing. This was detailed in the 2017 document. MAD COW DISEASE YOU WILL GET they wrote in a 2017 document which came out after Fauci said Trump would be hit with a BIG PANDEMIC. SPARS Pandemic, 2025-2028, super-imposed to 2023. Get a Covid Vaccine to get Prion Disease. Get a jab to get Prion Disease. They have to create an even bigger PLAN-DEMIC to cover up the previous one and so on and so forth. Many real things are hid under the veil of a sneaky label called "FICTION." Bitlerrrr wrote a FICTIONAL BOOK but it came true in REAL LIFE, WWII. The 2017 document details who will reject their jab in 2021, they include counter-measures for dealing with those groups, in the Lord of Rings trilogy, it was known as the all seeing eye which is connected to the ring of all rings which is also known in our universe as The Internet of Things. Many kids will become ra ra roo roo before 2025, ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to the jab. Many people will get what they will call "Pneumonia" in 2021, it came from the jab but they'll blame it on you know the thing.

Brain Dead Zombies Coming

MASSIVE BRAIN DAMAGE, CANCER, AND DEATH, they confess, is coming, they planned it, they think you're too stupid to see it. THE SPARS PANDEMIC DOCUMENT is what they do not want you to see. The SPARS DOCUMENT is 70 pages long, it will affect you and those you care about, it is easy to find it online and read it online for free. When people die all around you, it was YOUR FAULT. We will HOLD YOU HOSTAGE, we will continue to release more pandemics in the future if you don't ________________. 6% was the EXACT NUMBER and that is what was published in THE NEW YORK TIMES 3 years later. They have TWO FAKE NUMBERS. First they say this many. Then say, "ACTUALLY ONLY THIS MANY." Remdesivir was new in 2020 and in 2017 it was listed as KALOCIVIR. BIG PHARMA was on the verge of losing trillions of dollars potentially as people globally were talking & walking away, that is why the emergency 2017 document was published as an announcement that they would strike back really big with this massive living nightmare which we are all drowning in today in 2021. That is actually good news that so many people were walking away from the lies in 2017. People are waking up. That is a major reason for SPARS. When YOU DIE from JABBY JAB, they will call you and say, "YOU'RE A HERO, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAVING THE WORLD." Nano Mask Bot.

2 Year Old Kicked Off Plane For Eating Yogurt

2021-04-05 - Monday

Screenshot at 2021-04-05 23:15:55 Don't tell Facebook to get on Twitter to see what that black Supreme Court justice said.png

Don't tell Facebook to get on Twitter to see what that black Supreme Court justice said

FBI is stealing stuff out of safety deposit boxes & says you must show your ID to get it back. People are dying from Mysterious Brain Diseases, thank you Nano Mask Bots for crawling into our nuggets of love and giving us a rub of death, thank you so much. 19 states let you carry guns without a special carry-permit, well it is already allowed according to the constitution. By the way, Texas is not one of those states. Only place cooler than Disneyland are American No-Go Zones, Happiest Places on Earth. Belgium Mass Arrests, the Evil Easter Church Attendees Getting Locked Up. Bill Gates buying up Monsanto and American farmland. Farm Monopoly. The more they censor, the better at waking people up we become. Two-Year-Old KICKED OFF PLANE FOR EATING YOGURT AHAHHAHAHAAAAA.

Ever Green

I have not investigated Ever Green yet but like somebody said already, it would be tough to share it on Facebook without getting banned meaning we have to be CREATIVE and encourage people to click on links or how to find it elsewhere kind of thing. Don't tell Facebook to get on Twitter to see what that black Supreme Court justice said.

Jabby Dee Hutt Boxes

2021-04-06 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-04-07 00:11:52 Rapper on God.png

Lil Nasty Fucks Not Only Satan But Also God.

As many thousands of people rush into America daily, they rape girls to death. Woman wrote about how she felt like she was dying from the JABBY DEE HUTT and Facebook said that was fake news and then she sadly died. But don't worry, GOOD THING Facebook added a disclaimer fact-check notice onto the footer to the last post she ever made before she was LOWERED SIX FEET UNDER. We are all happy Facebook can tell us that the woman was TOTALLY LYING AS SHE ACTUALLY PASSED AWAY. They tried to make us wear masks at the dump. I did not. THANK YOU FACEBOOK SO MUCH FOR SAVING ME FROM THE TRUTH.

Covid vs Covid Vaccines

In 2020 if you died from a car, they would say "JABBY DID IT" but in 2021 if you died a minute after getting the FACCCCCCCC, you know what they say, "OH MY GOD WHAT A COINKY DONK." Just swim across this river if you want to become an American, no ID or passport or papers or anything at all needed. But if you're already a U.S. citizen, they will try to arrest you and lock you up.


2021-04-07 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2021-04-07 19:47:54 Cloward-Piven.png


Why did Harris get a resolute desk? General Michael Flynn recommends people look at the SPARS 2025-2028 Special Emergency Report if we want to have a future at all. Globalists put out their plans as a morality booster for the generals and other top-leadership as a show of confidence to help them carry out the plans. "Resistance is Victory." Alex Jones. A million people a month coming in through Mexico. Alex Jones Stops Children Smugglers, Video is Going Viral Online. A Catholic charity group in Texas stuffed those kids into that car. When America falls, it will be your fault for doing nothing. Your job is to reach out to the millions of NEW AMERICANS IN LOVE. Google celebrates hundreds of holidays EXCEPT EASTER.

Twilight of the Republic

Millions of people are coming up into America, they're getting $1,200 USD Stimulus Checks too and they don't have to social distance or wear masks unlike we American MUST MUST MUST MUST. Alex Jones confronted a 5-seat car with around ten children, no seats, being smuggled into America, on camera, the video is going viral on the Internet. Over ten million views this video got on Tik Tok, it just broke some hours ago, going SUPER VIRAL ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB, where you at Facebook Zombies Sleeping Until You Dead? Over 100,000 people die DAILY globally on average for many many many many years now, it has nothing to do with the 2020 PLANDEMIC, it is simple statistics.

Steps behind bookshed and raised bed near peas. I mentioned Joshua 1:8 at meeting.

Watching The Chosen

2021-04-08 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-04-08 23:37:16.png

Watching The Chosen

Some people in Michigan took the jab, caught a common cold, and then died. This man was released out of jail and is allowed to fly while Chris Sky is forbidden. Alex Jones is spinning in his grave. Police put up a fence around this church in Alberta, Canada. Grace Life Church Bye Bye and You Are Next. What do you want? I believe in making the world a better place. So, I do things. I take action. You are reflecting and deflecting what you call as fear onto me by saying I have fear. But I take action. Cyber punks stole encryption technology from governments and made it available to the world, this was happening especially in the 1990s as a precursor towards setting the stage for the development of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. Kung Fu 101: "About the only time not being white has its advantages" said the younger sister regarding how they as Chinese Americans blend in with others who are yellow as well, talk about racist and a lie built on a series of lies designed to divide and conquer the world.

Prison Planet Via Global Taxes

Global tax means global government which means they will go after good people all around the world, it means the death to freedom everywhere. You're right that things has continued to get worse and will as long as people don't do what they must to counter it. The reality is 1776 happened and it can happen again. They do not put out AMBER Alerts when foster children go missing. CDC will release biowarfare PATHOGENS in Texas and Florida. Delta Airlines hates Voter ID but requires other types of ID. Mars has 0.6% the atmosphere of earth's meaning helicopters can't fly there, NASA is lying. It is causing PRIONS to eat your brain, zombies are real, you'll become one when you go get it injected into your blood. Vaccinate your kids, they're sick not of Covid but of the lies they're told at school which is more deadly than Covid has ever been. Watching The Chosen.

Jesus with children

2021-04-09 - Friday

Screenshot at 2021-04-10 01:07:33.png

Jesus with children

I should teach a class on how to detect fake accounts, the biggest red flag is when you see first name last and last name first kind of thing in a profile. And the list goes on and on and on, I won't bore you right now with all of it. Many people probably already know how to detect a fake account. Well, I guess it depends. 19 states allow for open carry without a permit and it is already allowed in the constitution outside of that as well meaning requiring permits is unconstitutional.

New Elections Needed

2021-04-10 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-04-10 02:13:04.png

Be Like Jesus from The Chosen

I want the military to call for a new election, have paper ballots for one legal voter per ballot, only count each ballot only one time through the machine, only have a legal voter vote but only in one place that person is registered to vote at on an assigned date, get an appointment for that, have security cameras record each person walk in, have ID, finger prints, eye scan, actual signature per ballot, use a machine to determine that each signature per ballot is unique, require the ballots are physically kept in warehouses for a minimum of ten years, have each ballot scanned, copied to blockchains around the world and then published and live streamed onto television, the Internet, radio, onto newspapers, etc, anywhere, everywhere, public for the world to see, and whoever gets the most votes is then the winner and then nobody can say election fraud, election meddling, because it would be right in front of our faces.

Kids Sex Video Game

2021-04-11 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-04-11 20:45:24.png

Kids Sex Video Game

Many people should dive right into advertising Hive via at least one medium using whichever style closes to them like you said. It can be expensive to advertise. But most people are probably not on that same boat, so to speak, they shouldn't be spending a bunch of money on trying to advertise Hive. They should be finding cheap ways to share Hive with the world in a variety of ways. I probably should say more about these things but I'm going to stop here for now. Funeral 101.

Nobody watches my videos

2021-04-12 - Monday

Screenshot at 2021-04-13 00:46:25.png

Nobody watches my videos

$15K to each illegal in New York but what do legals get? Illegal aliens to get $4.38 billion in Biden Covid cash. 124 illegal aliens released during Obama were later charged in 138 murder cases. With 4G, as it forms, looks like breaking glass within an expanding forming crystallized flower. You see flashes of things come and go randomly. You see chaos, black spots, the patterns decline more and more. Dozens of cops attack hundreds of Christians in a field near a church the cops put a fence around in Canada. You can watch the videos. This is their way of saying you SHALL NOT attend church or we will get you, even if you are just in a field near the church we have STOLEN from you. Disney is going after me, literally. They are rejecting Fair Use. Most Americans don't know the acceleration happening in Europe in the 2010s and that acceleration is currently running wild across the United States, I have been warning you for years, I feel like I'm NOAH and yet we are not talking about rain but other things. Soros quietly remodels U.S. justice system, how liberal. Stallone is rolling in his grave. White people can take more poison than blacks and especially more than animals.

Agenda 2030

90% global human population deduction by 2030, not telling people about this will only increase the probability this happens if not worse. 90% deduction is their plan in curing poverty, disease, famine, etc. They have computer chips the size of actual sand now. Try getting that out of your body. Man hits woman again and again for an hour, gets other men in the room to say nobody is hitting her, the woman will then believe nobody is hitting her, that is how Fake News uses the Stockholm Syndrome to brainwash the world. We don't talk about the bad stuff that happens in Europe each day, MOST PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENS, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, YOU PROBABLY DON'T KNOW. Globalists starve Africa, other countries, they trick humans into hating each other, and they fund the migration into Europe and America to divide and conquer. Chips were implanted in soldiers in the early 2000s, MK-Ultra goes back at least to the 1960s. Bill Gates talked about this at TED, about reducing CO2 which means killing people. Code for killing people.

Basketball Hoop in Bushes

2021-04-13 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-04-14 09:48:30.png

The face Mary (Lily) gave when Nick was like, "I want to see Jesus, please help me."

I just saw the crazy video. Thousands of people watching wrestling in person. Some had no masks on. Famine is planned. Bill Gates is buying up land in America and will try to give away soy products to people who get the jooo jooo, and then we can all become soy boys. In new Bill Gates video, he says we must have global fire fighters for future surprises, new invisible enemies. They're forcing retarded people in California to get the you know what, I just saw some videos where they break into people's house, they hold them down, they inject God knows what into the bloodstream of God's little children who no longer have freewill, so many people then end up dying within months and some a lot quicker. They get money, phones, come in, and then all of that is taken from them. China plans to take over trading sea routes around them before 2025.

Global Alert System

Bill Gates says we must all put the Global Alert System app on our phones so we can notify the global fire fighters whenever a person sneezes. The National Firearm Act of 1934 was a step in the wrong direction for America. Came after an attempt to kill FDR. The 1968 Gun Control Act was another bad law which came after the death of JFK. He was bit by a snake, died a minute later, but we have no idea the cause of death. THEY KIDNAPPED THIS WOMAN AND STUCK SOMETHING IN HER ARM AND THEN CLAPPED THEIR HANDS, ALL ON VIDEO. CALIFORNIA GONE WILD. Many millions of people did not die of you know what in 2020. In the footer, I mentioned the basketball hoop which was in the bushes.

Jury Duty Exemption

2021-04-14 - Wednesday


Waking people up by accident

I was exempt from Jury Duty. John Trump concluded that the work of Nikola Tesla was primarily speculative. John was wrong. Looks like government stole Tesla's papers and went on to study Spin. When you vote, no ID, but if you want to sit with family at Burger King, you must have ID. 30 FBI agents raided an Infowars reporter who was at the peaceful rally at the US Capitol on January 6th of 2021. His crime was raising his voice in the mist of others who did the same. They were simply doing normal things. No crime.


Each day, hundreds of little girls are bought, they walk across the border through Mexico and into America, they are shipped on airplanes to men across the United States. Many of the men are bragging about it online. 1915-09-15 - Raggedy Ann & Andy created Johnny Gruelle after his kids died from vaccines, dolls symbolized dead children. No background check. People ages 1 to 17 are rushed over and given over to nice men.

The Nevers

2021-04-15 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-04-15 18:14:19.png

The Nevers by Joss Wheadon

Burger King says they have to check ID to make sure a group of people are from the same family. Fact Check That. 1871-02-21 - The United States Republic fell. The problem is we are not there yet and Rome wasn't built in a day and it takes gradual steps towards that direction. Also, don't keep all your eggs in one basket in life in regards to making investments, in regards to taking risks, in regards to trying to change the world via a variety of means simultaneously, and that is why I use that term, cognitive dissonance which I learned from Dilbert Comic Creator Scott Adams. 401K Self Loan is a good idea.

X-Files Mentioned MK-Ultra

2021-04-16 - Friday

Screenshot at 2021-04-16 22:16:47.png

Geoengineering mentioned in X-Files, season 11, episode 6

“Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.” (DJT 2014). I'm Against Voting Until Audits Can Stop the Steal. Jordan asked Fauci when lockdowns could end. When infection is low enough. What is low enough? Well, low enough is whatever we say it is. 15 days to lower the curve turns into a month, 3 months, several months, a year, many years, many decades, etc. Infowars was trending Thursday as people talked about clones harvesting organs which Alex Jones started talking about around 1995 and since then, like the past 27 or 6 years. Globalists generally don't murder people who didn't join them first. But if you do join them and then side-step them, they will kill you. They have rules they follow. A major purpose for the global x-periment is to find immortality for the elite. Fau Fau will NOT say when it will end because the plan is NEVER.

Fighting Globalism

EVERY SECOND you're not fighting globalism, you ARE HELPING THE CONTROL FREAKS. X-Files, season 11, episode 6, references geoengineering and an ability to mind-control via chemicals. They show you airplanes spreading vapor trails onto farmland.

Left: We are against taxing the poor.
Left: unless if it's Roger Stone.

X-Files Predicted Covid

2021-04-17 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-04-17 17:32:53.png

Witchcraft episode on X-Files

Utah Jazz are racist. They have scholarships that excludes white people. Somebody called into a radio and the Utah governor said it is not racist but that it fights against racism because white people have too much power and stuff and we have to counter it by treating white people worse than white people treated slaves. And by the way, slavery is still around today. Many people who own slaves were black. Many slaves live in the Middle East today. Many slaves don't know their slaves. White people were first ones to begin to really try to reform and stop a lot of slavery. The worse type of slavery is called trafficking and that is happening as people walk into America. Harris has a resolute desk.

Killing Babies Via Science

People get Covid Vaccines, go near pregnant women who then have miscarriages. You no longer need to buy birth control. Instead, just get the you know what instead, problem solved. Judges are kicking THOUSANDS of INNOCENT PEOPLE off the INTERNET. Hundreds of INNOCENT PEOPLE are ROTTING TO DEATH IN JAILS RIGHT NOW AND YOU ARE NEXT. I love Matrix for revolution rebels but I will never do that in real life lol. Dana Scully says to Fox Mulder in the last X-Files episode ever in 2018, "I know how it begins. A plague will be released and it starts a pandemic." This was season 11, episode 10. This was in regards to how the world was to someday end in the future. Dana said, "A virus will be released. People's immune system will be decimated."


2021-04-18 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-04-18 23:38:34.png


ILLEGAL SMUGGLING OPERATION. In 1992, Bush I signed unratified executive order Agenda 21. Please scroll past this. Pretend 10 year old girls are not coming in and being raped. They strip kids clothes off, take all their money, as they come in, it is trafficking done right in front of our faces each day, and we don't care that kids are being raped and murdered, and we laugh and think it so liberal. Why are they STEALING purses from women who come here to America for a better life, why are purses being thrown in DUMPSTERS? REFUGEES are NOT ALLOWED SHOELACES just like INMATES. They have so many coming in, living products, they had to even buy this building lol, Hollywood Fashion. Oh, get it. They kicked out all the American HOMELESS out of the Catholic Charities RVG in order to make room for the REFUGEES who they steal toys, money, phones, purses, shoes, etc, from.

Destroying America

After filming the 68 women the other night, many who were pregnant, they got so angry they decided to get these tents and vans to better hide what they were doing. The same people who collapsed Europe are running the AMERICAN COLLAPSE RIGHT NOW. You have kids even if you don't have kids. You have to pay CHILD-SUPPORT for THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN WHO ARE COMING. 593 million immigrants from 1995 to 2050 for the United States, says the UN. Man from ROMANIA is in TEXAS, he cannot find HIS SON. They stole his son. Coyotes not happy when Europeans try to smuggles themselves in cuz it smells potential infiltration. Walls are racist but refugees get walls. 737 PLANES are flying day and night to SMUGGLE CHILDREN ALL OVER AMERICA.

Johnny Depp Pizza

2021-04-19 - Monday

Screenshot at 2021-04-19 21:51:13.png

Johnny Depp in a movie, you don't want to know what he is holding

An apple a day does keep the doctor away. How can I be healthier? Just eat an apple before a meal. The fiber is crucial. UNITED NATIONS are COLLUDING NOT WITH RUSSIA but with CATHOLICS to SMUGGLE CHILDREN INTO AMERICA. And that is just one of the MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY CITIES with facilities which are paid hundreds of millions of dollars each to SMUGGLE CHILDREN. Gorg Foid. Many people don't know a few things about it. You must tell them around five things. ONLY U CAN. I mean George Floyd. I do NOT believe in Search Warrants. Around 5,000 people met for a freedom conference these past few days in Tulsa, no masks, no social distancing, no injections, and no sickness. How did USSR take over Russia? If Facebook encourages me to promote something that kills people, does that make both us accomplishes to genocide?

Mosquitoes War

In the 1600s, people were getting sick from mosquitoes but the British empire classified that information because they don't want people to know how they can be free, it is a war on information as always. British would put lime in their beer, that was the secret to their health for over 200 years, that is how they were able to fight & win against the Spanish and other countries too who were so weak. Since the 1600s, many countries MOCKED England for the SILLY LIMES, but it really was the SECRET TO THEIR HEALTH. Russia became the USSR as they came promising free money, equality, safety, and then tens of millions of people died. CURIOUS-GEORGE FLOYD: "I can't breathe." He said this in the car MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MINUTES BEFORE he was on the ground. Overdose death. I said CURIOUS GEORGE, ok Facebook, a fictional cartoon monkey. Let's burn down cities. Ban anybody who talks about this. Delete my account. Throw me in prison for exposing the truth.


2021-04-20 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-04-20 21:45:49 You SHOULD SHOULD SHOULD move your families out of the BIG BAD EVIL CITIES and go somewhere good NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW OR ELSE.png


DUMB means Deep Underground Military Bases. We were warned about DUMB in 1995. I don't wanna be Mommy but don't mind if I do you moms, I'll take yours and smudder em on my face. Media don't tell you to get upset when people get sick from the thing and then die. Media doesn't tell you to get angry when a certain color of people shoot their own especially in Chicago and how many die of overdoses of the same things George died of. CNN hires black people to _______. You SHOULD SHOULD SHOULD move your families out of the BIG BAD EVIL CITIES and go somewhere good NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW OR ELSE.

Vaccine Communion

BREAKING NEW COMMUNION, the BREAD & WINE of JESUS inside a NEEDLE, STICK THIS INSIDE YOU in REMEMBRANCE of ME ME ME ME ME ME ME. Crime rates in those neighborhoods have been rising so much. Black Lives Matter are pawns of the globalists. Blue Cities are the CANCER as AMERICA is on its DEATH BED.

Blacks Kill Blacks

2021-04-21 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2021-04-21 12:43:13 FBI is run now by the United Nations and not by the united republic of the states of George Washington.png

FBI is run now by the United Nations and not by the united republic of the states of George Washington

Lucifer to end the lives of all animals, even cute kittens. That is his goal. Oregon No Face Party. People get Covid Vaccines and then get deadly clots inside brains, lungs, hearts. FBI is run now by the United Nations and not by the united republic of the states of George Washington.

Demonic Christians

Christians are NOT Christians any more, Christians are NOW Devil Worshipers. 95% of [censored] are killed by [censored] especially in Chicago, Facebook won't let you share this.

Earth UN Day

2021-04-22 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-04-22 20:16:13 People say they LOVE FREE SPEECH until you drop a TRUTH BOMB ON THEM.png

People say they LOVE FREE SPEECH until you drop a TRUTH BOMB ON THEM

Happy Earth Day, AKA United Nations Take Over Humans Day, Enjoy! Aim for beauty, get heart break, but aim for virtue and you will find beauty. In 2020, more people died of "HOSPITAL-ACCIDENTS" than they did of the GATES-WORM. Happy Earth Day, AKA United Nations Take Over Humans Day, Enjoy! BREAKING NEWS: 99% of JAPANESE refused your NEIGHBORHOOD-FRIENDLY SPIDER-JAB. Somebody was SHOT SHOT SHOT SHOT but NBC edited that out of the video. STOCKHOLM SYNDROME will drive women to remove uteri without knowing what caused it. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LETTING US STICK THAT INTO YOUR BODY. Oh, that's just a tumor. It aint no cancer. Don't worry. USPS running covert operating monitoring what we do online and reporting it just like China does, social credit score, track and tracing, prison planet. HARDCORE CRIMINALS work for the New York Times, etc. HARDCORE CRIMINALS. CRIMINAL TAKEOVER. They've already arrested hundreds of GOOD AMERICANS. They're coming for your guns, children, etc. In 1992, they tried offering DR. STEVEN GREER 2 BILLION DOLLARS to work for them but he said no.


We are actually living in THE DARK AGES as they hide information from us. Their greatest SUPER POWER as villain of humanity is INVISIBILITY. 1952-07-07 - Act enacted enabling withholding patents from the public. Over 5,000 inventions, as of 2010, were kept from the GENERAL PUBLIC. Powers that be are considering LAUNCHING A FAKE ALIEN INVASION to make the DUMB GENERAL PUBLIC think we are being attacked. Big tech hired over a million people to read your private messages, they are paid MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY to SPY AND MORE ON YOU. THOUSANDS of PEOPLE were HIRED to WATCH WHAT YOU DO ON YOUR PHONE, LIVE LIVE LIVE. THE RONY BALONEY EXPERIMENT reveals ONE SHOCKING REVELATION, humans are so dumb, they'll BELIEVE the FAKE ALIEN INVASION. 1961-01-17 - Eisenhower said BIG TECH is taking over. Wow. This was 60 years ago.

Bill Dirt

2021-04-23 - Friday

Save America Rally Saturday bdebcaa28424850f.jpeg

Save America Rally Saturday

Apple banned Mike Adams because you can't talk against Satanism. The CANADA ADD ME AS FRIEND Facebook group does NOT promote DIVERSITY but instead MONO-CULTURALISM. Lisa Berry PROMOTES MONO-CULTURALISM. SCIENTISTS get to OBSERVE under a microscope the LIVING EXPRESSION of our Creator. Molecules form MEMORIES which are imprinted into patterns like SNOWFLAKES, they're called Morphic Fields. Banned for saying Greg on Facebook. Netflix CEO Marc Randolf is the great nephew of Freud's grandson, they're all ten times worse than Hair-Sniffing Biden.


NASA was being formed especially through the 1940s, some of the members from Germany hint hint, please don't suspend me Facebook. They're trying to ban CARBON. What is CARBON? Trees are CARBON. Cute puppies and kittens are CARBON. People are CARBON. The pessimist 🙃 sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist 🙂 sees opportunity in every difficulty.

Goo Goo Variants Recognized

2021-04-24 - Saturday

Ezylb6CXsAIeWhY Joe Rogan.jpeg

Joe Rogan was trending on Twitter

If you got the GOO GOO, then your body will then recognize variants of the GOO GOO. Hashtag JUST WAIT. They're finally saying Soros on Fox News and previously kicked off Newt Gingrich for saying Soros. Joey to be back in 3 days after raising from the Facebook Dead. Arizona Audit appears to be live, you can watch it. Lionel Nation launched a poll on Twitter asking who took the Covid Vaccine. I did and died shortly before being able to complete this poll, thanks a lot. Just kidding.

From 9/11 to Covid

That guy who was placed to head up the 9/11 commission was just placed to run the fake Covid commission thingy too.

Katrina Murder

2021-04-25 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-04-25 21:29:38.png

Katrina Murder

FEMA used Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to murder people via moving people into trailers which had too much Formaldehyde according to a report the CDC made in 2008.

McDonald's Masks So Illegal

2021-04-26 - Monday

Screenshot at 2021-04-26 23:19:12 I just got out of 3 days of Facebook Prison, back to making trouble in Dee Neighborhood. Party on.png

I just got out of 3 days of Facebook Prison, back to making trouble in Dee Neighborhood. Party on.

Heart attack was caused by the blood clots. And what caused the blood clots? Aahhahahaaaa. Learn how to connect dots ahahahaaa. You have a higher probability to die from Covid Vaccines than you would die from Covid itself according to a new Norway study. We went to McDonald's today, they put on masks and went inside. I stayed outside listening to music with no mask on. Beautiful day and I enjoyed standing there for like 20 minutes or so. Billy Bill Gates says no sharing SECRET Corona Virus Vaccine RECIPES with poor countries. Ahahahahaa!

McDonald's Masks is Illegal

It's illegal for McDonald's to make people wear masks as it violates commerce laws, the 4th amendment, HIPAA, indirectly with the 5th and 6th amendments by implication and such, and it also deals with in some ways with the 9th and 10th amendments. It's discrimination and a number of things as referenced with these amendments and other things as mentioned above already. It's a long story for those not familiar with all of these things and with other things as well.

Got ASUS Laptop

2021-04-27 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-04-28 00:07:06 Britney Spears sang a song called Toxic which was all about toxic white men but in a good way. So, what happened since then.png

Britney Spears sang a song called Toxic which was all about toxic white men but in a good way. So, what happened since then?

Are those parasites on the face diapers? The state of the union address to be made Wednesday, they're not calling it that, will probably be made by that unelected puppet, Mr. Lord Biden. Boy told the Emperor and His New Clothes he was naked and court jesters were the ones who were able to hide the truth in comedy, that is how truth got to kings for thousands of years, it was the job of those comedians to get the truth out. German police RANSACKS doctor's home after he [CENSORED] blah blah blah, Facebook will not let you talk about what the doctor did ahahahahahaaa. Over 2 million people died in India alone in 2020 because, well Facebook will not let me tell you why and how. We are lions before a field of hyenas, don't bow down to them, Katy Perry Roar.

Boogie Man Chances

The chances of picking up the boogie man (COVID) from an unclean counter or table surface is 1 in 10,000. Even if a surface is unclean, you still have a 1 in 10,000 chance of being infected by that and if you do get it, then you have a 1 in 10,000 chance of [CENSORED] from it, roughly speaking, something like 1 in 30,000 chance to, ummm, the d word (DIE), rhymes with pie, but I was put in Facebook Prison for 3 days recently simply for saying the d word or the k word (KILL) which rhymes with Bill. These numbers are estimated minimums in most cases and the real numbers are generally a lot bigger meaning a lower percentage of potential of you getting you know what. Government spent MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars to put a silly little fence around a harmless church building. Why?

Grocery Run

2021-04-28 - Wednesday

Schools 179697231_184279606854112_6467996228798941053_n.jpg

How we change the world with ONE THING at a time.

VACCIDENTS are the new car ACCIDENTS but this time NOT caused by DRUNKS but VRUNKS. 1974, UN met to talk about raw materials on the planet and a need for a centralized global economy. When you cough once, The Symptoms. Not to be confused with The Simpsons. Brandy Parker-McFadden is paralyzed because of the you know what. U.S. Jets to scare away U.S. citizens who engage in the 1st amendment. Not scarecrows but scarepeople. The following violates the 5th and 6th amendments of the U.S. Constitution for example, on top of other things as well. Putting Americans on No-Fly Lists is an act of well the t word. Facebook will probably bane me for saying the t word end with error -ism. [TERRORISM].

Covid Vaccines Kill People

Side effects includes liver swelling. Side effects include no more babies. Alex Jones is a CULTURAL THERMOMETER, a gauge for the temperature OF HOW AWAKEN PEOPLE ARE. BLM stormed the Iowa Capitol in April, 2021. But the FBI is attacking people who did not storm anything in DC back in January, 2021. AMERICANS are LIVING in the USSR 2.0. Running out of people who are willing to volunteer to HUNGER GAME or LOGAN RUN, AKA to exit the TRUMAN SHOW of EXISTENCE. Ironically, no-fly lists came out of the wake of 9/11, it came out of the oddly named Patriot Act which is aggressively Anti-Patriotic, and withholding information about citizens from those citizens themselves in the alleged and clearly false allegation of national security is in fact a reverse of that in an act of anti-transparency from a centralized tyranny structure; and it is also a reversal of the 4th amendment. Take that in your pipe and smoke it.

Dexter Should Murder Covid

2021-04-29 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-04-29 23:13:40 20th century and beyond, paradigms, principles, conservatism, socialism, rights.png

Here is how they see things

Ponerology is the study of evil. They didn't call that Biden joint address a state of the union speech because they want to destroy the union and unity. Throwing more money at schools does not produce better education because if it did, then places like Detriot would be full of academic grandmasters. What are your reactions to that Biden speech, the not called state of the union? UNUSUAL men-stru-ole CYCLES cuz of the thing, FACEBOOK WILL BAN YOU IF YOU TELL ANYBODY THIS. CO@(#$&^%#% has a +99% SURVIVAL RATE. AFTER OVER A CENTURY OF LIES, AFTER TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN COVER-UPS, people are still standing in line for experimental CO@($&#& VA#@(#(#@. Have Dexter Morgan kill Covid.

State of the Union From Hell

That little speech at the US Capitol in January of 2021 was the worse attack since the Civil War said Puppet Biden. That's why hundreds of INNOCENT AMERICANS are ROTTING in PRISON TODAY AND YOU ARE NEXT. Measles not Weasels you get when you get it, 5 weeks after you get it as seen in one case in BC Canada back in October 2013. Facebook PRISON. This does not say COVID in the post. But they say it is about COVID. But it is about POLIO. I didn't say COVID. But 3 days timeout. Biden said anybody the left wants to label as white supremacists are therefore terrorists and that they must be hunted down and locked up. Hundreds of innocent people were already falsely arrested and thrown in prison in 2021. These good Americans are rotting in jail right now and you are next.

Denmark Health Passport Hell

2021-04-30 - Friday

Star Trek Doctors, Image Doctored E0HBBmhXEAEQfJK.jpeg

Many doctors warned how Covid Vaccines kill people

Denmark is rolling out the Health Passport system outlawing people from doing anything without getting Covid Vaccines which are killing people and other people are getting sick from second-hand Covid Vaccinated people. Vaccines-related organization generally overlap with depopulation-related projects. People who get COVID VACCINES are SHEDDING. Therefore, you have to find ways to FLUSH THEM OUT WHEN THEY SPREAD TO YOU, it's contagious, you must try to flush out the vaccines, the spike proteins and other things out of your body as much as you can. You may have to go on fruit fasting a bunch to flush it out of your body each week. Whitmer declares the entire state of Michigan a VACCINE PRISON CAMP. Europe has been dying for years. I've been telling people this for years. No-Go Zones are growing by the day.

Covid Vaccines Creates Spike Proteins

Spike proteins can cause blood clots they say which can cause heart attacks, brain seizures, etc. Covid Vaccines generate SPIKE PROTEINS which causes blood clots which cause heart attacks, brain seizures, which causes death. Vaccinated people are shedding, they're spreading the Vaccine Disease to unvaccinated people who must find ways to flush out the spike proteins, the cancer cells, the contents of the vaccines, the viruses, out of their bodies. People in India are dying from COVID VACCINES and NOT from COVID.

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