You can have a good time without selling out. You can find balance even in times of great stress. You can make time for people even when you are restless and exhausted. You can give people mercy and forgiveness not in words but in action.

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Oatmeal Daily - 2021-06-15 - Tuesday | Published in June of 2021

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Finding Integrity

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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I was teaching English in Vietnam

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Jordan B. Peterson

12:00 AM - Bari Weiss and The New York Times | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast - S4E29

The racism in America was NOT American but it was passed on from other countries. America started to end slavery and many things. Slavery has been around since the dawn of time and still happens all around the world. America was unique in going against slavery. Bari Weiss talked about some systems in America which were bad but failed to talk about the origins of those systems.

Anne Boleyn S01E01

2021-06-15 - Tuesday - 12:23 AM - 01:10 AM - Anne Boleyn S01E01

The queen consort is pregnant and convinced she will bear Henry VIII a male heir, with their first-born Elizabeth being overlooked for the throne, but the king has his eye on Jane Seymour, one of Anne’s ladies-in-waiting. 1536 or so. Playing cards. What, they had cards back then? There might be an affair. Black lady married to white king. But he might be having an affair with a white servant girl. The queen has her read from the Bible, the part relevant to that situation. She struggles to read it. Pressure. Peacock. Church.

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Jordan B. Peterson

12:00 AM - Bari Weiss and The New York Times | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast - S4E29

Anne Boleyn S01E01

2021-06-15 - Tuesday - 12:23 AM - 01:10 AM - Anne Boleyn S01E01



Dear diary, got up at 06:35 AM but also a few times before that with the sun. Was near that window, my head lying where the fish were. Helped load more in 2 vehicles. We were out the door before 09:00 AM by a few minutes. We went to a place to unload. We went to an east side of Seattle. 2nd storage units, this one has elevators and carts. We take long way back to beat highway traffic jams. Reminds me of Portland, OR. Party later around 05:30 PM or after that. Toy guns. Ball. I will not say Lady Gaga or Shakira. Ongoing to like 01:00 AM. Table. BBQ. Chairs. Boxes. Bins. Missing coaxial cable. Different types of people. Billy Graham reference. Hard to say. Fish. Fishing. Dating. Good men. Bad men. It depends. Free. Fake free. Real free. Conditional and uncoditional free. Cool kid.

Food log
Breakfast: pancakes, 08:00 PM. Probably ate too many.
Lunch: potato salad from the deli at Fred Meyers in Seattle.
Dinner: pizza, 06:30 PM.


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