Merry Christmas. New World Order Needs the Right Crisis or PANDEMIC to Begin says David Rockefeller.

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Christmas Day in the Arnold Attic or actually just the book shed doing nothing really, jk


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2020-12-25 - Friday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-12-25 - Friday
Published in December of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-12-25 01:18:11 New World Order Needs the Right Crisis or PANDEMIC to Begin says David Rockefeller.png

New World Order Needs the Right Crisis or PANDEMIC to Begin says David Rockefeller

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Christmas Day in the Arnold Attic or actually just the book shed doing nothing really, jk


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Oatmeal Joey Arnold. I like to make videos, write on my blog, make memes, etc. I am Joeyarnoldvn. I am on dozens of websites. I was teaching English in Vietnam for 5 years. I worked with The Salvation Army in Hawaii. I was born in Oregon in 1985. I attended Bible colleges. I visited Canada. I lived in New York, California, Washington State. I do web design. I play basketball. I do web design. Trump will win 2020. I do many different things all of the time. I love video games, movies, board games, etc.

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When was the origin of Santa Claus?

12:13 PM - Facebook

1822 was when a poem about a small Saint Nick was published.

Marilyn Mitchell, not relevant. That is not the point. Supporting Trump has nothing to do with politics and it has nothing to do with Trump too.

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Lying About Santa

12:22 PM - Twitter

Question: Should we tell our kids Santa is real and at what point do we tell our kids Santa is not real or do we simply never tell them?

Scott Adams

Narcissism is a junk science idea that comes from people with low self-esteem who want to believe people with strong self-esteem are the defective ones. That's why there seems to be a so-called "epidemic of narcissism" going on. It's fake.

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Free Speech

11:15 PM - YouTube

Somebody said I was paid by globalists to go against free speech. Wow. What a lie. I love free speech. I replied to that person. ​ @The Oligarchist, I love hive.blog and I endorse Bitchute and Gab as well.

Is Capitalism Bad?

11:17 PM - YouTube

@Freeman Pennington, that is why Glenn Beck had that title, because of that. How do we wake people up?


Incest & The Christian Bible

01:14 AM - Hive Blog

That is good advice because it's better for humans to seek an independent mindset which desires separating from a starting point which is generally our parents. Jesus used parables and I love illustrations myself. People should seek after a personal perspective that can be developed from the inside-out. So, kids should get out of the house, both literally and also mentally as well. They got to get out and grow up. That is why I love Stefan Molyneux and philosophy. People should know why they believe what they believe as opposed to only saying "I believe in whatever my mommy and daddy told me I had to believe." There should be individual freewill choice.


General Shepherd

12:43 AM - ALEX JONES (Full Movie) Endgame

1934 - Major General Smedley Darlington Butler blows whistle on plans for a US takeover
In 1920s and/or 1930s, there was an attempted military takeover of United States of America by socialism or something similar to Hitler and others. Possibly the same people or smae type of people globally speaking who were infiltrating into America.

New World Order Needs the Right Crisis or PANDEMIC to Begin says David Rockefeller


2020-12-25 - Friday - 04:08 AM - 05:04 AM - Pennyworth 104

Thomas Wayne meets Martha Cain who later marries him and gives him a son, Bruce Wayne who becomes Batman. Martha was working for Thomas.

Thomas hired Martha who hired Alfred Pennyworth who later becomes their butler.

Martha kisses Alfred. I was thinking they might do that before it happened. I was also thinking what if Bruce was really the son of Alfred and Martha who had an affair with Alfred while married to Thomas. That would explain the relationship between Alfred and Bruce. Somebody must have killed Alfred's GF.

Blaze TV

11:57 AM - Murder, Capitalism & War: Santa’s Story Is a LOT More Epic Than You Think Preview | Glenn TV

Saint Nicholas gave gold to a man for his three daughters to save them prostitution as they didn't have enough money to be married. It was common in those days to either have the money for a wedding or go into prostitution. THe father found out and told people Nick saved them with the money, the gold.

1822, a guy writes a poem which was the beginning of Santa Claus. In that poem, he talks about Saint Nick being a small elf, 8 small reindeer. Small sleigh. He was wearing torn homemade clothes. He had a pipe in his teeth. Poor people would break the long rich people pipes and stick them in their mouths. Santa had a small pipe. He had like wool clothing.

Santa or Nick was born in Turkey?


Time Keeper 777

12:34 AM - THE ALEX JONES SHOW (DEC 24, 2020)

Brittany Venti


I wish I could help you with your audio issues.
Blue Yetti is pretty good.

General Shepherd

12:43 AM - ALEX JONES (Full Movie) Endgame


2020-12-25 - Friday - 04:08 AM - 05:04 AM - Pennyworth 104

Blaze TV

11:57 AM - Murder, Capitalism & War: Santa’s Story Is a LOT More Epic Than You Think Preview | Glenn TV

Fox News

12:17 PM - Santa Claus answers questions from 'Fox & Friends' viewers


12:30 PM - The Good Aspects of Each Youtube Alternative (And What they Need to Improve)

News Max

11:00 PM - LIVE NOW: Newsmax TV Live Stream

Dear diary, up at 11:40 AM, had a weird dream, all this drama, probably many dreams, all this stuff happening, going places, doing things, interacting with different people, I forget so much but remember a boy telling on me to her mother then I would get in trouble and after a few times I was trying to tell her in authority as I raised my voice that she was only hearing half the story.


11:52 AM - Oatmeal, honey. 3 Tangerines. 2 cups of Coffee. I'm cold a little. My head a bit wobbly. We're going to Camp Grace for Christmas Day 2020.

Christmas Day

Around 12:30 PM, was cleaning up my room for thirty minutes or longer. I was sorting through Crystal's things. Around 01:00 PM or 01:30 PM, we left for Camp Grace which is some minutes like north from here. Probably takes less than 20 minutes to get there. We were probably there before 02:00 PM, it was me, Larry, and Marilyn who is my mom and his wife. I met some of her friends there. I was reading a Bible related history book thing I found there in their library. The Bible Code thing is interesting and some believe in it and some say it's silly and can be done with any book and not just the Bible. That is a good debate to have. Was there really a Book of Adam & Eve? I should look that up online and read it. We were eating probably before 02:30 PM and we were there chatting with people. I mentioned I was in Vietnam. Some people talked about playing Top Gun the video game which came after the movie which came out like in 1985. There were kids and dozens of families there, probably less than 100 people in total at this Christmas Day Lunch Potluck & Fellowship. So, Larry and others played Mary Did You Know and some other Christmas songs. Larry played bass guitar I think. Not just a normal guitar. He normally plays drums at church. Well, not today. This whole thing started in a word of prayer as we stood in a big giant circle holding hands. White frost or snow one early morning some days ago like Tuesday maybe, so almost a white Christmas. One medium size dog and one small dog there. Kids and teenagers where there. A remote control tank was a toy one boy had and he was driving it around. I ate a little bit of everything and will be eating the leftovers from that soon. Mom panicked a little around 03:30 PM or so when some of the music was too loud or too something. But Larry fixed. She had super head phone like ear plugs on to help. Then they played the music live like I said already. Not Hungry Hungry Hippo but one of the board games kids played there today besides the fishing board game was Uh Oh Hippo or something like that. We started leaving around like 04:30 PM but then mom forgot her bananas and that is how her brain works and Larry wondered and joked about it and I think my brain works like that too as you can set something down and not know you set it down if you did it via reflect, like if you don't record it. I went back in as we turned around and got 2 bunches of bananas, 2 bottled waters, popcorn, an apple, and some tangerines. We were probably home around 05:00 PM. I went outside and was sorting through papers and things in the Arnold Attic or actually the book shed at this LMS throne place in Shelton, Washington State or WA in the United States of America or USA where I have lived since 2018, these past three years or so. I helped build that shed with Tom Taylor and Larry Mitchell. It was kind of fun building it. Some water in the door window coming from the outside is my guess, I used a towel to dry it off. So, I was out there for almost six hours from around 05:00 PM to 10:20 PM and then took things into the house for sorting and now it's 10:52 PM. Was singing in the shed, took photos and videos with my phone while in there.

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