"You stupid bastards," Joe Biden to U.S. military veterans. CDC says 70 years old and up, over 94.6% of those people do not die and do in fact recover from the 2019 Novel Corona Virus Covid-19. If you get a thousand dollar fine for not wearing a mask, do NOT pay it, period. Many people are not paying.

How do you destroy America?

Black Lives Matter appeals to our emotions, anger, confusion, frustration, and fears. BLM destroys the family by destroying the man. A big factor in destroying the man is in destroying the woman, the rib and heart of men.

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Amy Vivian Coney Barrett may not have been the best choice, assuming she refers to the Pope instead of the constitution.

Biden is looking good for being only 190 years old. Wow, he must have been ten when he started. That's young. Well, but they do like them young.

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2020-09-26 - Saturday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-09-26 - Saturday
Published in September of 2020

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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You Are What You Eat

Should you find your lover on the Internet?

01:29 AM - Hive

It can be easier to develop a deceptive persona online than it has been in some ways offline which performers can struggle with a double life even in real life. But the Internet adds to the difficulty.

Internet Drug

The Internet can be for most people most of the time like a drug. Online dating would be like ordering a metal detector online. But imagine it stays in the shopping cart. Imagine it is never bought. Imagine that it is never delivered.

Never Using the Metal Detector

Imagine never ever using the metal detector in order to find metal, gold, silver, etc.

Wall-E Impostor

The Internet is kind of like the fat people in WALL-E or the people inside the Matrix. They may like it but they may be missing out on what life has to offer. People can focus too much on the Internet which can be a substitution for the real thing.

Meaning to Life

Absolutely, the quest for love is a fabric to the very meaning and essence to life itself.


Learn English You Can Eat


Trump stood in the rain with his fans in Pennsylvania today. They chant, "We love you."
I Know What You Did Last Summer 2020: Joe Biden on the loose. Friday the 13th, eat your heart out.
GEM is a great group, you're right, and yeah, be not ashamed of truth, I love that.


General Shepherd

12:00 AM - ELECTION COUNTDOWN (Full Show) Friday - 9/25/20

Why is the FBI not looking more at some of the blacks who do murder people? Why is there too much of a focus on white people as black people tend to commit more crimes statistically speaking, generally speaking?

Joe Rogan

12:20 AM - Joe Rogan Experience #1540 - Frank von Hippel

90% of the Native Americans were killed by disease, that is as people were migrating to North America the past four hundred or so years or less, since like the 1600's A.D. for example, roughly speaking, and into the late 1800's or possibly longer than that to a lesser degree as things started changing in some ways in the 1900's for the better. Some things do improve and do in fact get better and some problems are not intentional and you can contrast this Indian pandemic with the fact tribes would fight and murder other tribes for thousands of years.

Naomi Brockwell

01:51 AM - What is HIVE? It is a Fork of Steem, that is Steemit, a blockchain social network and cryptocurrency

Funny thing, I was in the middle of a Joe Rogan video when I came across this video as I was running through my Hive newsfeed. I was like, what's new on Hive? Oh, my favorite redhead beside Orphan Annie.

Did Paul Puey say the Ninja Mine came out of a glitch, like it was not on purpose, that there was some kind of bug, and then a person or some people were able to get a bunch of the stake, of the Steem cryptocurrency, like 80%? I may be off a little with the details here. Maybe I'm a little off. I've been following the drama with Steemit and the creation of Hive. As of right now, Hive is still my favorite place, I use to it archive writings, articles, photos, etc.

Technically, photos and videos may not actually be uploaded to blockchain directly like text is but may be uploaded to IPFS photo servers and/or other things possibly. But I guess one step at a time and someday photos and videos will be uploaded directly into blockchain as opposed to third parties, well assuming there aren't blockchains that can do this yet. I have heard some people say they can or that they are working on that. I'm not talking necessarily Steem or Hive but blockchain and cryptocurrency networking in general.

Yeah, PeakD allows for embedded videos which is pretty good. I generally use hive.blog but PeakD is pretty convenient.

The user interface on Steemit currently is worse due to the sidebar, it makes everything lopsided and I end up having to scroll horizontally right each time on any newsfeed or homepage.

Exactly, bite size nuggets for digestion, that's the secret to education.

Sorry Joe Rogan, I got to watch Naomi Brockwell.

How does Hive discourage bad content?

Resource Credits (RC) or Manna.

Can we stop bad content from being uploaded to the Internet?

@Scott Cunningham, I disagree with the endeavor people have in discouraging bad content, spam, hate speech, calls to acts of violence, etc. Instead, I believe in the endeavor of promoting good content and focusing on that aspect. The Internet is not free and the Resource Credits (RC) or Manna as seen on Steem (Steemit) and Hive is like a mechanism that rewards and encourages people to post more good content through the mechanism of free market capitalism.

If I own a website and I let you post on it, I should have the right to remove it no matter how good or bad it is because private property rights, it is my website. If a website claims to allow people to post everything, then that website can run into problems as a hypothetical platform as it acts like a publisher. What is good content and what is bad content is subjective, like beauty in the eye of the beholder. So, in other words, it can be argued that it may not be objective. People want the Internet to be perfect but it depends. People want the Internet to be a mall as opposed to independent stores out in a jungle all spread out. It is human nature to run into bad content in the same way it was normal for Michael Jordan to run into bad basketball players, but that was the point, survival of the fittest, may the best NBA players win and may the best content, good or bad, win too.

@Scott Cunningham, please let me know what happens, or please let people know, I hope the next hardfork fixes that problem, assuming it was just a bug.

@Scott Cunningham, if you're right, assuming they can give you what is yours, which they gave me in Hive what I had in Steem, then I wonder how many other people have the same problem you have and why. Of course, some of them were voting in favor of Sun. So, I understand the need to drain the swamp. I can't understand why they would not give you your Hive coins.

You don't have to read the next paragraph assuming your problem is not a bug.

But at the same time, I was trying to say if your problem is due to the Hive blockchain code, primarily perhaps, assuming they can't change all of it, some of it, or any of it without soft or hard forking, then we can assume we have to wait until they do so, but that is assuming it is mostly or only a bug, a problem in the code, assuming it is not some other kind of problem. I want to assume they can't do too much to the code until they fork because if they could, that could mean centralization in the ability to manipulate the blockchain through changing the code without going through the process of forking (updating, upgrading).

@Scott Cunningham, How many people had their Hive locked? Do you mean when you try to withdraw Hive?

Should we stop using Tik Tok?

02:22 AM - Hive

Americans can probably get around the ban by using, I would imagine, APK, desktop versions of the phone apps, proxies, VPNs, firewalls, onions, garlic, lol, who knows what else, different combinations therein.

Geeks Gone Wild

But of course, the average human is not generally big into hacking, into being a computer nerd. But my motto is if you wanna do something, then good luck lol.

Hacking Into Tik Tok

If I really want to make another Tik Tok video, I may try to see if I can still find a way to get on it. But of course, you got privacy concerns, etc. But I don't know what is worse, what China does or what America does in trying to censor the Internet assuming that is what the U.S. government did or attempted at doing to any extent really.

Should people use Tik Tok?

People can use Tik Tok in the same way they you Facebook, Apple, YouTube, etc, as they all have one thing in common, China, and the concerns with Tik Tok are the same concerns you will have on other tech giants. If you're seeking after privacy, get off the Internet as much as you can and use big tech at your own risk, skate at your own risk. I'm giving up my privacy, rights, freedoms, liberties, etc, in some ways as I use the Internet. I choose to be public.

Seeking After Privacy

But if I was desiring to be private, personal, on the Internet, it would be extremely challenging if possible at all. But we can at least try to be as safe and as private as possible when need be, but understand how it can be challenging at times for sure.

The 100

2020-09-26 - Saturday - 04:40 AM - 05:26 AM - The 100 602

236 years earlier.

The two suns make people mad.

The Asian said he could get plants to grow back on earth but then when the people are sleeping in space, he does not do that even after many decades, he said he could turn earth green again but does not do it.

Murphy saves Clark from killing herself.

Girl: "Are you here to take us home?"
Clark: "Isn't this your home?"

Ryan Kinel

11:58 AM - The World Laughs And Cringes At Black Batwoman Reveal For CW

The lesbianism in The 100 feels not as bad as Rey or Batwoman which I saw a few episodes of and I watched Batwoman because it was a funny show, just silly, and of course the actresses are attractive. Oh, now we get our first black bat woman, what could possibly go wrong with this lol.

Unite America First

12:04 PM - LIVE at the return in Washington D.C.

Black Lives Matter appeals to our emotions, anger, confusion, frustration, and fears. BLM destroys the family by destroying the man. A big factor in destroying the man is in destroying the woman, the rib and heart of men.

They interview Franklin Graham who is marching in a Billy Graham march that same day, same city.

They run into man, a leader in a sharing the gospel through basketball ministry and he says he would witness, he would share Christ with Michael Jordan and others for many years.

Modern Wisdom

12:22 PM - All The Adulting Skills You Were Never Taught | Erin Zammett Ruddy | Modern Wisdom Podcast #224

Watering plants during the day causes plants to burn. Wake up with the sun.

Put things back in its home to close the loop, it does wonders.

You can put your keys in your tomorrow's lunch, that helps you not forget your keys, put things together.

Diamond & Silk

08:55 PM - Watch LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Holds Campaign Event in Middletown, PA 9/26/20

Did Amy says she refers to the Pope?

I heard that Amy was not the best choice.

What bothers me is people go to Trump rallies and wear masks. That is terrible. Don't wear your mask. I see a man behind Trump with his mask off and then he puts his mask back on, stupid.


General Shepherd

12:00 AM - ELECTION COUNTDOWN (Full Show) Friday - 9/25/20

Joe Rogan

12:20 AM - Joe Rogan Experience #1540 - Frank von Hippel

Naomi Brockwell

01:51 AM - What is HIVE? It is a Fork of Steem, that is Steemit, a blockchain social network and cryptocurrency

General Shepherd

03:04 AM - WAR ROOM (Full Show) Friday - 9/25/20

The 100

2020-09-26 - Saturday - 04:40 AM - 05:26 AM - The 100 602

Lionel Nation

11:29 AM - LiveStream: SCOTUS/POTUS and America's Self-Immolation

Ryan Kinel

11:58 AM - The World Laughs And Cringes At Black Batwoman Reveal For CW

Unite America First

12:04 PM - LIVE at the return in Washington D.C.

Modern Wisdom

12:22 PM - All The Adulting Skills You Were Never Taught | Erin Zammett Ruddy | Modern Wisdom Podcast #224

Diamond & Silk

08:55 PM - Watch LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Holds Campaign Event in Middletown, PA 9/26/20

10:30 AM - Rise and shine might be a pun or just for the sun and son. 11:00 AM - I carried the shelf that fell yesterday above the washer and dryer into the small front internal house garage. The 12 song boxes into the truck, that was a project I was working on in the spring, like in May for example. Back on the computer for an hour or less. Around noon, we drove over to a storage place. This is not the time to talk about children stories from Disney. Remember Mickey Mouse, Jimmy Cricket, Donald Duck. Imagine he took one. Just one box. We dropped it off at the music store named after this city. Got back and we shredded around five hours or maybe longer depending on when we started, roughly around 02:30 PM - 07:30 PM. Dishes. Shower. Pretty long day. Imagine looking at files going back in the late 1980's. That's almost 40 years. Only a few dated like 1988 from the group we saw today. Most was from 1990 and through into 1998 or possibly some into the 2000's. It's possible that some of the info is already on the Internet, so what would be the point of shredding what they already got would be my question. SOme people may not know that. And you can shred receipts, taxes, mail, envelopes, bills, invoices, checks, for fun if you want and I am a robot I might say. I do as I am told. Good that the carpet is drying, the 2 fans from the carpet man is still there. Still drying since yesterday. Good that we are cleaning up the small garage. Good to have that shelf above the washer and dryer in the garage now. Did somebody say shoes are coming in the mail? Well, thanks, if you're reading this. Nuts snack around like 4 PM. Washed a truck bumper around that time between paper shredding. It is tough to shred and I had to unjam it a few times with a paper clip and other times with a screw driver. I hear Trump picked Amy over the TV playing in the background and that may not have been the best choice for Trump to make, perhaps they said the other woman would refer to the Pope over rulings which counter Catholicism. If so, someday Trump will find out he was given bad advice and he should speak out if he was lied to.


08:47 PM - Mac & Cheese, rice, etc.

Nap from 09:20 PM - 01:20 AM, roughly speaking, like four hours.

12 Boxes of Music

Here is a list of the apx 12 boxes of song books, that is music sheets, for musical instruments such as piano, guitar, flute, drums, saxophone, etc. Each list, from top to bottom, matches the contents of the boxes from front to back.

The boxes are loosely tagged with a number on the outside. Some of the boxes may be of only one instrument, like piano or guitar for example. Many of the boxes may have different instruments. Some instruments are in different boxes. I didn't get around to organizing all of these boxes any better than that.

eva 2015-01-26 Joeyarnoldvn Oatmeal Joey Arnold Oregon JSA OJawall JA Forest Grove OR FG FGHS WOLBI SA TSA The Salvation Army Vietnam Saigon wow Hanoi Joseph Scott Rasp Morehead Cunningham Mitchell Hunter Smith Hocking Hawk Lincoln Hawks WA Washington Shelton New York NYC Word of Life Bible Institute ABC YouTube Facebook Twitter Google Alex Jones Bill Gates Informationwar Infowar Ironic Mystic Pickett Pickell Joeyarnold Joeyarnold7 JoeyarnoldTV iJustine Metal Gear USA United States of America 1900's 2000's stefan molyneux clam conspiracy theorist donald john j trump soros hitler Cool Kid Ghetto Joe Jo high school revolution hawaii ea pab l4oj l4ojsa l4r hope over dope infowars west virginia vn asia American English Teacher Add Me 1980's 1990's 2010's 2020's 2016 Michael Jordan Jackson Jesus God Devil Satan Nationalism Over Globalism Bowl Soul Oats Battle Star Wars Trek Matrix JA GROUP YEAR END PARTY PIC.jpg
Who is Oatmeal Joey Arnold?


PSA: KuCoin Exchange Hacked for $150M

BITCOIN vs. Banking Cartel [eng/срп] БИТКОИН против банкарског картела

On Class Hate

The Dollar Crash Is Enroute - Is It Too Late To Prepare

The Rise Of Philanthroimperialism (new economy to run on poverty)

Make Money! – 11 minute Video

Black Lives matter Scrubs Their Website, but Why?! | Breaking Badger News

Jason Whitlock Takes Apart The BLM

Operation Warp Speed Push to Get the Vaccine Out Before the US Election | Politics, Patents & Adverse Affects

Winning the Information War with Memes Episode #15649432... Something like that I lost count.

Coronavirus Hoax: The Thinking Stuff Part IV – The Pandemic Hotline

The Truth About the Democrats

/e/ OS: A Fork of Android With iOS Inspired UI/UX That Removes Google ...

@lukewearechange discusses the connections #BillClinton had w/ #JeffEpstein, #Gh ...

Thousands of people in my state incorrectly told they have Covid-19

Uber For Evictions, IVVL

Sometimes You Want To Go, Where Nobody Wears a Mask

Academy of Ideas: How the "Greater Good" is Used as a Tool of Social Control (video repost w/decline payout)

Vaccine-Induced Polio Outbreaks in Africa Continue to Spread, Causing More Damage Than the Virus Itself

US ELECTIONS: Make America Great Joke Again

Silver Dumps to Under $24, Slowly Rising Back to It's Former Glory

Yikes: Shilling Hive Hard

The 'Spirit' in Which We Do Things

What Is Scary About 6G Being Two Years Ahead Of Schedule?

COVID 19 - Resist!

Biden suspected of using teleprompter during live interview...again!

Traditional Soros Fire

The True Face of WhatsApp That Nobody is Telling You With 22 Links to Details on Security Vulnerabilities That Can Ruin Your Day (or Life)

New clues for 'Where is Hunter?'

Most people believe that almost all media is inaccurate and biased

Cop Hides Across Street While Wife Violates Mandates - Middle Class Party Thwarted By Karen

Former US Presidential candidate #RonPaul shares his thoughts on the # ...

Signs of Life at the Park


Bill Gates doubts FDA & CDC can be trusted on Covid & vaccines. Sure, let’s trust a non-doctor billionaire who pays media instead

US ELECTIONS: Turkey Voting for Christmas

NBA Sucks!

This entire lockdown was a total hoax

🎧[Podcast]🎤 What Is Agorism? [Part One Of Two]

How Many Americans Have Died From COVID-19?

CDC Suggests Breastfeeding Is Better Than Vaccination

MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or other?

Biden: Make America Yoda Again

I Feel Sorry for Americans who are lucky enough to be in the best country in the world, winning.

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