New Show: Biden's Cuties. Joe Biden said 200 million of 350+ M Americans died of Covid in 2020. Nerf gun game. Cake. Change the world perspective. My social newsfeeds videos. Understanding the science and art of rocks.

New Show: Biden's Cuties

Masks Off Patriots are the True Leaders of Tomorrow

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2020-09-20 - Sunday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-09-20 - Sunday
Published in September of 2020

Biden Cuties.jpeg
Biden Cuties

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Information You Can Gobble

Naomi Brockwell

11:27 PM - Telegram

JP Morgan can be traced back to the early 1910's to a few things including Rockefeller who is connected to Rothschild.

Make a video called "Who the Fuck is Oatmeal?"


You Are What You Eat

Vote & be a poll watcher too.

Very revealing. If you all don't get what is going on yet, here is a quick window into 2020.


Learn English You Can Eat

Why is the super bowl trending on Twitter? And I thought I had a super bowl for eating oatmeal.




12:38 AM - North Korea Captured Journalist & Kept Her For 140 Days

The 100

2020-09-20 - Sunday - 02:22 AM - 03:10 AM - The 100 504

He struggles to fight while protecting the one he loves, the doctor, the mother of Clark.


09:01 AM - The Candace Owens Show: Heather Mac Donald


11:55 PM - Deleting Facebook Forever!

Do not do it. You do NOT need to use it to have it. Just leave a link on it.



12:38 AM - North Korea Captured Journalist & Kept Her For 140 Days


01:47 AM - Contagion Myth & Unconventional Ways To Treat Viruses

The 100

2020-09-20 - Sunday - 02:22 AM - 03:10 AM - The 100 504


09:01 AM - The Candace Owens Show: Heather Mac Donald

01:09 PM - What's on your YouTube feed right now?
01:18 PM - What's on your Bitchute feed right now?
01:32 PM - What's on your Twitter feed right now?
01:57 PM - Weekly Photos - 2020-09-14 Monday - 143pics
02:14 PM - Weekly Photos - 2020-09-07 - Monday - 208pics
09:24 PM - What's on your Facebook feed right now?
Black Lives Matter
Biden's Cuties


02:52 PM - Classic SHE-RA Used by Media to ATTACK 1980s Cartoon Fans?!


11:55 PM - Deleting Facebook Forever!

09:00 AM - Arose. not Charlie Rose. Big pan of oatmeal for 3. Went to church. AM PM makes people wear masks. People should not go to AM PM and boycott. Sermon was about repenting and about action. We can do things to save the world. Imagine cats and dogs as friends. I see Harry Potter on that TV. They ride on the back of the truck. 01:00 PM oatmeal lunch. Not lazer tag but nerf gun shooting around from 3 PM to 4:30 PM. Cake. Cut off Soros funding for BLM. Covid led to people not working. Some desired the welfare check. Some employers were not hire them right back in 2020 as some employees abandoned them, like a betrayal. Some feel scared to go back to work. Mention of the Shelton Sunday BLM Back the Blue protest rally combo earlier in September 2020. I made videos via Stream Yard to YouTube. No audio in a few, redid some and deleted the muted or silent videos. Around 7 PM, packed up chairs, tables, back to the hall. Hard hat. Nail. Cleaver. Got to do better than that song he wrote and sung. Didn't know he was a singer and was at church and stopped. Friday the 13th Jason but in age and in the Bible, Daniel in the Lion's Den story. Not Joe Biden. Not Fred Myers. Whole family of his played a few rounds plus surprise from Seattle. Studying rocks can be that of science and art.


08:00 PM - rice, potato, meat soup.


Q Bitz or Q Bits is a good block game, like a puzzle game. We have to turn our blocks, like puzzle pieces but in the shape and size of dice, and you have to be the first to match your blocks with the given picture and I was winning each time. Like a Rubic or Rubix Cube.

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