Ricin sent to murder Trump. Alex Jones broadcasting to you from the new capital of the United States of America, the state of Texas.

Does Antifa have a theme song?

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2020-09-19 - Saturday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-09-19 - Saturday
Published in September of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-09-19 23:05:29 Ricin.png

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Information You Can Gobble

Replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg

11:01 AM - Twitter

Pick a woman.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett should be the next Supreme Justice, right now, yesterday, President Donald Trump should announce his pick right now before it is too late.

Making YouTube Channels

11:08 AM

Yeah, I may try a Google Voice number but that is only one extra number. I am looking at a way to make new accounts each time Google goes to ban a YouTube channel. For example, YouTube has been banning General Shepherd accounts dozens of time, every week or every month, since like 2018 or so, sometimes daily, randomly, and there is Ron Gibson and other examples too. These channels come back up again and again. I am considering doing things like that too to help put content on YouTube that they don't want people to see.

I have had over 35 YouTube channels and around five or so of them have been terminated by Google. I'm trying to avoid losing too many of my channels too quickly, etc.

Therefore, I will simply try to make new accounts as opposed to waiting until all of my existing accounts are blown out of the water.

Agreed, I have had virtual phone numbers via phone apps and I'm thinking that is probably the best option to the extent new numbers can be generated or however the numbers are obtained and however they gain dialability.

Library Odysee

Library Odysee loaded on Firefox and I was able log into my account which I had already before LBRY migrated to a different domain. Odysee didn't load on Dissenter.

Remember what Obama said in 2016.

Like the Kobe Bryant Sacrifice

Ruth sacrificed her body to egg the left on towards voting like crazy via voter fraud and via the Red Mirage Scam.

Is Steemit dead?

No, I'm on Hive and Steem and I see people on both Hive and Steemit, I still post and comment on both, and it is more a question of which is growing more and which might be shrinking or not.

Cheese Problem

07:53 PM

My Cheese webcam desktop program is slow as it has been the past year or so, fuzzy or it could be a driver or perhaps Cheese has a bug or is outdated as it used to work. Maybe it is Ubuntu Mate 16.04 that is the issue. Could be a hardware issue but then again the hardware works fine with Stream Yard, same computer and same webcam.

Stream Yard

Appears to be struggling to work on Dissenter.


You Are What You Eat

MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or other?


Learn English You Can Eat

Why is MySpace trending on Twitter?

10:46 PM - Twitter

MySpace is cooler than Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube combined, yup, I just said it.

Myspace? What about Xanga?

By the way, MySpace never left, you can still sign in.

Why is the NBA no masks?


Regarding Money & The 100

10:36 AM - Hive

Whatever you can barter and trade with. For the most part in this show, they don't really have a lot of choices at being purely and directly independent enough due to the nature of the problems and disasters which they can't get away from meaning limited leverage which can be a mechanism for free market trading and exchanging. Well, in some ways, they do appear to make some trade, that is services they do for each other. But they appear to make an emphasis on trying to share the load equally as if all humans are the same. But sometimes, they do go and offer both as the different characters do have different perspectives on the matter and some of them point out at times that some people appear to have more value and should be kept alive as they can do a lot more than other people can. But there is so much reliance on centralized government, not saying that is totally or always avoidable in a science fiction future such as in the 100. But then again, Murphy has been pretty independent at times.

Remember what they did to Kavanaugh.

Tradition runs deep with this one.

Lindsay must go says the leftist mobs who are burning down our cities.

Do you trust John McCain?

Should we elect people like this?

Said the Dinosaur.

Female Hitler looks kind of hot. Actually, they all do, minus the Boris version.

Animal Farm is Real

Vote for Ronda Kennedy Video

Fill the seat with Amy Barrett.

Come on man, if Joe Biden wanted more supporters, he would go on Joe Rogan with Trump and Alex Jones, but he is purely chicken.

George Washington's Secret Six

06:55 PM

I'm reading a book called George Washington's Secret Six which names 6 spies, Benjamin Tallmadge, Robert Townsend who's secret identity was discovered in 1929, Abraham Woodhull, Austin Roe, Caleb Brewster, James Rivington, and an unidentified woman, Agent 355.

President Donald Trump has a quote on the back of the book: "A historical gem. I loved it."

I am bias toward Joe Rogan and everybody is bias towards something and those who say they are not bias are VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY bias beyond comprehension.

Is the earth hollow?

07:03 PM - Twitter

It may be one percent hollow or maybe a little more. Not 100% percent hollow. There are underground caves. So, there is some space down there here and there. It's more of a question of how much.

Should my lover let me talk to other people?

07:07 PM - Twitter

Quite controlling when people try manipulating others in that kind of way, a power play grounded on personal fear, insecurity.

Does Antifa have a theme song?

07:11 PM - Twitter

Ladies and gentlemen, the Antifa theme rap song talks about tearing down the system, that is the republic of which we stand.

Good thing George Soros funds BLM. This is why they're burning down cities, to fundamentally change America just like Obama said.

Are presidents installed?

08:43 PM - Twitter

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: "Most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed." Presidents are not installed.

Rocket Man was installed. Dictators are installed. That is not what the United States of America is all about.

Eff the Emmys

What is Stream Yard?

Stream Yard is a website that lets you do live stream, screen sharing, video chat with friends, and it lets you broadcast to different websites simultaneously via the paid version.

I entered for the first time a video chat room at https://meet.jit.si/noagenda


General Shepherd

01:17 AM - Election Countdown Fri 09/18/20 Full Show 720p

Ruth died. Time to fill in the seat before the seat fills you, Trump, hurry up as they will try to block it.

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

The 100

2020-09-19 - Saturday - 02:45 AM - 03:28 AM - The 100 502

A group take over the cafetaria and farming area in the ground.

SHe saves the day with the help of the black guy who dies and then she turns the place into Gladiators. In the end, 6 years later to the present time, you see that one guy enter the arena to fight to the death and I started laughing as it is intense and kind of funny in a sick kind of way. It got me somehow.

2020-09-19 - Saturday - 03:31 AM - 04:15 AM - The 100 503

The crew in space crash or Sky Hawk into the other ship, a mining ship which was sent out in space 100 years ago. It came back. It had inmate labor.

The pirates or criminals were frozen and one woke up and they had to kill him. Oh, only 299 left. Cryopod control. They ask Clark how the world ended. Clark asks which time? They use them as leverage to make a deal with the thugs who landed on earth. Perhaps, they are not thugs and just wanted to return home after being gone and frozen for a century. Hard to say.

Diamond & Silk

05:15 PM - Watch LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Holds Campaign Event in Fayetteville, NC 9/19/20

Fill that seat.

"They gave him a big shot in the ass," Trump on Joe Biden. Is Biden on drugs? What are they pumping him up with? Can we get a drug test before the debate?

General Shepherd

08:29 PM - Emergency News Briefing! Left Pledges Civil War After Ginsburg Death

Alex Jones broadcasting to you from the new capital of the United States of America, the state of Texas.

They sent Ricin to poison and murder Trump.


General Shepherd

01:17 AM - Election Countdown Fri 09/18/20 Full Show 720p

The 100

2020-09-19 - Saturday - 02:45 AM - 03:28 AM - The 100 502
2020-09-19 - Saturday - 03:31 AM - 04:15 AM - The 100 503

Lisa Haven

10:23 AM - Hum? 10 Days Before Ruth Bader Ginsburg Died Trump Did This…Then All HELL Broke Loose!

Lionel Nation

10:26 AM - LiveStream: The Truth About RBG

Craig Mason

10:44 AM - Saturday LIVE: I Will Not Speak Ill Of The Dead Edition

Diamond & Silk

05:15 PM - Watch LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Holds Campaign Event in Fayetteville, NC 9/19/20

General Shepherd

08:29 PM - Emergency News Briefing! Left Pledges Civil War After Ginsburg Death

Up around 10:30 AM. Strange dreams involving thinking, strategy, making tough decisions regarding keeping the world alive or I don't know, I forget the dream but kind of have a feeling it was intense. Had soup, eggs, an orange, coffee, for breakfast, and then off around 12:30 PM. Helped with making an obstacle for lazer tag like nerf gun game for tomorrow. 2 tables and ten chairs from the hall. Hope people are healthy, key of life, pun intended with the key. Soup beans on rice for dinner around 5 PM. Interesting listening about an anime called cats meow. Dog came by to see a mouse under the tarp. Screw can hold pallets found by the high school together. Did George Washington have spies in New York City, his own Q Qanon Qannon CIA FBI NSA secret service project veritas agents and were some of their secret identities unknown until like the 1920's and did Donald Trump really have a quote about the book on the back? Now, at 05:23 PM, as I write this, 2nd dog, oh North Carolinas, PResident Trump is speaking. Oh, she was in Fred Meyers on our way back to pick up food for the 13th big one for tomorrow and people take off their masks right as they leave the store as opposed to waiting until they get into the car. Addam's Family character of Peter Pan Wednesday Wendy Darling invisible ink, cannot see, ghostbusters. My name is Storm. Hug a storm, no hug a woman named Storm.

Dinner 2

07:50 PM - 3 pizzas baked or toasted in the smaller upper oven for 9 minutes as they were frozen in the freezer in foil.

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