I'm on Stream Yard. People are evolving into mutants as we adapt to radiation, diseases, 5G, geoengineering, bad vaccines, a series of things. Well, many people may not mutate fast enough and things go to chaos. To some extent, the fact that humanity does adapt is good news. But we shouldn't rely too much on that. "It's a protest against stupidity." President Donald Trump. Ruth died.

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I love America, what about you?

Biden 2020 - Make America Hell Like Never Before

George Soros runs Operation Overthrow. Oh, "Hold my beer," says Soros, let's call it something else. Quick, before everyone begins starring at me. I'm not a wolf, see my sheep clothing?

The Hillary Clinton deleted emails are being protected in the state department. The FBI, CIA, NSA, and other agencies have her emails.

Make Puerto Rico Great Again

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2020-09-18 - Friday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-09-18 - Friday
Published in September of 2020

Barbie Valeria Real Life 15.jpg
Barbie may not be totally real but America is

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Information You Can Gobble

Can you make accounts on YouTube?

09:17 PM - I created a new Google email or Gmail account, joeyarnold001@gmail.com, and YouTube account off that, used my regular cell phone number, 360-229-2168, and connected it to my Proton Email address, joeyarnoldvn@pm.me and I cannot

Stream Yard

Are there any Stream Yard or OBS alternatives you would like to recommend? If not, the free version of Stream Yard is pretty good, I like it.

Why is the live chat disabled?

I think it is because I don't have enough subscribers.

Got any questions?

If there are certain things you want to talk, questions to answers, etc, let me know, ask me anything, etc, etc, or I you may even want to talk to me in a video, a call, or something. Contact me somehow and let me know and I may do it.

American by April, vaccines for everyone, they're already making them. What, are you an anti-vaxxer? You know you want a vaccine. What are you waiting for?

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You Are What You Eat

Tik Tok can be banned from an app store, but you can still download it directly from a web browser on your phone via APK or other means. Just ask a nerd for help. It's easy to do. If need be, change your operating system.

Twitter & Facebook unfollows people from the accounts they want to follow. This happens to millions of people in the 2010's and now in the 2020's still, each day.


Learn English You Can Eat

American by April will be a better place if we do all we can to fight for our freedoms each day. God bless the United States of America.

Alexa is so Gangsta


Did you know most of the Internet is private, secret, personal, invisible to search engines like Google, up to 99% possibly, we are talking emails, text messages, private Facebook posts, private Twitter posts, private videos, and the list goes on and on, and some of this may be the dark webs and other things.

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. Are you surprised?

Did you know that some vaccines attempt to turn off gene number eight?

No. No. No. Sounds like something a two-year-old says. Ruth Bader Ginsburg just died. No. No. No.

Is Tik Tok not working any more?

06:41 PM - Twitter

It depends on the operating system, the specific app or web browser version of Tik Tok that you might be using, the Internet, etc. You could try the web browser version, different phones, different operating systems, etc. You could try APK to reinstall while bypassing stores etc.

Is Tik Tok not working for you? Ask me for help. Try APK to reinstall Tik Tok in order to bypass the Apple store and the Google Play store. You can also try different operating systems, apps, phones, web browsers, computers, etc, in order to get a version of Tik Tok to work.

Facebook is for old people while Tik Tok is for babies.

May you rest in peace before you die.

YouTube was like TikTok back in the early 2000's, back in the good old days, rest in peace, YouTube.

I would take Ted Cruz over Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Rest in peace, Steven Crowder Biden YouTube Live Stream.

Meanwhile, cities burn and many people die of starvation thanks to 2020 Lockdown.

Please rest in peace, 2020 Lockdown Starvees. Millions of people starve to death. Meanwhile, Ruth Bader Ginsburg left the planet. RIPRBG: rest in peace, Retarded Bill Gates.

RIPRBG = Rest in Peace, Retarded Bill Gates.

Why am I snacking at night?

Education at its finest. Sarcasm detected.


The 100

2020-09-18 - Friday - 12:22 AM - 01:07 AM - The 100 411

They lock people down in the bunker but left some up there.

Can brains recover? Can brains heal itself? In order to give it a try, give your brain a break sometimes away from electromagnetic interference.

2020-09-18 - Friday - 01:07 AM - 01:53 AM - The 100 412

You cannot save everybody.

1,200 people only can survive in the bunker. 100 for each of the 12 clans. They worry and fight over the spots. The leaders talk about a lottery and they hate that. They say they know how to operate the farming machines and the grounders do not and therefore deserve more spots which is true and the leaders disagree.

The show promotes communism in that people are slaves to leaders and so on and so forth which does not have to be true. They should have money and have supply and demand instead of this communism crap.

Then they turn the fight for freedom into a bad thing.

The A Squad decides to go back into space to the ark.

2020-09-18 - Friday - 01:53 AM - 02:38 AM - The 100 413

To spend 5 more years in space.

Amention of an ancient Greek god, promesious, who stole fire from the gods and gave them to the humans, like Robin Hood stealing money from the rich to give to the poor, a communism lie propaganda.

Some of them go to space and then it fast forwards 6 years.

Looks like Clark has a son but who is the father?

A spaceship comes from space and she gets out her gun, tells her son or this boy, to hide in the tank jeep.

What had me laughing was that the episode ended right there, leaving us all to wonder are good guys or bad guys in the spaceship.

Stay tune for next season which comes in a few seconds from now. I can't wait, pun intended.

2020-09-18 - Friday - 02:43 AM - 03:26 AM - The 100 501

42 days after prime fire, Clark escapes the bunker, find the jeep, hops in, tries to go to the other bunker to save her mom and the others.

Do animals feel guilty when they kill? Are we animals? No. But Bill Gates would want you to believe in eugenics, the art of killing of people in order to save people, which is bad, but this show promotes it indirectly.

It is not Clark's son, it was a nightblood boy found in a village valley that death accidentally flew over.

Not a boy, a girl.

These other people come from space to earth. They were sleeping in space. They have guns. They look like the new bad guys.

On the ark, the crew thinks about docking with the bad guys, the mothership which is in orbit.

Meanwhile, the guys in the bunker inside the earth are playing wrestling, like celebrity death matches, like Gladiators.

The Pholosopher

01:38 PM - The Honest Teacher + Pho Interview Corey DeAngelis on Unschooling and School Choice

The objective is to minimize government towards anarchy, gradually as it is always a tug-a-war between centralization and decentralization.

Anarchists, conservatives, etc, don't have to agree with each other specifically to agree in the need to minimize government regardless of the specific end result; therefore should unite.

Education should be treated like a product and a service in a free market, as much as possible, as opposed to an exact science set in stone.

Education should emphasize on vocational training as much as possible, as young as possible, kids should learn while working.

@Ethereal43, but one of the problems is people feel like they don't know how to find the information, don't have the time, don't have the wisdom, the skill, to distinguish, contrast, analyze, etc.

Another Brick on the Wall, Pink Floyd

I was socializing while in home school.

In home school, you still run into bullying.

There is too much fake news regarding home school and public school alike.

​In home school, I had to take an annual state test in Oregon in the 1990's.

Make Home School Great Again

Answers in Genesis

02:05 PM - Assessing Your Adequacy

A motivational speaking regarding improving local communities, how we are to love others better, the philosophy therein.

General Shepherd

02:34 PM - ALEX JONES (Full Show) Friday - 9/18/20

What's the secret to making new Google YouTube accounts, what is required per new account, just a new non-Google email account for account confirmation when you register or sign up to make a new YouTube channel or does it require a new phone number each time you want to make a new account on YouTube? I may be doing that as I consider uploading content to YouTube which can lead to getting my account banned like Alex Jones videos, etc. It can be a tricky process and possibly too time consuming for some people. There may be a few ways to delay the day your channel may be banned. I am considering teaching people how to do what General Shepherd, Ron Gibson, and others do in red-pilling people on YouTube, etc, and it may not be as hard as some people think. There are different ways to red-pill, and variants therein between the two, you can red-pill people in subtle way (which could be a long-game) or a more direct way as seen on this channel for example which can be more immediate and more direct. Each individual can choose which approach to focus on.

You cannot say George Soros funded BLM & Antifa on Fox News or you will be banned, even if you are Newt Gingrich.

"We are a phoenix." Alex Jones. We can rise back up from the ashes of the fire if we want.

Diamond & Silk

05:47 PM - Watch LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Holds Campaign Event in Bemidji, MN 9-18-20

"It's a protest against stupidity." President Donald Trump

Too many people wear masks at Trump rallies.

Seattle for Trump

Your Mom for Trump

But I was teaching English in Vietnam

Trump was talking about Hillary Clinton today. How is the yoga lessons going? Probably not getting your money's worth for them.

Switched to Linux

07:27 PM - Give Your Data for Cheap Wireless?

@Braelin Michelus, that is an OS right? It looks like I can go to their website and download the OS.

@Braelin Michelus, I recommend Dissenter which is based on Brave.

I am using Dissenter right now to type you on.

I use Firefox and Dissenter, mostly.

There is a 32 bit Brave version you can download.

@Juan R, Dissenter appears to be secure for me.

I do not watch YouTube on Firefox, instead, I use Dissenter for YouTube.

You cannot really be safe on the Internet or it at least depends.

I am not sure how good Dissenter is but I have heard good things about it and I use it a lot.

I use Firefox for simple websites and not for Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Did China buy Mozilla?

I struggle to get proxies or VPN to work on Comcast Internet. I will probably try again.

@Mel Gibson, I was in Walmart with no mask.

Hello Greta

I use Chromium for uploading a bunch of photos to Facebook.

I was unable to get Internet Explorer to work on Ubuntu using Wine.

@Mr. Tech Guy, there are different versions of Firefox.

@Mr. Tech Guy, Firefox has been forked.

I would love to see the Rock debate Trump.

One Firefox fork is Waterfox, but Howtogeek . com says their security updates are usually slow.

That Star Wars Girl


Some things are coincidentally similar; but some things purposely copied.

United America First


A woman called in from California to talk about how when her doctor since 2012 who was from India, when her doctor found out she was a Trump supporter, started to call her racist, a cult member, started getting mad at her.

You: "Doctor, you do not want my money?"

You: "Doctor, are you discriminating from your own customer?"

You: "Doctor, would you like me to sue you?"

Facebook censored CDC

You can share on Facebook either directly or subtly. Two main approaches.

I've been on 30-day Facebook timeouts for sharing historical photos and quotes.

Stream Yard

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Stream Yard

Stream Yard

Stream Yard

Does that mean the Wizard of Oz is real?

Biden is speaking, quick, everyone shut up and listen.

Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:16 is an all-American American. When I grow up, I would lucky to be half as bad-ass as he is.

Trump should fill in the seat before Joe Biden can steal his seat. This is due or die for the whole world, not just America.


Joe Rogan, see Thursday.

The 100

2020-09-18 - Friday - 12:22 AM - 01:07 AM - The 100 411
2020-09-18 - Friday - 01:07 AM - 01:53 AM - The 100 412
2020-09-18 - Friday - 01:53 AM - 02:38 AM - The 100 413
2020-09-18 - Friday - 02:43 AM - 03:26 AM - The 100 501

News Sprocket

01:26 PM - 🚨🏛️LIVE POTUS Trump Punks the Press Friday Briefing...Notable

Steven Crowder

01:36 PM - TRUMP WINS! Crowder's ALL-STAR Election Live Stream | Louder With Crowder

The Pholosopher

01:38 PM - The Honest Teacher + Pho Interview Corey DeAngelis on Unschooling and School Choice

Answers in Genesis

02:05 PM - Assessing Your Adequacy

General Shepherd

02:34 PM - ALEX JONES (Full Show) Friday - 9/18/20

Diamond & Silk

05:47 PM - Watch LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Holds Campaign Event in Bemidji, MN 9-18-20

Switched to Linux

07:27 PM - Give Your Data for Cheap Wireless?

That Star Wars Girl


United America First


11:00 AM - Wake up. Weird dream that may be related to the 100 show and almost each night it may be but I generally forget 99% or more the dreams and I try to always write down what I remember. This dream had something to do with me or somebody or people choosing who lives and dies and possibly other big choices regarding like the survival of all human beings on earth or maybe not. I cannot say exactly the details and I just have general feelings and bits and pieces of it. 11:00 AM - 12:55 AM - Dishes. Talk about the air quality improving. I like cartoons like Johnny Bravo and imagine him helping his parents during Covid. Are people in NYC crazy and if only they followed rules like a diamond rock gold in the ground would then things would do better is the theory pressed onto people. Is that true? "They're unruly." Are they really? Well, humans are and are not as humans have freewill and they are a variant of many things. THe purpose of life is freewill towards love. That is a formula and a path towards what is best if you want it kind of thing. We should minimize bad governments in place of personal responsibilities and private property rights in the name of the meaning to life. There is a difference between what government should do and what we should do out of the goodness of our hearts if we want. If we are forced to, then that violates private property. There is a place for justice at the same time, you kill, then you should be tried in a court of law. You may be sentenced to death. But that comes after you exercise your freewill. You get the consequence for violating the private property of other people. There is a balance of different things. Be healthy for Covid but do not lockdown. That is crucial to understand that government should not be our parents. Good to understand when canning you want to have as little water as possible but too little could cause jars and pans and things and food to burn and stuff. Good to do it and to write it down and take photos in order to make a recipe to hand off to some rocks, crystals, diamonds, you know. A crystal ball would be nice fore a weather forecaster. Air quality may be improving but it has not been perfect and has been getting worse after the 1800's in a big way but we can fight it and we can be healthy and get stronger too.

1971-09 - Marilyn married Ron Hunter
1972-06 - Karen married Jim Williams

03:00 PM - 05:30 PM - More chores. Did dishes in the morning. In the afternoon, mowed the front lawn, put a set of mushrooms on the picnic table, weed wack grass trimming, vacuum the house, put away dishes, saw Andy Griffith in black and white talk to his wife during a picnic in a cute and funny way. Interesting to show this on TV as opposed to drama and too much conflict between men and women.

Get Mitch Or Die Trying? Wait a minute, who is Mitch? What the Hell are you guys talking about?

Get Mitch or Die Trying because we don't want the Trump Vaccine, am I right?

Get Mitch or Die Trying because we don't want Law & Order, am I right?

I got Stream Yard to work
Make it so. Picard is ready to make it happen. President Donald Trump, where the Hell you at? Come on, man.

Fill the seat before the seat fills you. Time is ticking. They'll try to delay the approval process for sure. So, you need to pick one yesterday. Hell, last year. It's now or never.

Feed the seat before the seat feeds you.

Rock the seat before the seat rocks you.

Get the seat before the seat gets you.

Join me on Stream Yard

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Who is Oatmeal Joey Arnold?

20+ Massive Athletes, Including The Largest In The World

Try to unfollow in a web browser on a Linux computer as opposed to an app on a phone.

No Weapons Formed Against Thee Shall Prosper

We should rewatch I Am Legend

Half the Battle is in Finding Peace

Main Stream Education might be worse than Trafficking

You don't need a store to install Tik Tok or other apps, you only need APK.

Bye Bye Gay Bowser

I got all of these games for free online. Easy to find and download and play.

People are brain dead because their teachers are

Is YouTube brain dead for banning that Joe Biden Steven Crowder live stream?

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