In school, they force children, students, to talk about, to write about, how masks are normal. The good news is that video of that Bronx woman screaming about how we are not going to take any more. Trump retweeted the United Spot parody of Biden who played off his phone the Despacito song during his speech today.

Comedy Gone Wild

The parody had instead a rap song all about "Fuck the police." The Amazing Lucas was watching it on his live YouTube stream. Had me balling lol. Lucas: "We got white Kanye in the oval office right now." Crazy times, I agree. Vote Anna Luna. Bye guys.

Racist Mr. Bean

Seven Year Old Watching Indians at a fair

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2020-09-15 - Tuesday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-09-15 - Tuesday
Published in September of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-09-15 15:48:36 Anna Luna.png
Vote Anna Luna

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Bitcoin in Space

12:04 AM - Hive

Does Bitcoin have a decentralized peer to peer (P2P) ad-hoc network that can bypass centralized internet service providers (ISP), global service providers (GSP), DNS, Internet backbone server centers, etc? Is it using something like Bit Torrent or IPFS or Substratum? I need to learn more about BitMex. I support your advice in the conclusion of your post here, I totally agree.

Of All Time

12:20 AM - Twitter

"Of All Time." Kanye West.

Will robots replace us?

02:25 AM - Hive

Keep in mind that millions of human writers are currently writing all of the time. Therefore, as a collective, when one writer goes to sleep, another writer wakes up. Therefore, in that way, people are always writing. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a threat in the same way a gun can be a threat. AI is a tool and it depends on the creators of the AI. Not all AI is created equal. Therefore, people should have good AI to help them fight against bad AI. I will try to buy or make robot body guards. I love technology. It is up to each human to figure things out. For example, humans can choose to play with sex robots and sex dolls or they can choose to have real relationships with other humans instead. Already, people can choose what kind of world they want to live in. They can choose to live in virtual reality or not. Yeah, AI and others can and does in fact replace us in some ways. But at the same time, it is still a choice. The future is up to us, to each individual. We don't want to wake up to suddenly find ourselves in the Matrix, in Wall-E, in the Terminator films, etc. But people should always have hope in making the future the best we can make it regardless.


You Are What You Eat

Murdering 100+ Million People

12:46 AM - Hive

Sad when things are blacklisted or blocked, like you said, and computer nerds may take the time to get around those blockades. But yeah, that discourages and confuses the average Joe, not to be confused with Joe Biden, Joe Momma, or Oatmeal Joey. But yeah, lockdown is starving to death over 100 million people globally in 2020, an increase from the annual average of 20 million or so. Yeah, we've trying to warn people since January of 2020. I first saw it back then when Stefan Molyneux, Alex Jones, etc, were talking about it.

Side Effects Gold

They make you take their bad vaccines and then sell you drugs to deal with the side effects to their vaccines. So, you end up in a losing battle.

How many people may die?

There is a doubling where instead of something like ten, it may be twenty to thirty million people to starve to death due to lockdown in 2020, possibly way over 100 million are starving and some of them or all of them may die soon, this year, if not much more if we don't try harder at stopping some of that.


Learn English You Can Eat

Braveheart Warrior Princess

02:33 AM - Hive

If you were in Braveheart, you would steal Mel Gibson's thunder, the moment he says, "You shall take our lives but you will take our freedom." You could stand there and say, "That's the beauty of a warrior: he is never afraid of losing a battle as long as he doesn't lose himself. Have an extraordinary day and toodle loo!" Quick, roll the credits. Mel Gibson: "Hey, you stole my thunder." Mary: "What, thunder? Sorry, I only do ASMR. No time for THUNDER lol."

I left you a comment 3 months ago. But that was back when I didn't really know who you were.

Romania is starting to intrigue me.
Ahhhh you're inside-out lol


Trump Cuties Pedo Heaven

12:31 AM - Twitter

Ironically, #PedoTrump was trending. Had he been the producer behind Cuties, that would be. Ironically, the left attacks Trump for being a Pedo while simultaneously defend pedo-party Cuties. Face Palm 2.0.

Working with 3Speak

01:11 AM - Hive

Is the embedded version different than the video player on the 3Speak website? I have not seen the external 3Speak video player version. Where can I go to find one?

I'm using Hive.blog and not PeakD or other Hive apps. I clicked on the 3speak video to play it and it took me to their website. Bottom-left corner is the pause button, two vertical rectangles or lines. Looks like the 9/11 World Trade Center. Click on it and then it turns into a triangle for the play symbol.

Screenshot at 2020-09-15 01:07:08 3speak.png

So, you're not asking about where the pause/play button is? Can you look inside the settings of your web browser? Could it be a setting there that is causing video to autoplay? Could it be a setting in PeakD?

Screenshot at 2020-09-15 01:30:47.png

Yeah, I went to Peakd.com again, went to a random post containing an embedded 3speak video and it autoplayed in my Firefox web browser.


But it did not autoplay on Dissenter.

I can stop autoplay in the settings of the web browser.

Here is some code you can try in an <embed> code or Google or Duck Duck Go search other websites for more results


Or try



I would experiment trying different codes until something works.

Oh Honey

01:19 AM - Hive

Please tell me you're on YouTube. Not that I endorse YouTube, since they're monsters, but I still use it all the time. Tell me, do you whisper in all your videos? I will have to go look and see. I like it. I love fish and really love cashews. My favorite nut might be almonds. But I'm not totally sure as I tend to love them all. Oh honey, yes, I love honey, pun intended, but I put honey in my oatmeal.

Talented Mary

01:27 AM - Hive

I love it. I'm watching your YouTube right now, Susan Sontag, Mary has no lamb, you're funny and yes, relaxing too. You're quite talented, I'm quite impressed. I'm following you now.


01:34 AM - Hive

Yeah, I've been helping people with gardens here. I like your accent or is that just for ASMR?


01:38 AM - Hive

Haha, get them all. A quick correction in that one video I'm watching, you mention the naked Vietnamese boy photograph. I believe it was a girl, but hard to tell when they're kids. By the way, I was living in Vietnam and I was taking photos myself. I like photography and I do it a little sometimes.

It's poetic too. I should probably try doing ASMR too, there is a lot of art in doing ASMR, kind of like poetry.

Alien Girl

02:03 PM - Hive

With a face like that, you must be an alien which reminds me of when I would joke around about being an alien myself as a child. Love the green face there. Yeah, kids especially need the time to be bored in order to develop better when they are sitting still. Did you say you're a nerd? Me too.

Should we become cyborg?

02:47 AM - Hive

One of the problems is that of phantom pain which is pain you feel on missing limbs. So, one of the dilemmas would be, you cut off your leg, you put on a bionic leg, but then you begin feel pain in that missing leg. People lose limbs in war. When they come back, they continue to feel pain at times in their missing limbs. When you attach things to your body, your body can consider it (them) as invaders, germs, viruses, cancer, etc, and attempt to reject and destroy it. There can be side-effects to the extent technology is not perfect. So, if you can make a PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT thing for your body to become a cyborg, then you could hypothetically benefit from it. Another problem is that even if it helps you, it may not help another person who may be encouraged to do what you do. Some people may then do it and die. Another major issue is that cyborgs could be hacked remotely if there are no manual override mechanisms. Remote access would be a problem.

Secret to marriage success?

02:55 AM - Hive

A common set of objective goals in life shared between a couple serves as an engaging bond like glue or duct-tape. A binding foundation serves as a ruler, an accountability mechanism. Two people should make sure they're both down the same path in life before locking hands.

Macro-factors will show you that Europe and Japan is dying quickly on several levels for a few reasons. When you study history, you'll see certain patterns.

Scientifically, when kids don't have parents, historically, things fall apart, in a variety of ways, and all of this has been well documented for thousands of years, globally, scientifically, exhaustively.


04:14 PM - Hive

I love the people and it is an ancient place for sure, the jungles of Vietnam are mysterious, there were some of the largest if not largest caves discovered some years ago in Vietnam.

Overcoming All Odds

04:17 PM - Hive

Edward Snowden was talking about this on Joe Rogan today on YouTube and it can feel quite overwhelming in the face of monopolies, remote access, centralization, automation, hacking, technocracy, plutocracy, cronyism, accelerated pressure; but we can always choose to be optimistic and ever-proactive regardless; and we must or else, with a smile on our faces.

Returning to Roots

04:20 PM - Hive

Many people are planting gardens, a return to decentralization, local markets, local markets, traditional values which withstood and withstands the test of time as being timeless as if time stands still.

Why hasn't he saved Julian Assange?

Why hasn't Trump?

04:32 PM - Twitter

We should never assume that others will always save the day for us and therefore we should always do all we can, that is the counter-balance that must be promoted, encouraged, taught, to children.


The 100

2020-09-15 - Tuesday - 03:17 AM - 04:02 AM - The 100 408

The show promotes magic while appearing to be scientific.

The show focuses on how knight blood can save them. They try to get the magic knight blood as opposed to trying to change the property of their blood to fight radiation via vitamins and other natural remedies. Science is not magic and you can fight radiation with metal walls.

They fight her, strap her to a bed, in order to extract her bone marrow.

Joe Rogan

09:52 AM - Joe Rogan Experience #1536 - Edward Snowden

Former CIA contractor turned whistleblower Edward Snowden shocked the world when he revealed the misdeeds of the US intelligence community and its allies. Now living in Russia, he is a noted privacy advocate and author who serves as president of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. His book, Permanent Record, is now available in paperback from Henry Holt and Company.

15:15 minutes in - Snowden talks about the problem with remote access hacking and things related to do that. One solution, to an extent, would be some kind of manual override.

Isaac adds

Edward Snowden sounds like Kermit the Frog doing a Christopher Walken impression.

20:00 - Snowden talks about the problems with invading privacy, that is the 4th amendment in America.

Court was ruling that the government didn't need to spy on millions of Americans as they were going to stop the bad guys through traditional routes.

Crawl towards a better future.

I went live on YouTube but then the live comments, the replay, was disabled. I read on Reddit that you have to have 1000 subscriber plus a certain amount of watch time to enable live comments replay. But I am not sure if that is true or not. But it might be the case.

Dead Naming is worse than calling somebody a fucking cunt?

Mike Tyson should be on The Walking Dead getting an erection bashing in the brains of zombies.

It comes down to private property rights. It really comes down to who owns what.

Iam Ahab

04:43 PM - RedLetterMedia feat. Alex Jones - Mother

Couldn't have done it better myself.

General Shepherd

04:47 PM - ALEX JONES (Full Show) Tuesday - 9/15/20

Snowden said Alex Jones didn't like the Patriot Act which was fiercely against patriots. You might as well call it saving babies and kittens and puppies act which empowers people to rape and murder babies. It is good when Alex references Joe and Joe mentions Alex and others as a loop, a hat tip as we are the main stream over the declinging fake news.

A U.S. bill was passed in 2020 giving Covid vaccines and related items created any time between like now through to 2024 or something like that liability protection which is deadly.

The tests were designed for DNA testing but the virus is an RNA virus meaning the tests are not designed for RNA but only for DNA, meaning a flaw?

Trillions of dollars will have to be spent to get the 2020 Covid vaccines into humans; injecting HydroGel which includes nano technology you can't get out of your body, ever.

General Shepherd

08:03 PM - ELECTION COUNTDOWN (Full Show) Tuesday - 9/15/20

In Indonesia, if you're not wearing masks, then you have to dig up dead bodies. In other places, you have to count to 100 in a casket. In America, they try to make babies wear masks and social distance.

New Normal

In school, they force children, students, to talk about, to write about, how masks are normal. The good news is that video of that Bronx woman screaming about how we are not going to take any more.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian has her daughter taking photos of her topless and people are saying that kind of pedo stuff is normal and healthy and so good.

World Class

09:28 PM - SUBMIT to the High Council! Feat. Chuck Dixon (He co-created Bane from Batman)

"Bells, Boobs, & Balls." Mecha Random 42.

"Puddle of a human being." --Merry Mayhem

"You complete me." Jerry McGuire.

The Amazing Lucas

09:36 PM - MEMBERSHIPS!/Tulsa Officer shot and SILENCE/POOPS in front of Nancy/Biden on LIMITLESS pill?

I was the only person in Walmart with no mask.

take me to jail for not wearing a mask

bring it on

new pandemics coming

new waves of covid coming

better stick nano bots into your body

bill gates loves you

Tulsa Police Shooting from July of 2020. The police were nice and the guy murdered the one police officer and the other cop survived.



01:24 AM - ASMR Susan Sontag. On Photography. Book review. Soft spoken voice. Relaxing video. Educational video

The 100

2020-09-15 - Tuesday - 03:17 AM - 04:02 AM - The 100 408

Joe Rogan

09:52 AM - Joe Rogan Experience #1536 - Edward Snowden

Iam Ahab

04:43 PM - RedLetterMedia feat. Alex Jones - Mother

General Shepherd

04:47 PM - ALEX JONES (Full Show) Tuesday - 9/15/20

Steven Crowder

06:04 PM - #CrowderTrumpStream! Trump's ABC Town Hall LIVE | Louder With Crowder

General Shepherd

08:03 PM - ELECTION COUNTDOWN (Full Show) Tuesday - 9/15/20

World Class

09:28 PM - SUBMIT to the High Council! Feat. Chuck Dixon (He co-created Bane from Batman)

The Amazing Lucas

09:36 PM - MEMBERSHIPS!/Tulsa Officer shot and SILENCE/POOPS in front of Nancy/Biden on LIMITLESS pill?

09:30 AM - Orange breakfast. Pun intended or not. Coffee. Bye Crystal, Jonathon. I mentioned the last time and the only time I was in NYC was in 2004 for New Years Eve. We ended up being too far from the ball drop. We drove over to New Jersey to a friends, we're talking us college friends as I was in my first year in college, that fall. I didn't mention all of those details today. We took group photos. Hello Katie on the phone. She was wearing a mask. I may consider living in New York City someday but it depends. We'll see. So, after they left, dishes, sweeping, mopping. Took out the trash, compost, recycling, and also old fruit, oranges, and onions, etc, from the small front internal garage. Did some organizing there. Looking at the song books from the music store which I was organizing back in like April or May of 2020 off and on during the spring for a few months. I want to finish that someday. Added another photo album notebook just for the year 2000 for our family history. Still got a lot of work to do with that. I was telling myself to move pass SC. Also, ASOV. Well, I feel like I am vulnerable sometimes. I strongly believe in archiving as a historian and some may disagree completely or to an extent to certain aspects and many different things, long story to be continued of course. I will continue working on many different things and with a priority of things I can only do while at LMS and I do plan and desire to move on of course, but one step at a time as I strongly believe in what I do and will try my best to finish some of it. I try to make mental notes and also written notes concerning priorities in my life of course. SO, I try to focus on what is number on the list for example of key goals and objectives. I try to narrow down a certain number of goals and try to focus on the first five or first ten on any given day or year. I try to reevaluate when I can and when I need to. I try to be flexible and open minded. I will continue writing about some of those things later on. Mom back from Seattle around 4 PM or maybe before that. They're heading back to the east coast.

12:39 PM - cornbread and coffee lunch. Turned on the scanner, back to watching Snowden on Joe Rogan.

biden 2020 because trump vaccines bad

Majority of Chinese are refusing mandated vaccines in China in 2020. Why in the world would they do that?

06:30 PM - dishes. Corn bread dinner. Coffee. Crowder watching Trump Town Hall while I'm scanning things.

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Who is Oatmeal Joey Arnold?

Just like the radical response of Governments to #Covid-19 / #PLANdemi ...

After comedy clip Jeff Berwick shares clips of protests around the wor ...

Controlling Consciousness

TYRANNY EXPOSED! Discrimination In North Idaho! Singling Out The Vulnerable

Ex-military intelligence revelations regarding the NWO control of our planet - pt2

High school students suspended for honoring patriots who died saving people.

North Carolina 2015 Virus

HydroGel which includes nano technology you can't get out of your body

Red Letter Media talks to the mother of Alex Jones.

Straight from Ethernet Island

The plot thickens.

Take a look at Anna Luna.

Arrest the law makers for banning fire breaks in the 1980's which causes many of the forest fires.

@Snowden, you know you want to.

And terorrists should be taken to court.

But I thought Cardi was a dinosaur.

You Are What You Eat

That is why people have to try always grow their own food and buy from local farms on top of that.

Pick your sugar... honey

Time for time off

Current Events: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.

The plan is to bring back lockdown to a country near you.

They say nuts can help with tapping into more of our brain power.

Don't forget to get Wall-EEEE'd first

Start the Chant

The Face of Defeat Inside this Bill

Stranger Than Fiction

They're hoping to be 9//11ed is my guess.

The other day, Trump said at a rally, "You guys all better be poll watchers."

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Seven Year Old Watching Indians at a fair

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