The new chancellor talks about starting a new independent country like the USA and all of that is good but they way it is presented is propaganda to say it is bad when it is actually goo. What he is doing is pretty bad but his words are disguised as nationalism as of Trump and patriotism in this The 100 show. Activism in Shelton, WA.

Are you wearing a mask?

The same as South Korea, like you said, if you do not wear a mask, bad things happen. I do not wear a mask. So many people are not wearing masks in the red cities and some even in the blue cities and countryside and other places. The problems are the same as it has been for many years, actually many decades in a variety of ways, big variety of ways. So many different things are happening and lockdown is murdering over 100 million people in 2020 on top of other things as well.

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2020-09-06 - Sunday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-09-06 - Sunday
Published in September of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-09-06 15:39:41.png
Activism in Shelton, WA

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Oatmeal High Council

09:24 PM - Join my Telegram Chat

Encourage people to get cryptocurrency wallets before they perhaps put too much money onto those wallets. Gradually speaking, people should take a step by step approach in order to better hedge the risk in investing while simultaneously adapt. In other words, people should learn how to do it before they get lost in trying to put too much of their money into this gamble. How much and which cryptocurrencies you should or should not invest in depends on income, how much is coming in, how often, and also how much and how often the money may be going out. In other words, it's a question of long-term and short-term investing and it is ideal to have a little bit of both. On one hand, I would have as many wallets as possible but that does not mean that I should or have to put too much or any of my money into those wallets. But that does not mean I can't or you can't simply let people donate to any of your wallets on the other hand. One step at a time.

Mobile Gas Men

09:27 PM - Minds

There should be mobile gas men driving around in trucks delivering gas to cars, vehicles, lawnmowers, bring the gas station to the people, make it more free market. Tell me they already have it? If not, somebody could be making a lot of money if they could find a legal way to do that. I really hope there are no crazy laws that forbid people from doing things like that.


You Are What You Eat

Microwaves Are Evil

12:31 AM - Hive

Running around is harmful. Loving people is harmful as people can hurt you. Of course, things are harmful. Cooking over a fire, likewise, is harmful, I agree. I want to stay away from certain sound frequencies. I try not to always cook. I like eating raw garlic. A solar oven sounds like a good idea.

CDC Fake News

12:33 AM - Hive

But you get information from the news. So, everything you are talking about came from the CDC. But the CDC changed their story a few days ago. But you are not going to see that.

Are you wearing a mask?

08:34 AM - Hive

The same as South Korea, like you said, if you do not wear a mask, bad things happen. I do not wear a mask. So many people are not wearing masks in the red cities and some even in the blue cities and countryside and other places. The problems are the same as it has been for many years, actually many decades in a variety of ways, big variety of ways. So many different things are happening and lockdown is murdering over 100 million people in 2020 on top of other things as well.

One Number

02:53 PM - Hive

What the CDC said was very simple. There were some numbers and a percentage that was published. You could very easily read to me what that particular percentage was. I think you would be surprised to read this one particular number.


Learn English You Can Eat



12:14 AM - Hive

This is the kind of thing I may do. I started learning how to assemble computers back in 2007 in Portland, Oregon, at Free Geek Computers. A milk crate is a good idea which I never thought about before.

Fixing Drivers

I use Ubuntu Mate 16.04. Yeah, Linux tends to have a repository of older drivers of all sorts of things. The one tricky thing that I recently figured out was how to unblacklist my ethernet driver on my laptop. I don't even know how my Ethernet port stopped working for like the past year or longer. But I got it working again finally some hours ago. It turned out that the Ethernet driver was on a blacklist file. So, I went into the file and removed it and then added the driver name to another file to make sure the driver would load during startup. I don't know how many hours it took me to solve that problem. But am glad I solved the puzzle.

Electric Shock?

If you put a computer in a milk crate, might that expose the motherboard a bit more to the risk of excessive amounts of electric shock? I'm hoping that enough fan action would blow away the dust. I probably should buy a computer vacuum or something.

Wrestling & Hogan

08:24 AM - Twitter

Agreed, Andre was the biggest, the heaviest, in wrestling, right? Bigger than the Big Show or the others?


08:38 AM - Hive

I was told I was bitten in July and August of 2013 when I was staying in a hospital in District 5 of Saigon because I was feeling sick, tired, had these red spots all over my skin, all over my body, was there for like 5 days or so. Vietnamese would say to me there are so many Vietnamese robbers, thieves, pickpocketers, killers, etc. I ran into a few of them.

Computer Maintenance

09:10 PM - Hive

The biggest risk may be the possibility of frying the motherboard via electric shock, secondly might be messing it up with liquids. In third place, I'm thinking dust. I've never cleaned my 5 year old laptop here. But in the future, I'm thinking of being more cautious. I did use a regular vacuum on a desktop.

Shelton BLM

09:33 PM - Minds

They walked by Safeway. Less than 200 people total I think around 2 PM, downtown Shelton and some walked around for like 3 hours or less. We drove to Fred Meyers around 7 PM and there were 2 girls holding BLM signs by that time outside. So, it seems that it is mostly over now. But then again, I don't know if anything is happening right now or not.

FCC vs Microphones

09:45 PM - FCC

Consumer Alert

Most users do not need a license to operate this wireless microphone system. Nevertheless, operating this microphone system without a license is subject to certain restrictions: the system may not cause harmful interference; it must operate at a low power level; and it has no protection from interference received from any other device. Purchasers should also be aware that the FCC is currently evaluating use of wireless microphone systems, and these rules are subject to change. For more information, call the FCC at 1-888- CALL-FCC (TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC) or visit the FCC’s wireless microphone website at https://www.fcc.gov/cgb/wirelessmicrophones.

Gasoline Long-Term

10:35 PM - Minds

Poorer people should have large tanks of gas they can buy in bulk kind of thing when gas is on sale like anything else, and you save money when you are not driving to gas stations and when you are not waiting in line at the gas station. You save time. People should keep some gas in large containers inside their vehicles. People should put gas in reusable metal containers. You save money when you buy in bulk. So anybody thinking long-term would be crazy not to. People rely too much on gas stations. You wouldn't sell at a higher price but at a lower price and you would be selling them a lot more gas too. They would not come to you as often as they would a gas station. Are there not already gas trucks running around filling up gas stations? Those gas trucks can go to a gas station but not to somebody's house? We already have gas trucks running around going station to station, why not have those same trucks and those same drivers go door to door instead? What kind of collateral damage? You mean trucks blowing up? Have the people who already drive those same trucks drive them. But free them from monopolies. Let these gas trucks go to any gas station they want. Have gas stations auction and bid for the trucks and may the trucks go to the highest offers or wherever they want. At gas stations and other places, offer home delivery options in the same way they used to have the milk man and ice man go door to door. Offer bulk sales where people can buy large containers of gasoline so they can come on over, pick up, and take home. People would save so much time and money if they tried harder and harder to buy more in bulk and more long-term speaking.

Large trucks do go into neighborhoods already.

The size of the truck is limited to the size of the road, which has always been the case and people can go to the truck.

Yeah, it is just like pizza and yet pizza has that option which drives the competition and people choose. But it goes beyond just buying a pizza. Instead, it would be like buying ten boxes of frozen pizza. It's about buying in bulk as opposed to just bit by bit.

Each company or entity that wants to sell gas may have a centralized place or a centralized vehicle or whatever for storing gas. But the point is in encouraging more and more companies to compete against Chevron and the other few gas station companies. I want to find ways to encourage new companies to rise up to compete with them by finding new ways to offer anything their competitors may not.

I live in the suburb and there is a large semi parked by me, a house over and other trucks go down the other road on the other side of the house as well. On top of that, you have garbage and recycling trucks as well driving around everywhere. You have firetrucks running around. All kinds of trucks go by everywhere.

Save Thousands of Dollars

People already burn too much gas already and that is the incentive to buying in bulk. If you don't buy in bulk now, perhaps gas will be $5/gallon or maybe even ten bucks someday. So, if you could buy thousands of gallons at a lower price per gallon and keep the gas for many many years, you would be saving thousands of dollars each year, pure and simple, and millions of people could take out credit cards or do whatever they have to do to find ways to think long-term to save thousands of dollars every few years or so.

The bottled water industry makes billions of dollars for something people could do for free. People are willing to pay money for things they do not even need. Why would they not invest into things they actually do need instead? People could easily filter rain water and put them in containers.

But people can do a lot more than they think they can.

If people can waste away $100K+ on college, plus buying cars, houses, beer, smoke, lottery tickets, etc, and throw it all onto credit card debt, then they could also do things that could in fact save them money in the long-run, long-term speaking. People can't do everything, sure, but they can take slow steady and gradual steps towards trying to make better choices.

People have storage. We all have more storage than we think. You have a farm. You have chickens. You could make a gas shed or I could go there and build you one out of spare wood and spare nails for free.

Raspberry Computer

Can I build a computer using Raspberry Pi?


The 100

2020-09-06 - Sunday - 12:35 AM - 01:18 AM - The 100 306

Blood must not have blood? Should we steal land from the native American Indians and plant a garden, a farm? I mean not Indians but grounders. Blood must not have blood, right?

Finding a version 2 program of the city of light lady in red artificial intelligence AI system which was on the ark and on the earth too. Perhaps lost on the planet.

Silicon drug candy device, similar to the Bill Gates tattoo vaccine perhaps, where the humans become the AI.

Aby steals property, the candy, from the black hippy.

2020-09-06 - Sunday - 01:19 AM - 02:02 AM - The 100 307

The 13th station of the ark was polaris and it had the other AI version of the lady in red.

AI destroyed the world.

Ally 2 was designed to be even better, a better AI system to save what the first AI destroyed. Elon Musk and control freaks would be proud of this scientist nerd chick.

I know where you stand on this, Titus.


08:17 AM - The Candace Owens Show: Allie Stuckey

Is self-love the key to finding happiness and fulfillment? Allie Stuckey, host of “Relatable” and the author of You're Not Enough (& That's Okay), joins Candace to debunk the myths surrounding our self-help culture and why it’s toxic to society.

Self-love can be not really love at all. God's love is better. It's about looking at things from a better perspective.

Ask A Mortician

09:05 AM - Can I Keep My Parents' Skulls & Tattoos?

Legally, like in the United States in the 1900's, it seems that skulls and bones are not really parts that can be owned by other people, that it can be semi property but not really. Historically, for thousands of years, people would keep skulls of family and sometimes of their enemies as well. Some laws can be abusive or what have you. If a human is still a human after death, then logically the person should be a person before birth as well, right? There are abuse of corps laws. It seems to be illegal to keep skulls in America, in all the states. Some would prefer to keep a 3D scan of the skulls and of the tattoos too. Some people and animals are harvested. So, bones are sold around the world and some are bought and make it into America. Perhaps some are harvested and sold in America. Some sellers try to put legal liability on the the buyers. Some people are harvested alive in China and people get their bones and sell them.

Who should own bones?

The legal system should only go after people when they're asked to do so by the demand of people. In other words, they shouldn't be trying to hunt down people who might be buying, selling, owning, holding onto bones, etc, well anything outside of actual murder and theft and other such obvious crimes. Legally, a mother should be allowed to give her children her bones inside her will.

That is what I would vote for. If a person wants to, then it shouldn't be too different than organ donating. But like you said, there are the abuse of corpses laws. I would get rid of corpses laws. If a person breaks into a graveyard to dig up dead bodies, the problem is trespassing, a violation of private property of the land itself. Who owns a set of bones should be settled legally on a case by case basis if need be perhaps. But the bottom line is that my bones should belong and be owned by me for example, even after I'm dead and maybe even before birth too. So, if my bones are sleeping in a cemetery, then my casket should be treated as if it was a rent-free apartment in the ground, legally speaking, my resting place should be considered as my eternal home where I rot back into dirt. But I should have the right to sell or donate my own bones before or after death if I want to. Of course, laws, bones, and all sorts of things are abused. I'm only speaking ideally, theoretically, because I want to minimize laws as much as possible.

@Peter JF wow, didn't know Doctor Who was so dark. AN episode where they find a lake full of a guy's skulls, as he would kept on being like reincarnated or whatever with no memory of his previous life each time.

If a man can donate his organs, then he should have the legal right to sell or give away his bones to whoever he wants as we all know organs actually rests upon bones. Men and women should not be criminalized until a judge rules so in a court of law as opposed to pre-crime pre-trial prosecutions which can violate the 4th, 5th, and 6th amendments. So, if you see me with some bones, then you should go see a judge. But I should not be thrown in jail before my court case, well outside anything that may appear to be alleged murder, theft, etc. But if there is no obvious evidence or proof, then a suspect should be and is supposed to be deemed innocent until proven guilty before a court of law in a so-called alleged legal system. We want less laws not more laws.

Lionel Nation

09:31 AM - ​ @Peter JF wow, didn't know Doctor Who was so dark.

It's not right but Bill Clinton would rather be on that Epstein island or airplane. That's the point.


The 100

2020-09-06 - Sunday - 12:35 AM - 01:18 AM - The 100 306
2020-09-06 - Sunday - 01:19 AM - 02:02 AM - The 100 307


08:17 AM - The Candace Owens Show: Allie Stuckey

News Sprocket

08:56 AM - 🚫 BANNED Plandemic Indoctrination World Premiere Documentary London Real


09:01 AM - Among Us Stream

Reminds me of Clue. Instead of who is murderer, who is the imposter?

Ask A Mortician

09:05 AM - Can I Keep My Parents' Skulls & Tattoos?

Lionel Nation

09:31 AM - ​ @Peter JF wow, didn't know Doctor Who was so dark.


03:07 PM - iNFoPiG - Live in Shelton WA

Joy Villa

09:04 PM - Why I Left The Democratic Party: Kickass Conservative!

08:00 AM arose. Coffee. Orange. Baked not corn bread bread. Rode over to not Arcadia as seen in that television show named The 100. Service like the rock in Hawaii. What was it called on Oahu in 2007 and 2008? On the beach it was. Air conditioning. Construction a year ago. Potluck lamb like steak. Rice or filler as mom put it. He got the bee before I could. Showed em my Mario Maze. I brought that book, What Every 6th Grader Needs to Know, it includes how to write out the answer in three ways for long division, a remainer R plus a number and a fraction and thirdly as a decimal. Football throwing. Water. Basketball horse. Ok you win. Oh, writer. Oh, artist, architect, helped with that place. A year or so at the you know. Oh was it like Charlotte Battle in Georgia. Oh, my mom's mom in Florida, born and then they moved to like Seattle in like 1930. Oh, what like a 2 term for a president, like 8 years. Feeling a little sick and hot and sweaty maybe from the sun and football and basketball. Oh you win I kid. Oh, a cartoon named Doug and I would go to the Black Lives Matter terrorism thing and freedom rally at the main park or a park in Shelton, Washington State. Oh, hill maybe. Gas station like. Emergency brakes for van. Oh, put the road block farther down the road, good idea. Good to be flexible and to love others in the way God would as they can experience some racism and other things. I forgot my headphones on my way to clam. Good thing Ethernet is working on my laptop since Friday or absolutely persistent by Saturday. It is faster that way not to have to do connect a different way. On Seinfeld a costar actress played Elaine or Elaina or not sure how to spell it and we were on Arcadia street like the city or spaceship space station part of the Ark in The 100. Sounds like a name from the time of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Nap for like an hour. Like turtles, I love pizza. We got some. Eating it around 8 PM. After that, was working on computer things. Ordered an audio to USB jack and another detachable cable headphones. Now, it's 2:27 AM Monday. Was reading that article about Steem and Hive.

Black Lives Matter Rally in Shelton

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