Want some bricks? Stay at home unless if you are a rioter. Don't worry, rioters can't spread the virus. Why is fake news NOT talking about Dallas Riots? Better to be a warrior in a garden than it is to be a gardener in a war. We were staying inside and now we are rioting? I am so racist because I am pro-human. I am for the red-blood race.

War Inside America

We have been warning you, Trump, for over four years now, since at least 2016 or longer, about the George Soros terrorists who are paid to divide and conquer in many countries in Europe, other places around the world, for too many years, too many places including places in the United States of America, the USA, for more years than you may realize. Terrorism is happening in America and does the constitution not talk about this? What can we do to warn people about the war that is inside our own country? Four of the six Hollywood-centered main movie houses are owned by China and the other two are almost bought up by China? They attended church today for the first time in like months.

Hive Watchers Thinks I'm Spam
Oatmeal Spam
Yes No Spam


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2020-05-31 - Sunday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-05-31 - Sunday | Published in May of 2020

BURNING DOWN BUILDINGS Screenshot at 2020-05-31 17:55:33.png

Are other people unable to post to hive.blog? I changed the proxy two times and still not posting. Transaction broadcast error:

anxy.io and api.hive.blog

My post is 58.6 kB and the limit has been around I think 40 kB or less. So, I'm pretty sure my post is too big, too long, but the error message doesn't say it's too long, too big, and it should.

If my post was too long, wouldn't it tell me?

I can post comments and comments and posts are the same.

I reduced my post from 58.4 kilobytes to 49.6 kB and it posted. The problem is that the error message should have said my post was too big, too long.

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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12:44 AM - Articles

Matrix Head.jpeg
Brain TiVo

The purpose of this post is to outline and summarize some my articles, stories, encouragement articles, etc, here in this post. This post is an unfinished rough draft outline and I'll try to update this when I can.


The first big story I remember writing came around 1995 at the age of ten, I was writing a story about the Planets of the Apes but with dinosaurs. I've been writing ever since. The purpose of this post is to outline and summarize some of what I've written over the years. This is a rough draft outline, to be continued.

Hyper Responsibility or Die

01:19 AM - Hive Blog

I agree with Ron Paul, but if you want to help the person then help the person as an individual, a good Samaritan, a church, a non-profit, a company, a gang, a family, a friend, etc, etc, as long as you are not the government, as long as you're not making and forcing tax payers to pay for it on behalf of dangerous government. I believe in Hyper-Responsibility in that you should take care of yourself as opposed to forcing everybody to take care of everybody because people sometimes make bad decisions or poor decisions or not the best decisions and choices to do not good or not the best and many people do not and have not desired to really help other people and only a few do and many people are inspired to get welfare from the government and to abuse the system and they just want to get free money and milk the system and stay at home forever. People were staying at home even before Covid-19. That is why they love Covid so much as it justifies what they've been doing for decades, staying at home. They've been getting government money, handouts, to stay at home, for decades. This is their religion. And they want you to pay for it or they will burn down your city in the name of George Floyd and George Soros and King George and not George Washington but all the fat George people out there in the hood.

Monster Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Yes, you are right, some people suck, but should I have to take care of them even if I don't want to? Please don't put a gun to my head and force me to give a retarded person a bath or to give the person all my money. Yeah, you can say I should and maybe I should help the unconscious bimbos but I am a rebel and I don't feel like it. If that makes me a monster then so be it.

Global Swamp

01:29 AM - Hive

What you're describing is called globalism and it includes MI6 and other agencies internationally. The problem is not America but what hijacked America and whatever hijacked it is all over the world.

Dumb Down People via Water

01:36 AM - Hive

I agree and yeah it is interesting looking at that marriage between Rothschild and China. They dumb people down via the water for example and that is why I filter and distill my water.

City Killed George Floyd

01:44 AM - Hive

Blue cities, especially Minneapolis, train their police officers to render alleged suspects or whoever unconscious, to do exactly what the one officer did to George Floyd, and that means the city is liable for the death and it could be argued that they in fact murdered that man.

Hive Watchers Thinks I'm Spam

02:01 AM - Hive Post

@hivewatcher wrote: "Spamming comments is frowned upon by the community. Continued comment spamming may result in the account being Blacklisted." I replied: "I cannot say hello to people?" So, it appears that people are going after me again because they do not like how friendly I am.

Click here to see what @hivewatchers think of me. They think that I cannot say hello to people in a potentially repetitive fashion. All of that is subjective because it is hard to draw the line between how repetitive a post should be or should not be. It is the same reason why copyright is dangerous.

Not Flirting

02:48 AM - Twitter

i am going to pretend i am not flirting with you and maybe you will not notice lol, and then therefore, hence my previous tweet, good good, in the voice of the emperor from star wars, goooooood

2020-05-31 - Sunday - 03:16 AM - 04:04 AM - Vikings 512

My lady. Your grace. Rise. I offered them safe passage. Drink. Cup upside down. Young king. Floki. Waterfall. Why gods spare me? Why oh why. Why not show yourself to me, gods? Perhaps you never did says Floki. The knight kills the bishop guy who was trying to use blackmail to ruin his career and everything. The blackmail was that he was having an affair with Scarlett Johansson in that he was with her instead of being with God alone as in no sex allowed kind of thing. Ironside has a thing for the potential wife of the young king in England. She likes him and goes after him and says she is a virgin.

04:10 AM - 09:11 AM - Sleep.

2 cups of coffee. Orange.

Lauren Chen
09:49 AM - Trump SLAMS Social Media Censorship In Executive Order

Daddy Mark Zuckerberg

09:52 AM - Hive Blog

Daddy, can I stay up a little later? Daddy, can I hang out with my friend tonight? Daddy are you married to Mark Zuckerberg? Is spam an exception to the Free Speech Clause of the first amendment?


09:59 AM - Hive

Do a lot of people down there use the word rubbish? That is kind of funny of a word, oh the rubbish people lol. By the way, I'm a needy greedy baby. By the way, I'm also on Uptrennd and you may notice even more spam comments there at an even greater level possibly. Spam is like art or the lack thereof or I mean beauty and spam is in the eye of the beholder.


Some people can try to think positively outside of context and that can be counterproductive. Yeah, no pain no gain.

Being Attacked

10:04 AM - Hive

Will I be back on a blacklist like I was before? They put me on blacklists where bots downvoted all my comments and all my posts and that kept on happening and it felt worse than Facebook Jail. All my comments and posts went grey. It was hiding away behind a bush and the last time this happened was probably in 2019. Will it happen again? Do I have to make sure I say random words like Banana See See and Purple Gold Digger to trick the bots from marking me as spam? Will the Cheetah go after me too? What about the Lion too?

Basketball Example

10:12 AM - Hive Blog

Yeah. I wrote hi and hi in a few of my comments to random new people who may never ever respond back. But some might. So, I start a conversation and say hi and some might respond and some may not. I know you and I will spend more time on you. But when you are looking at hundreds and hundreds of new people who join Hive, should you invest in writing new comments to these people when they may not give you anything in return? The answer is that it depends and people can choose to prioritize their time and take some risks and again it depends on different factors and different things. So, I choose to test people and to probe people and some accounts can be bots and some new accounts are kind of abandoned. And some people are kind of boring and there is not a lot you can say to some people and you will sometimes say the same thing to multiple people as many people are the same. Person one, wow, you love basketball. Person two, wow, basketball you love lol. Person three, wow, I see that you like to put the ball in the hoop. Person four, oh you love Michael Jordan. Person five, oh you love basketball me too, so fun yeah yeah. Person six, oh you athlete you me too yeah yeah. Of course as you can see, you can try to come up with unique comments. But imagine this, person 9,456, oh ummmmmmmm basketball you you you ummmm you like so much yeah yeah yeah oh buddy buddy yeah yup yeehaw you likey like basketball oh boy boy boy boy boy boy green frogs yup yup.

Defining Spam

10:32 AM - Hive

What would you do if you didn't have time to tailor comments to thousands of people who may never respond back? Plus, what if you accidentally say a bunch of repeated phrases like how are you? There are so many things that can be identical. How many stories begin with once upon a time and ends with that they live happily ever after, the end? There are so many repeated phrases, slogans, idioms, patterns, generalities, and I used to talk about this when I would teach people English in Vietnam for five years. I know what spam is and I also know that it is kind of anti-art so to speak. Spam is the monster that lives under your bed. Art and beauty can be in the eye of the beholder and spam too. And spam can be compared to alleged infringing upon alleged copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc, allegedly, to an extent perhaps or even absolutely. Spam can be compared to plagiarism but it always comes down to what percentage might be too high or too low as things like I said can be repeated. Some people might say that if you purposely copy and paste what others wrote and say you wrote it, then that would be considered plagiarism and perhaps theft. I wonder if you were to simply rephrase the content and then say it was yours, is that also plagiarism? Of course, people may say it is not plagiarism if it was rephrased and everything enough, whatever enough means. But if you got ideas from other people and don't give them credit, then how is it not theft? My answer would be that people either steal or borrow or whatever as there is nothing new under the sun as King Solomon of David said about three thousand years ago. I say spam is like hate speech. The most important aspect to what spam is is that it is unwanted but by who is a critical question. What is one man's treasure is another man's trash and vice versa. The same thing with spam. In advertisement, Nike spams their ads and commercials and product placements and signs and billboards and papers and articles and all kinds of different things online and offline. Companies spam. People spam when they say hi, how are you? People say that again and again. If I don't like it when you say, "I'm sorry for your loss," if somebody dies, I could say you are spam as you are just saying you are sorry for my loss and yet you might be spamming me. You might just be saying it. I repeat myself especially when I talk to new people because I am testing them. I may just say hi. Because they may say nothing in return. And not a lot of people may see their posts. And they might be boring. And they might be bots. And there are so many factors. When you comment, it is like dating. But writing a long non-spam comment like the one I am writing would be like asking a girl to marry you on the first date. If your comment is too big and too long, it is like meeting a new person and trying to talk for ten hours straight to the stranger in a monologue where you talk not to them but at them. This comment for example might be too long for some people. Perhaps this comment is not spam to some people. But this comment could be considered spam to those who do not like it. One definition of spam is when words are repeated. I would argue that if letters are repeated, that is the same as when words are repeated. Another definition of spam is anything a person may not like or may not want which is subjective to the individual who can choose to not like bad things and good things.

Original Thought

10:50 AM - Hive

When I debate I say a lot and I can write for hours. But a long comment can scare new people away and it can be tough to respond to a very short introduction. Some people introduce themselves on Hive, Steem, etc, with just a picture. I have been saying hello to new people on Steemit and Hive since 2017 meaning I have said hello to thousands of people, generally 20 or more people each day times maybe 900 days or more. I run into identical people sometimes. When you see as many people as I have in my life both online and offline, you start see patterns. The lesson I learn from this is to censor myself. That is what the bots are training me to do. I am scared to death, I am going to have a heart attack. I have to look out the window and make sure the thought police won't catch me for accidentally repeating too much. And you can accidentally write what other people wrote and not know it. Of course it is not absolutely common or easy to do but when some people write or speak, they are accused of plagiarism and are in fact not stealing the words of others even as they say exactly what those other people said. It is possible to actually come up with the same phrases, the same paragraphs, the same words, the same sentences, and perhaps too many people purposely copy and paste and therefore are in fact plagiarizing and yet that gives the authentic people a bad name like the boy that cries wolf and the wolf being original thought. See, I could have an original idea or thought and it may have risen from the creativity of my heart, like a generic love song, and yet other people may have the rights to the song that I invented and made up in my head. So, then the thought police could take me to jail or make me pay money because I was selling my song and forgot to Google the lyrics to make sure others didn't write what came out of my head but before me. And that is a tragedy to go after people because they accidentally said things that some people might not like or things that other people might have said already or whatever the case might be.

Talking Bots

11:01 AM - Hive

Should they go after bots who literally spam new people with the same exact messages, the same exact comments, to people who introduce themselves to Steem, Hive, etc, since at least 2017 or longer, the bots automatically comments on anybody who posts using those certain tags, the hashtags, #introduceyourself, #introducemyself, etc? I say if you are going to create a bot to target comments that might accidentally repeat itself sometimes absolutely or to an extent, then the bot should go after not just people who have repeated comments or whatever comments and posts but also bots too. Why should bots be untouchable? Why should bots be turned into corporations that get out of being required to pay taxes as many find loop-holes and ways to exempt themselves or wire money to offshore banks, etc. I would make the bot target every account that violates whatever you put in the code, the alleged rules, as opposed to selective enforcement which is what Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, etc, have done, did, many times. Some bots can be like the artificial intelligence (AI), the algorithm, the coding, the programs, etc, found on the social ghetto networks of Facebook, etc.

Better to be a warrior in a garden than it is to be a gardener in a war.

Amazon Fire

11:14 AM - Hive

Gigi, what a hat and what took you so long to get on Hive lol. Why are you the Amazon Fire? Are you on fire? I think you are.

Hive Watchers

11:19 AM - Hive Blog

Why are you spamming me with repeated messages? Good question and I can write a book about it. Well, already did so to speak. I wrote an article about this like I said before and I will be writing more and more about these things and topics. One of the things that is critical to understand is selective enforcement that is if you attack alleged people accounts and not bot accounts and sock puppet accounts to say the least. That is one big topic or category on top of ten other factors and issues that we should all talk about and debate. I have been writing articles about these things for years, for years and years, you have no idea, to be continued.

Steven Crowder
11:23 AM - EXCLUSIVE: Dallas Riots Interview! | Louder with Crowder

Why is fake news NOT talking about Dallas Riots?

Random Yoko 2
11:51 AM - Let's Hang Out! #Riots2020 #GeorgeFloyd #HongKong

But who is Random Yoko 1 if you are Random Yoko 2?
We Love You

Naomi Brockwell
11:53 AM - SpaceX Rocket Launch!

History was made. I was watching it and almost cried. Naomi wrote, on Saturday, that is yesterday: "Today the SpaceX rocket, Falcon 9, launched 2 Nasa astronauts into space! It’s the first time in 9 years that astronauts have been launched from American soil and SpaceX is the first private company ever to fly humans to orbit."

Lionel Nation
11:54 AM - Live Stream Update: America Is Under Attack From Domestic Terrorists

Is Covid over or did it start?

Do we have to wear masks or not wear masks?

Will we all get sick and died or are we getting better?

Will it just get the old people and don't old people die randomly anyways?

Can we touch things?

Do we have to wash our hands and were we not before?

Can we talk?

Can we go outside?

Is that ending?

Did it end on Monday with George Floyd?

Did it just go from Covid to riots?

We can't do two things at the same time?

We were staying inside and now we are rioting?

Are we going from one extreme to another extreme?

Are they protesting or rioting?

Are police standing down?

Wasn't George Soros and others funding these riots in 2020 and in previous years as well?

Did we forget about the previous years?

If the police can't stop them, should we not have guns?

Should we let the Antifa gangs and other gangs continue to murder black business owners, black store owners, and other African Americans and other people?

Did you know that many blacks murder other blacks?

Black lives matter right?

If black lives matter, then why not try to help save blacks from other blacks?

Why not help them stay alive?

All lives matter.

We want to save lives from dying from Covid.

Why not save people not just from Covid but also from blacks and from other races too?

Why not?

Liberty Hangout
12:11 PM - Kaitlin Bennett's Message for President Trump

Trump stop this.

We have been warning you, Trump, for over four years now, since at least 2016 or longer, about the George Soros terrorists who are paid to divide and conquer in many countries in Europe, other places around the world, for too many years, too many places including places in the United States of America, the USA, for more years than you may realize. Terrorism is happening in America and does the constitution not talk about this? What can we do to warn people about the war that is inside our own country?

Baked Blunts
12:15 PM - Emergency Saturday Broadcast: Civil War Riots Break Out Nationwide - The Alex Jones Show (5/30/20)

Communist-Led protesters are burning buildings and killing innocent people in more than 30 cities. Tune in live to find out the latest developments in what's coming next!

What if the pandemic never ends?

What if new viruses come?

I am joking with that question.

Life always had and always has pandemics.

Viruses and problems come and go.

Life has risks.

You can live in a jail to avoid risk or you can live life.

Live life.

Love life.

Love love.

Live love.

Hospitals have been very empty. Many doctors and nurses have been fired or have had no work in 2020.

In the United States, there are riots in over 20 cities right now where terrorists are burning buildings and murdering black store owners and others right now.

Is there a pandemic?

There are problems in the world that we have had for centuries or longer in many ways.

The United Nations (UN) said the pandemic will never end.

Developing Relationships

Relationships are developed gradually and it can take time for people and requires alignment of main life goals and main objective principles.

Yes, I do look for serious relationships, I want to marry, I want to have children, I want a big house, I want many things, I seek after many things, I have a blog on other websites, and I love Star Wars.

I live alone and my Hangout is joeyarnold7@gmail.com


Four of the six Hollywood-centered main movie houses are owned by China and the other two are almost bought up by China?


12:53 PM - Many of the globalists believe in Hitlerism in that they are better than other humans genetically and smarter and better in many ways and many of them are eugenicists. The Rothschild family may have descended from the Pharisees and Egyptian pharaohs and others, possibly or to an extent. They divide and conquer. They worship Satan. They trick religions into believing in the last prophets or in a new savior or the real messiah or in aliens if you are Atheists or whatever the case might be. Rothschild and others were investing and betting on America as a mechanism to take over the world in the 1900's and then started shifting to investing China and other countries too but mostly the United States and China. They bet on both horses and don't care who wins as long as they control them.

We are winning.

As long as we do all we can to educate people.

As long as we do all we can to help, we win this round.

I've been writing about how we are winning and will be winning for this generation, this round, since at least 2016 in some ways, these past four or more years into 2020 and beyond.

My bigger concern is more so on future rounds, future generations, and that is a thing we must be ready for, because kids today can grow up and make choices to go towards communism, globalism, tyranny, slavery, authoritarianism, death, etc, in 2030, in 2040, in 2050, in the future, maybe not next year and maybe not in a decade, maybe not in several years, but maybe in twenty years from now or more, things can be different as future generations may not know what is happening now and they may also make different choices purposely or not purposely.

Globalists are educating future generations into doing their bidding and it can be even harder in the future.

So on one hand, we must continue doing what we can to win current cultural and political battles in the 2020's, these next ten years or so, but at the same time on the other hand, we must and we should also educate future generations and put things in motion in books and on the Internet and online and offline and many different places things that can help people see history and philosophy and principles and many different things, videos, articles, websites, photos, memes, GIFs, ideas, questions, threads, forums, files, documents, power point presentations, etc, to be there for kids in the future who will be deciding for themselves what kind of future and what kind of world they want to have in America and many different countries around the world.

Yes No Spam

02:17 PM - Hive Post

1,000 people ask you yes or no questions. Imagine that you reply yes to 500 of the questions and no to 500 of the other questions. Would bots and people find you guilty of spam? The answer would vary depending on who you ask as spam might be repeated comments and spam might also be anything a person dislikes. Those are the two main competing views on what may or may not be spam.

Believing in Stories

02:57 PM - Hive

Do you know about the Discord servers and channels and also some Telegram groups and other websites and other chat rooms and different places where you might be able to let people know what might have happened to you or have you already tried to tell people your story or your stories? Are you currently on blacklists? I'm guessing some bots might be automatically downvoting and flagging you right now. I was put on blacklists and I told people and I was taken off the blacklists a few times since 2017 when I joined Steem, I mean Steemit specifically, and I might be put on a blacklist again in 2020 on Hive and maybe on Steem too but I will always try to tell everybody everywhere what is happening and you should always try your best to write articles, posts, comments, memes, pictures, videos, GIFs, documents, etc, etc, many different things or whatever you want to do, but on different websites, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Minds, Gab, Steemit, Hive, forums, email, online, offline, the more places the better, because all you can do is let people know you did this and this and this, specifically everything you did in details and then they did this and this and that and just make sure you have story told in different ways and in different places and never stop trying to speak the truth and letting people know what happened as that helps people make decisions and many different things. But it starts with you believing in the value of spreading the word. If you believe in something strong enough, then nothing can stop you.

Invisible Marketing

03:25 PM - Hive

If you were a door greeter at a big mega-church, a giant soccer or football stadium, a movie theater, a Billy Graham crusade, a concert, on the side of a highway, etc, imagine saying hello to thousands of people, but what if you were accused of being spam or being fake and corny for saying hello again and again and then ask yourself a more important, what if certain aspects of the Internet could be like as Trump put it the other day like a digital version of a public town square? Now, I am not saying that Hive is a town square but I would simply add that if Hive people were to claim they were a town square, then I would have a few things to say to them in regards to that. Spam can be Repetition-Spam and spam can be Unwanted-Info Spam and spam can be a bit of both of those two things. People can call me spam if they want and sometimes I spam and sometimes I don't. It depends. And I do both kinds of spamming at times. And people can try to stop me from spamming repetition or spamming things they don't like. One problem I have is when I am accused of spamming unwanted text when my crime at a given case was actually repetition spam and not unwanted text spam. Of course, many people can say it doesn't matter which of the two it is or might be at any given situation. And of course people may have the freedom to create bots to attack spammers and others who may or may not be spammers and other things.


Everything is advertising even when you are not aware of it, directly indirectly, and that is why actors are paid so much money and they put the actors in commercials knowing that the face of the actor will psychologically connect people to their products and services whenever they see William Shatner at a convention or when they are watching Star Trek for example. Your brain does it on a subconscious level. It is subliminal. So, even if Star Trek is not marketing, not an ad, not advertisement at all of anything let's just say for argument sake, it then still is used as a form of marketing retrospectively. Likewise, I could sell stuff to you without selling stuff to you. If I go on Facebook and I am friends with people and they find out that I am on Hive, I am in fact selling Hive to them.

Mute Button

Yes, a mute button is a great thing as is customization which MySpace had more when compared to Facebook and I would prefer MySpace.

Yoda Spam

03:33 PM - Hive

Hi there Yoda, long time no see yup yup and yeah I have been caught in a war with @hivewatchers who threatened to put me on another blacklist for spamming Repetition Spam and/or Unwanted-Stuff Spam and/or a little bit of both or whatever the case might be and I wrote some articles about it.

Laundry. Hung up outside. Dishes a few times today. Computer restarted.

Back to Infowars Saturday Show.

I try to stay safe from bad government.

I am so racist because I am pro-human. I am for the red-blood race.

Baked Blunts
12:15 PM - Emergency Saturday Broadcast: Civil War Riots Break Out Nationwide - The Alex Jones Show (5/30/20)

Are you going with 8chan or orange man? Trump tweeted Saturday calling for patriots to protect the White house.

Club House

04:34 PM - Facebook

Xavier Perez, I created a room already and it only took a second and i made two different rooms, a text room and a video room and i always try to teach people how to do things and it only takes a second to do and it is easier than you think and i was not telling you to do it but anybody reading this could for Akari and the gang to help them and that is what I was trying to say on Saturday.

Why are you single?

Was busy teaching English in Vietnam.

Are you in Vietnam now?

No but I was for five years until 2017.

Do you like Daryl?

You love Daryl from The Walking Dead, me too.

Do you like Helen?

I like your name and it reminds of a mountain near me, Mount St. Helens.

Please add me, send me friend requests.

Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Google My Name For More Information

Did you know you can Google my name, Oatmeal Joey Arnold?

Strawberry Lips, Love it, classic.

I will respect your authoritaaaaaa

Hello Folks, Just Kidding, I'm Not Real. I do not exist. Do not look for me. Do not think for yourself.

Riot Virus

05:13 PM - Facebook

Stay at home unless if you are a rioter. Don't worry, rioters can't spread the virus.

Red Guy
05:21 PM - Alex Jones Show - Full Show - Sunday May 31, 2020

Media is trying to trick us into fighting and destroying each other by not telling us about George Soros Terrorists who are murdering police, security guards, etc.

Porn Star George Floyd

Was George Floyd, the guy that was killed, a porn star and was he involved in crimes? Good question. I am not going to say that cops should do what Dexter Morgan did and what Batman almost did or might have done. Well, it depends and people should go to court. We should not generally skip steps in how justice is processed. People can be judged and sentenced to death. In some situations, cops have to kill and should kill but that one case with George is not an example of that. Speaking of.

Whate are you up to?

05:35 PM - Facebook - Sasa Handa, Watching the news, blogging, facebooking, and Pandaing.

Will you stay in your house?

I will stay in my house unless if I'm working for the UN.

What did war do to you?

It woke me up. Look at Savannah Hernandez telling the thugs Saturday night, "Let him get his glasses." She has awoken like a dragon to confront the demons out there and that is a beautiful and righteous thing to do.

Is Bezos funding the communist takeover of America?

Piles of bricks delivered to the cities and given to the terrorists, the rioters, in America in 2020, the past few days especially.


Homeless Man

They Burn Up His Mattress

War in America

05:57 PM - Facebook

There are terrorists burning down buildings, murdering police, all over the United States right now. A real war in America. What are you going to do? Will you do nothing?

Do you have a Twitter?

No, Twitter banned JoeyArnoldVN and Alex Jones and others, but Antifa has Twitter.

What they did to citizens in Ukraine they are now doing in America. They are doing it partly because they can see through their predictive programming software that Trump will beat Biden and they are resorting to terrorism as a last resort to stop Trump.

They're using NSA info.

Some Indians or tribes would and still do have rituals for hunting and eating bear. Put the eyes under a rock so the spirits can't see it. Don't eat parts of it as worms will go into your body and live in your body. FLush parts of the bear down the river to the next village to make the spirit of the bear think the other tribe killed him or her.

Joe Rogan

07:21 PM - Joe Rogan Experience #1481 - Adam Eget

Adam Eget is the talent coordinator at The Comedy Store and is also the sidekick on Norm MacDonald's show "Norm MacDonald Has A Show" on Netflix.

Laundry. Dryer. Towels. Cloths. Folding. Taco like dinner thing. Chips.

Wars With Bots

08:24 PM - Hive

My plan is to modify my behavior. I will try not to repeat messages to stop the bots from detecting too much repetition. So, I try to add random words and spell things wrongs when I write to make sureeeeeee it is unique. And some bots in the past would get me for too much repetition in a comment even if the rest of the comment is totally brand new and unique. For example, I would make up a message to a new user, Hello Turtle Red, I love piano too, random things, but then would copy and paste the end, beginning, or center of my comment would be my name, and I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, or something like that, my name, something about me, often times it would be just my name, Joey or Oatmeal, but the bots would get me on that as that was repeated phrasing even as the rest of the comment was different. Since 2017, there have been different people and different bots that would run into me and would go after me or put me on real blacklists or alleged blacklists at other times and would confront me and these things came and went I think. Some of them, like a guy named Jordan for example, changed their views about me and thought I was spam and then realized I was trying to help the tadpoles, the minnows, the newbies on what was Steem at that time. Jordan also said I was retarded and he was basically trying to tell people to cut me some slack on the rules as I was mentally challenged from his perspective or so that is what he wrote and he made sure he didn't tag me in comment somewhere where he was telling people about me and he wrote that he didn't tag me because he didn't want me to see what he was writing about me. But I was able to find it. But regardless, I think he helped that one time, I think that was 2019, to get off that particular blacklist. He understood that I was an exception to the rule and I became a challenge for the bot programmers. The challenge was to stop spammers and not Oatmealers or people like me. I have the freedom to say that I'm not spam. But that doesn't mean I am or am not spam. But at the same time, people have the freedom to say that I am spam even if I'm not. And I understand all of that. But I write about this to let people know what is happening. But me talking about this is not going to magically make spam-killing bots disappear over night. And I am not totally against the idea of having bots that cleans things up. But at the same time, I'm aware of the dangers that bots can have.

How do you know an account is fake?

A girl's account says he and his.

You see a white girl but then the other photos are of black people and the comments are people from Nigeria. Generally it's Nigeria since the early 2000's if not earlier back when it was just emails.

Some accounts will say they're American but studied at Oxford.

There are patterns that you find. It's true you may not always know as exceptions exist in different ways, degrees, on different sides, on both extremes, there are variables, it depends, but at the same time there are generalities that you can keep your eyes on. The most common trick is to pretend to be female. Also, if a profile has smaller pictures, then they were probably downloaded incorrectly and reuploaded.

See Dinosaurs?

Grant Stanley, Yes, in Texas, early 1900's. Why am I being specific of a specific state and a time zone? Do you think about the details? Why am I being specific?

Do you think about the Congo?

I study history and I write about it on my website. You have not seen my website. I am not a funny person. So, I don't know why you are laughing. I'm a doctor. I'm a writer. I study history. You would not believe what I know.

Have you been to Answers in Genesis and have you talked to Ken Ham?

I don't believe in Nigeria. I have done my research. Nigeria does not exist. I don't need to talk to anybody. I am right. You are wrong. You are in my head. You do not exist. I only believe in my findings and nothing else. Just my findings. I am totally right. I will never change my mind. I am totally right. I have done my research. So, Nigeria does not exist.

Stefan Molyneux does not exist either. Also, a website that does not exist is called https://banned.video

You lied because you said I was funny but that was a lie as you don't think I'm funny. You're mad. You're angry. You hate me. That means I'm NOT funny. You said I was funny. That is deception. You HATE philosophy. You DESPISE logic. You don't want to think about Plato. You don't want to think about Socrates. You don't want to think about Aristotle. You are NOT reading what I am writing. You are reacting and not listening. I wrote all this stuff. You are not seeing it. I told you ten things and these things invisible. You lied about wanting to be enlightened. You don't want to be enlightened. That is too bad. I say things and you cannot hear them. So, I was right, I am talking to myself. I mention different people and you have no idea who they are. That is too bad. You have no idea who I am. You pretend to be my friend but you are not my friend. That is deception. It's several layers of deception.

It only takes five seconds to read a person's profile. All your questions can be answered without saying a word. All you have to do is go there and look.

If you hover over a name, you see more info.



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They went to church. Some wore masks and others did not. Around 40 attended. Some hugs for some people. There were signs, masks, soap, one main door for people to enter through. Signs saying to wear masks. People should not wear masks but government is trying to force us to do the wrong thing, the bad thing. But some did not

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