My Financial goals for 2021.

So this is what a Crypto Bull Run feels like...

My interest in crypto started during the last bull market run, the big pump to almost 20K BTC at the end of 2017. At the time, I was an interested bystander, and a no-coiner with little fiat to get involved. Eventually, I found a way in through mining, and by February 2018, my crypto journey began. Obviously, as we all know, a protracted bear market followed.

Something clicked with crypto, however, and I stuck around, finding STEEM at the time, which became my crypto home for a while. Buying crypto was not something I could really afford, but earning it was my foot in the door. The price, of STEEM, and the market in general, kept going down.

Finally, the worm has turned, and all charts in crypto are heading up. HIVE seems to love being $0.12 for now, but I think that will end, and HIVE will join the party at some stage.

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Enjoy the ride.

On to my 2021 financial goals. My first goal is to just enjoy the ride. I think this bull run has a long way to go, and that the rewards for the last few years of grind are on their way. Came for the money, stayed for the community has long been a mantra around HIVE. I think 2021 is going to be the year that both of these two will co-exist. The basic community of HIVE is strong (maybe smaller than we would like, but strong nonetheless). LeoFinance is a tight nit bunch of like minded individuals. It is going to be a fun ride as we watch the next generation of no-coiners convert to crypto, and come along for the ride.

My first goal for 2021 (not really a financial goal, but sort of) is to enjoy the ride.

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Build for the future.

I'm turning 45 soon, and working in the fiat job to pay the fiat bills is no fun. I think it has been more bearable for me lately having a growing confidence that my way out, the financial escape plan is forming up nicely. I have no intentions of working another 20 years, to retire at 65. That sounds like crap, and I am planning on bringing that forward dramatically via crypto.

So here is the plan - weekly DCA buy-ins to crypto of BTC and ETH. Once It becomes available, pool my BTC and ETH with RUNE on Thorchain. As soon as we can push for a WLEO/RUNE pool also. By the end of 2021 I am pretty sure my crypto portfolio will be mainly my HIVE assets, and these three pools on Thorchain.

When the SPEAK token economy and platform is unleashed by @theycallmedan and team, I plan to get heavily involved from the start. I am by no means a video content creator, but mining and building the network is definitely something I can do. The token economy looks good to me, and like something I will be able to do well in.

LeoFinance is my crypto home now, and I plan to keep growing here. I have put a lot of my LEO into LBI, so I have to work hard to re-build my direct holdings of LEO, especially now that it is steadily growing in value and harder to buy in to. I'm also hanging for the micro-blogging, and the side chain stuff with governance and witnesses and so-on is something I'd love to get involved in.

My second goal for 2021 is to build assets with a 5 year horizon to position for early retirement from my fiat job.

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FIAT debt free.

A huge thing for me will be hitting the point of being completely debt free in my fiat finances. I am already close, compared to where I was a year or two ago. Over 2020, when many were having a crap year, financially I was having the time of my life. My employer was found to have been underpaying it's salaried managers for many years, and started remediation by calculating and baying back pay. I have been entitled and received a decent amount here, and have been able to upgrade some of our things around the house, and pay down debts. Just yesterday, I paid my car finance off 3 years early, and along with finalizing some other small consumer debts and things, have freed up a decent amount of weekly cash that was going to servicing debt.

I'm down to just the credit card. Everything else is paid off, and the credit card will not be challenging to clear. We don't own a house at this stage, so once the credit card is zeroed, I will be completely debt free for the first time in my adult life. Can't wait to see what that feels like, after many years of living pay-to-pay, week-to-week.

My third financial goal for 2021 is to clear the last of my fiat debt, and enjoy a debt free life for a while.

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In summary...

To sumarize, I'll answer the questions in the original post by theycallmedan.

Which is going to be your investment strategy for 2021?

  • Weekly fiat to BTC and ETH buy-ins.
  • Pool with RUNE and BTC/ETH/WLEO on Thorchain.
  • Continue to build LEO, HIVE and 3Speak income flows.

Do you have any specific assets that you want to invest in?

  • The above will be my core portfolio. I may put some play money in other projects here and there, but RUNE, BTC, ETH, HIVE, LEO and SPEAK are my priorities.

Preferred Investment? Crypto, Real State, Commodities, Stocks?

  • Crypto for sure. I'd like to own property, but it probably won't happen this year. I have the ability to actively manage some of my superannuation fund, and that satisfies my interest in stocks for now.

Do you have a plan or a set of goals on how to use and grow your stake?

  • Post more consistently.
  • Continue to prioritise outward facing content as much as possible - particularly on LeoFinance.
  • Compound.
  • "Mining" or running node on SPEAK, and LeoFinance if I can get my head around the technical requirements.

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Price predictions:

  • HIVE - $2
  • LEO - $10
  • BTC - $100,000
  • ETH - $10,000
  • RUNE - $100

My insanely bullish targets are not necessarily year end targets, just some time along the way. Not great at timing or reading market tops, but I think there are some massive gains still to come.

Most bullish on RUNE of any crypto currently in existence. $100 RUNE could be a lowball if the platform does become a liquidity black hole.

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Thanks for reading, here's to a great 2021 for everyone.



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