Introduce Myself to Hive Community

Hello all ladies and gentlemen.Good morning, good afternoon and good night as you read my post.
Hope everybody is doing well and i always pray to God to give everyone good health.
This is my first Post.I'm starting to talk about myself.

I am Md Ashraful Islam from Bangladesh. I am 21 years old.
I was born in a very beautiful city of Nilphamari in Bangladesh.
Speaking of my family, my father is a businessmen and my mother is a housewife. I have an older brother and a younger sister. I love my parents very much.Finally we enjoy our family very much.


I am now studying Honors at Nilphamari Government College. I am studying in history. History is an interesting subject.
Because history repeats old events. So we can learn about things that happened in the past by reading this subject.Our college is so beautiful.It is located in a very beautiful and pleasant environment.

There is nothing good about me but I enjoy my life much.

About My Hobbies:

I like sports . Cricket is my favorite sport. I like to watch cricket and also love to play cricket . I'm basically a batsman with a little bit of keeping up.

I have loved drawing since childhood.When i was in school,I used participate in drawing competitions & i always did something good.
In my spare time I like to listen music and play games on mobile. sometimes i listen poetry.

I love my friends too. I have some friends.It’s great to hang out with friends. So when you have time you need to go out and hang out with friends. I am always very happy to have friends.


My favorite thing is that I love to travel .I am a nature lover.
I enjoy traveling to different places and take beautiful pictures . Who doesn’t love to enjoy natural beauty, so I’m no exception.That's why I go out with my friends whenI get a chance . I am fascinated by the beauty of Bangladesh. Blessed I was born in this country.

There is no end to knowing in this world. I have wanted to know many things about it since childhood. So I look for a lot of things from which i can gain some knowledge.

It is true that I am very new to this platform.
So it won't be easy for me to understand everything here.
But i also believe that with everyone's support i can do a lot and share a lot. I am always looking for an online blogging platform. From where I can learn something and by sharing something from me.
Thanks everyone for taking so long time to read my post.

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