Worries of Losing Two Friends


It was early 2018 when I feel so sad that two of my friends are diagnosed with difficult illnesses, which required surgery. As much as it made me sad, God has been so good that both of them had successfully undergone surgery, and already coped with it.

At the first set of photos, that old lady in pink wa diagnosed with gallstones. The doctor said she only needs medication but eventually, she was operated with more than 100 stones removed. When we got to visit her at home, I was saddened to see her very skinny. She's actually a deaf person, as I'm involved in sign language community.

On the second photo, I visited my friend in the hospital who had undergone brain tumor surgery. Thank God they're able to remove the tumor from his nose, and there's no need to open his skull. He's already fine now, and he even served as our witness on my wedding.

Those two friends of mine had undergone surgery with less than a month of gap. I couldn't imagine losing two of them but God is so good that everything are well, and had already recovered.

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