Isnochys does Science #2

[Credits: geralt (Pixabay)]

Where was I?
What did I do last time?
Where did I install all the stuff?

Ah, I don't mind and power through this one today, without knowing, what am I doing.
Welcome to the story of my life!

Task 1 -Getting started with MadAnalysis 5

Wait, I need to install more software?

mkdir Mad5
cd Mad5
git clone
cd madanalysis5

Error in your description, @lemouth it is ma5, the program, not madanalysis5

Task 2 - Additional packages

But I continue and install zlib and fastjet
I click yes all the time, take the default option.

Task 3 - Top-antitop simulations

Now come on, let's do some physics!
Where did I put the last Chapters file?


Ok, I will search my home, it must be somwhere there:

find . |grep tag_1_pythia8_events

yes, here we are.
So, let's fire up the ATLAS detector:

./bin/ma5 -R madanalysis/input/ATLAS_default.ma5

Now we are going to do some stuff for real:

import ~/mg5/MG5_aMC_v2_9_9/citizenscience/Events/run_01_decayed_1/tag_1_pythia8_events.hepmc.gz
MA5:    -> Storing the file 'tag_1_pythia8_events.hepmc.gz' in the dataset 'defaultset'.

set main.outputfile = myevents.lhe.gz

The Computer is doing stuff!

Lots of errors, but I will just ignore them.


Is 6.3 MB
Not great not terrible.

Task 4 - Some physics

import ANALYSIS_0/Output/SAF/_defaultset/lheEvents0_0/myevents.lhe.gz as ttbar
set ttbar.xsection = 505.491

my numbers were different and I did not write them down.
@lemouth, you should tell us, when to write something down.
Now I can use your numbers, but mine were:

505.8 +- 0.8033 pb

Are there logfiles to read the real number, as yours has 3 decimals, mine only 1

I continue with your values

plot NAPID

And get this diagram:

So I get the exact same picture as you, @lemouth.

I did the same run again but this time with

set ttbar.xsection = 505.8

But at least the diagram looks the same.

What will we be using next time?
Do we need to write down anything?
I have now in dir ~/Mad5/madanalysis5/ subfolder ANALYSIS_ 0 -3
Because I did let it run more often

I cannot create PDFs, is this going to be some concern or will there be always HTML as output, that I can copy to a webserver to look at it from another computer?

We are now using 2 programs, Mad5 and MG5_aMC_v2_9_9
Will there be added more to it?
Because if yes, my home directory is going to be full of acronyms and very confusing;)

But it was fun again, see you next time!

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