Isnochys does Science #1

[Credits: geralt (Pixabay)]

@lemouth has started the project Citizen Science, where I am going to take part.

Task 1: Top-antitop production at the LHC

I start up the shell and execute the binary mg5_aMC
And voila:

Defined multiparticle all = g u c d s u~ c~ d~ s~ a ve vm vt e- mu- ve~ vm~ vt~ e+ mu+ t b t~ b~ z w+ h w- ta- ta+

Question: Why is there no "g~"?
No anti gluon?
Very sad for that poor gluon, to be so alone!

Now I start a Proton - Proton collision:

generate p p > t t~

Looking good:

As I am running this on a headless server, following command does nothing for me:

display diagrams


Task 2: A Fortran code for top-antitop production at the LHC

I am not creative, so for the second task, I use the same command:

output some_name


Everything is there:
(barely visible)


Task 3: Computing the rate to top-antitop production at the LHC

Now I realized, I didn't have Fortran installed on the server, because, srsly, who needs FOrtran?
What next COBOL?
Well, at work, I need COBOL on kind of a daily basis, Fortran not so much;)
After Installing, I start again from scratch and change also some_name.

launch citizenscience


I seem to miss module 6, not sure, if needed later.

Edited with vi to False the config and started by pressing enter.
And now I wait.
Running this on one of my cheap VPS, so only 2 cores available.
But I got time!

INFO: Running Pythia8 [arXiv:1410.3012]
Splitting .lhe event file for PY8 parallelization...
Submitting Pythia8 jobs...
Pythia8 shower jobs: 1 Idle, 1 Running, 0 Done [9 seconds]


Same run on different machine:


Task 4: Checking out whether everything went fine

880M of Data in tag_1_pythia8_events.hepmc.gz
I am fine with it, I would say.

That's it for today.
( I might install gnuplot at some point;)

3 columns
2 columns
1 column